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  1. There are FIVE questions in this paper. You have to answer all the FIVE questions.
  2. Do not mention your real name, address or roll number anywhere in the answers.
  3. All the questions are in English only. Answers to the questions must be written in English.
  4. Your handwriting should be legible, i.e. readable by others.
  5. Your answer should be clear, brief and to the point. No supplement / additional paper will be provided to you. So plan the matter of your answers accordingly.
  6. Write the answers of all these questions in the space provided beneath the questions. Answer must not exceed the space provided for each question.

1.         Write a letter in about 150 words on any one of the following:           (Marks:10)
i) Write a letter The Editor, The Hindu, expressing your deep concern on the impact of adult graded cinemas on young minds.
ii) You are Satbir Singh of 106 Vasant Valley, Chennai. Write a letter to the Editor, The Hindu’, Chennai focusing on the increasing menace of thefts and robberies in your locality / neighbourhood. Also suggest useful measures to tackle the problem.
iii) You are planning to visit Darjeeling this summer with your family. Write a letter to travel agency in Darjeeling requesting them to book you a room in a five-star hotel. Give other details of your journey and the facilities you require there. Sign your-self as Mohan of C/5 Railway Colony, Assam.
ANS: (I)
Karan Ahuja
Loknayak Apartments
August 15, 2010
The Editor,
The Hindu
New Delhi
            Through the columns of your esteemed daily, I wish to express my views about the impact of adult graded cinemas on young minds. Films are a craze among the young people. Full of foreign imitation, vulgarity, sex, cheapromance, catchy and unhealthy songs etc., have their harmful influence on the modern youth. The fashions and pseudo-adventures of their heros and heroines will sooner than later get into trouble. The films are responsible to a great extent for the acts of indiscipline, disobedience by the youths of today. It is absolutely necessary that our censor authorities should be strict and not approve a movie if it is likely to mislead the youth.
Yours faithfully,
Karan Ahuja
2.         Write a paragraph on any one of the following top-ies in not more than 150 words:                                                                                                              (Marks: 8)
            i) Importance of Blood Donation
            ii) The Car Craze and Pollution
            iii) The Mosquito Menace
ANS: (i) Importance of Blood Donation
Air and water sustain human life. Besides the human body also requires blood for all its functions, toss or lack of blood spells doom to the very existence of man t Often we come across accident victims who need immediate blood transfusion or expectant mothers whose loss of blood has to be made good forthwith or cases of surgery Where the patients need several bottles of blood for survival. Be in war or peace, blood donation is a laudable act and blessed are those who come to the rescue of their fellow­men. By donating blood we make other people live who need our blood. There cannot be a better form of charity or good work than simply donating one's blood to the needy ones. One's body produces enough blood to sustain one­self and even can spare a few pints of blood to save the precious lives of the injured and the sick ones. This is the basic concept of blood donation. It has no improper effect on the person who donates blood. There is a mis­taken belief that blood once pumped out cannot be replen­ished and the .donor is doomed to suffer. Far from it. the body makes and replaces the blood loss within a few weeks.
3.         Write an essay on any one of the following topics in approximately 250-300 words:
            (Marks : 12)
            i) Cottage Industries
            ii) Socialism
            iii) Blessings of Science
The modern system of livelihood is solely related to sci­ence. Men are totally dependent on science. Science has paved a new path of advancement in men's life in every nook and corner of his living. Everything seems to be at the tip of his finger. Whatever he want he can do, sitting in his own chair. Luxury has reached its acme by the new inventions made by men with the aid. of science.
Most of us judge science by what it has done to in­crease the happiness of mankind. It has done a great ser­vice to mankind. It has brought about changes in our every day life. In every sphere, we depend on one or the other invention of science.
Science has given us a number of quick and safer means of transport and communication. These have helped to destroy the barriers of time and distance. Now every corner of the world is easily accessible by means of rail­ways, ships and aeroplanes. This has made the world look smaller and created a feeling of international sympathy and brotherhood among the people.
The modern means of communication enable us to send messages almost immediately to any part of the world. They have made the spread of knowledge and education pos­sible in every corner of the world. People all over the world are benefited from the wisdom of a nation. There is a con­stant exchange of ideas among the peoples of different countries. This has helped to create a better understand­ing of one another's problems and points of view.
Science has brought comfort and safety to every indi­vidual, Now we can grow more food in the fields than even before. Most of Our work is now done by machines. This saves labour and gives us more time for recreation and research work.
Science has given us a number of things which have made domestic life comfortable. For example, electricity lights our houses, cooks our food, washes our clothes, keeps us warm in winter and cool in summer.
Science has provided us with various means of healthy recreation. Radio and television not only entertain us but have also proved very useful from the educational point of view. The invention of the printing press has enabled us to enrich our minds with the knowledge of all the ages. It has also made the appearance of newspapers possible.
Medical science has helped to increase the longevity of human life. Now no disease is regarded as incurable. Now it is possible even to replace almost every part of the human body.
4.         Make a precis of the following passage in English in your own words, in about one-third, on the special precis Sheets provided.
Marks will also be deducted if your precis is much longer or shorter than the prescribed length. The precis-sheets should be securely fastened inside the answer book. State the number of words used by you in your precis :
(Marks 10)
There is a famous speech recorded of an old Norseman, thoroughly characteristic of the Teuton. "I believe neither In idols nor in demons," said he, "I put my sole trust in my own strength of body and soul." The ancient crest of a pickaxe with the motto of "Either I will find a way or make one," was an expression of the same sturdy, independence which to this day distinguishes the descendants of the Norsemen. Indeed nothing could be more characteristic of the Scandinavian mythology, than that it had a god with a hammer. A man's character is seen in small matters, and from even so slight test as the mode in which a man wields a hammer, his energy may in some measure be inferred.
Thus an eminent Frenchman hits off in a single phrase the characteristic quality of the inhabitants of a particular dis­trict in which a .friend of his proposed to settle and buy land. "Beware," said he, "of making a purchase there; I know the men of that department; the pupils who come from it to our veterinary school at Paris do not strike hard upon the anvil; they want energy; and you will not get a satisfactory return on any capital you may invest there." A fine and just appreciation of character, indicating the thoughtful observer: and strikingly, illustrative of the fact that it is the energy of the individual Men that gives strength to a State, and confers a value even upon the very soil which they cultivate.
The cultivation of this quality is of the greatest impor­tance; resolute determination in the pursuit of worthy ob­jects being the foundation of all true greatness of charac­ter. Energy enables a man to force his way through irk­some drudgery and dry details, and carries him onward and upward in every station in life, It accomplishes more than genius, with not one-half the disappointment and peril. It is not eminent talent that is required to ensure success in any pursuit, so much as purpose, — not merely the power to achieve, but the will to labour energetically and persevering. Hence energy of will may be defined to be the very central power of character in a man — in a word, it is the Man himself. It gives impulse to his every action, and soul to every effort. Thus hope is based on it,— and it is hope that gives the real perfume to life.
ANS. : Title : Energy-basis of character.
Precis : The belief that Norse-men have trust in pure strength is amply revealed by the fact that their god is represented carrying hammer. Strength is an impression of sturdy independence and this is maintained by Norsemen to the present day. Energy is an extremely im­portant quality in a truly great character. It is the ener­getic individuals who make a state strong. Energy can ac­complish more than even genius and talent, what matters in life is not the power to achieve but the will to work ceaselessly for the goal. This needs energy. A good and minute observer can understand the character of a per­son by seeing his trivial actions. The cultivation of this quality (energy) is of paramount importance as it provides the resolution so badly needed in pursuit of noble objects and is the very basis of true and great character.
5.         Read the following passage and answer the questions given below:                   (Marks 10)
Keshav and Yash lived in neighbouring villages. Once, a fair was held nearby and they set off from their homes hoping to do some business there. Keshav his sack with cheap cotton, overlaid it with a layer of fine wool, and set off for the fair. Meanwhile Yash, collected some old clothes, put .a layer of sheer cotton on top and made his way to the fair. Each stopped to rest under a tree and got to talking. "I have the finest wool in my sack," boasted Keshav. Not to be outdone. Yash said, "I have cot­ton of the most superior quality.
The two struck a deal. They would exchange their goods and since wool was more expensive, Yash would pay Keshav an extra rupee. But Yash had no money on him. So after agreeing to pay Keshav later, they went home, laughing at each other's folly. It did not take them long to discover that they had been duped. The next day, Keshav landed at Yash's house, You cheat! Give me my rupee at least." Yash was untroubled by Keshav's words, "Of course. But first help me find the treasure at the bottom of this well. We can divide it." So Keshav went into the well. But each time Yash, hauled up the bucket Keshav had filled, he said, "Oh! No treasure here. Try again." Ke­sha soon realised he was being Used as free labour to clean the well. So he gave a loud shout, "Here is the trea­sure! Watch out it's heavy!" Yash was amazed that there actually was treasure in the well. As soon as he pulled up the bucket he threw away the rope so that Keshav could not come up. But, what did he find in the bucket? Ke­sha covered in mud! They began fighting again. Soon it got too dark to continue and they left for their homes.
But Keshav did not give up easily. He arrived at Yash's house a few days later. Yash spotted him and told his wife, "I will pretend to be dead. Keshav will have to give up." But when Keshav heard Yash's wife wailing, he rushed out to gather the villagers. "My friend has died. Let's take his body for cremation." Yash's wife got scared, "Go away. I shall arrange for cremation Myself 1" But the villagers thought she was too grief stricken. Once they reached the cremation ground, Keshav told the 'villagers, "It is getting dark. I shall watch over fain during the night." When the villagers had left, Keshav said to Yash, "Stop pretending. Give me my money !" Now, a gang of thieves came upon them and seeing one figure seated on the fu­neral pyre and another standing next to him talking, they assumed them to be ghosts and dropped their bag of sto­len goods and left at top speed. The two, saw the bag full of gold and silver ornaments and divided it between them­selves. Keshav made sure he got an extra gold coin and the account was settled at last!
            a) What made the two young men decide to visit the fair ?
b) What were Keshav and Yash quarelling about ?
c) Why were the two men happy despite not going to the fair ?
d) Why did the villagers gather at Yash's house ?
e) Why did Yash request Keshav to go down into the well ?


a) They wanted to trade their goods at the fair and earn some money.
b) The money Yash owed Keshav.
c) Each thought he had got the better deal and had swindled the other.
d) To give Yash's wife the news of her husband's death
e) To trick Keshav into cleaning it.

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