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Intelligent candidate---Please read and post under comments -- any change in interest rates etc. I will get them altered.                                                            


Note:  If none of the answers is correct then mark “E” (None of these) as your answer.

1. Indravati Hydroelectric Project is the multipurpose project of ---
a. Maharashtra State
b. Gujarat State
c. Orissa State
d. Tamil Nadu

2. What is a ‘limited company’?
a. In which shareholders possess the ownership limited to their paid up capital
b. In which shares are not issued
c. A company of Government ownership
d. A Registered company

3. Who gains in inflation?
a. Saver
b. Creditor
c. Debtor
d. Pension holder

4. ‘Open market operation’ is a part of ---
a. Income Policy
b. Fiscal Policy
c. Credit Policy
d. Labour Policy

5. CRISIL ---
a. Evaluates the credit documents of a company
b. Provides financial assistance to industries
c. Provides finances for rural areas
d. Promotes exports

6. Which among the following states is a leading industrialized state?
a. West Bengal
b. Orissa
c. Maharashtra
d. Madhya Pradesh

7. On the recommendation of Jankiraman Committee, a committee was constituted for improving transaction method of public sector bonds and mutual funds. This committee was ---
a. Nadkarni committee
b. Nayak committee
c. Goiporia committee
d. Tikku committee

8. GIC includes various insurance companies. This number is ---
a. 2                                           b. 3
c. 4                                           d. 5

9. LIC of India was established in
a. 1897                                     b. 1950
c. 1956                                     d. 1965

10. Consumer Protection Act (COPRA) was implemented in ---
a. 1985                                     b. 1986
c. 1987                                     d. 1988

11. Which direct tax gives maximum net revenue to the Government ---
a. Corporate Tax
b. Income Tax
c. Wealth Tax
d. Gift Tax

12. The main food grains of India is
a. Rice                                      b. Wheat
c. Sugarcane                             d. Maize

13. Which rank India attains in tobacco production in the world?
a. First                                      b. Second
c. Sixth                                     d. Fourth

14. Scheduled Bank is that bank which is ---
a. Nationalized
b. Not nationalized
c. Based at foreign country
d. Included in the second schedule of RBI

15. Match the following ---
            Unit I                            Unit II
a. Aqua culture                          1. Silk
b. Floriculture                            2. Grapes
c. Seri culture                            3. Flower
d. Viti culture                             4. Fisheries
                        a.         b.         c.         d.
            a.         4          3          2          1
            b.         3          4          1          2
            c.         3          4          2          1
            d.         4          3          1          2

16. Which state has the lowest women literary rate in India (2011 census)?
a. Bihar                                     b. Jharkhand
c. U.P.                                      d. Rajasthan

17. Which country is the largest oil producing country of the world?
a. Saudi Arabia
b. Russia
c. America
d. None of these

18. The ownership right of a company remains ---
a. With company Directors
b. With equity shareholders
c. With debenture holders
d. With the government

19. TRIPS – ‘Trade Related Intellectual Property Rights’ and TRIMS – ‘Trade Related Investment Measures’ are associated with ---
a. Preston Proposal
b. Dunkel Proposal
c. Chelliah Committee
d. None of these

20. Which is true for Finance Commission?
a. It is a statutory body
b. It is constituted under article 280 of the constitution
c. Mr. K.C. Pant was Chairman of 10th Finance Commission
d. All of these

21. According to Banking Regulation Act, RBI can fix SLR up to the ceiling of ---
a. 40%                                      b. 50%
c. 30%                                      d. 45%

22. What was the field of Sunderrajan Committee?
a. Petroleum
b. Small Industry
c. Education
d. Power

23. Corporate Tax is imposed by ---
a. State Government
b. Local Government
c. Central Government
d. Both Centre and State Government

24. Marginal Propensity to Consume (MPC) means – When income rises consumption?
a. Remains constant
b. Increases in similar proportion
c. Increases in higher proportion
d. Increases in lesser proportion

25. What is needed for creating demand?
a. Production                             b. Price
c. Income                                  d. Import

26. IMF is the result of ---
a. Hawana conference
b. Rome conference
c. Brettonwood conference
d. Geneva conference

27. Primary gold is a gold of ---
a. 20 carat                                 b. 22 carat
c. 23 carat                                 d. 24 carat

28. Who is not the member of National Development Council?
a. Governors of the State
b. Chief Ministers of the State
c. Administrators of Union Territory
d. All ministers of Union Cabinet

29. The demand for agriculture product mainly depends upon ---
a. Increase in agriculture area
b. Increase in population
c. Increase in income
d. Fall in price

30. The Headquarter of ILO is at ---
a. Washington
b. Geneva
c. The Hague
d. Manila

  1. According to 2011 census which State had the highest literacy rate?
a. Kerala          b.Mizoram                    c. Goa              d. H.P.

            32.  According to 2011 census what is the percentage of India's population to that of world population?
a.    25 .5                     b.17.5%           c.30.5              d. 12.5

33.   What is the total population of Indi as per 2011 census?
a. 131.02 crore            b. 101.02 crore            c. 121.02 crore     d. 111.02 crore

34.    What is the total population of China?
a.         114.10             b.124.10                      c.104.10          d.134.10

35.         Which country stands third place in total population ?
a.  Indonesia    b. USA             c. India             c.  Canada

36.  According to 2011 census – which district in India has highest density?
a.  North East Delhi                  b. Kolkata                    c. Chennai
d.             Mumbai

37.  According to 2011 census – Child sex ratio – number of female children per 1000 male children is:
a.         814                  b.1014             c.914               d. 714

38     First census of India was taken in which year?. 
a.         1972                b.         1772                c. 1902                        d. 1872

39.          The Census of India done in 2011 is ....... census.
a.  10th             b. 15th              c. 20th              d. 18th

40.  Which state had a dip in literacy rate in 2011 census compared to 2001 census?
a.   Andhra pradesh      b. Punjab          c . Orissa          d.    Goa

 Q.41    Industrial sickness is growing at an alarming rate and is causing concern to the
(a)   Financial Institutions
(b)   Banks
(c)   Government
(d)   All the above

Q.42     Industrial Sickness may be caused by
(a)   Unfavourable external environment
(b)   Managerial deficiencies
(c)   Any of the above
(d)   All the above

Q.43     Industrial sickness occurs
            (a) Overnight                  (b) Develops gradually over time
            © Both (a) and (b)          (d)  All of thesee

Q.44     In a leasing agreement, lessee gets a right to
            (a) Use the asset                       (b) Sell the asset
            © Both the above                       (d) All of these

Q.45     A leasing company can grow profitably over time, provided it offers
(a)   Competitive rates
(b)   Earns a satisfactory rate of return on its investments
(c)   Both (a) and (b)
(d)   All of these

Q.46     For assessing the financial health of a company, one requires an understanding of
(a)   Future industry economies and structure
(b)   Competitive and operating characteristics of business
(c)   Long term goals and plans of management
(d)   All the above

Q.47     Projects costing upto Rs. 5 crore are financed by
(a)   State level financial institutions and banks
(b)   All India Financial Institutions
(c)   Both (a) and (b)
(d)   All of these.

Q.48     Credit worthiness of a potential customer relating to his capital variable, can be judged by
(a)   Quick Ratio
(b)   Current Ratio
(c)   Net Worth
(d)   Cash Flow

Q.49     Fund Flow Statement on working capital (CA: CL) basis presents the
(a)   Source of working capital
(b)   Uses of working capital
(c)   Net change in working capital
(d)   All the above

Q.50     Fund Flow Statement on Cash basis shows the
            (a) Sources of cash                    (b) Users of cash                      
(c) Net change in Cash               (d) All the above


1.C      2.A      3.C      4.C      5.A      6.C      7.A      8.C      9.C      10.B

11.A    12.A    13.C    14.D    15.D    16.A    17.C    18.B    19.B    20.D

21.A    22.A    23.C    24.A    25.C    26.C    27.D    28.A    29.B    30.B

31.A    32.B    33.C    34.D    35.B    36.A    37.C    38.D    39.B    40.A

41.D    42.C    43.B    44.C    45.C    46.D    47.A    48.A    49.F     50.D


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