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1.         Which state on December 10, 2012 received the Silver Icon-Web Ratna Award 2012?
            a) Bihar             b) Madhya Pradesh        c) Uttar Pradesh
            d) Maharashtra
2.         National Commission for Minorities celebrated Minorities Rights Day on ……….
            a) December 10             b) December 15             c) December 17
            d) December 18
3.         Name the first Indian who has been given the Grammy Life - time Achievement Award?
            a) Lata Mangeshkar       b) Asha Bhonsle            c) Pandit Ravi Shankar
            d) None of these
4.         Union Minister of Health and Family Welfare Ghulam Nabi Azad on December 28 dedicated to the nation the Asia’s first Bio Safety Level-IV Laboratory in ……………
            a) New Delhi                  b) Mumbai         c) Pune             d) Kolkata
5.         Prime Minister’s Office on December 26 reconstituted the Planning Commissioner and appointed …….. as its new ex-officio member.
            a) Praful Patel                b) Kamal Nath               c) Jairam Ramesh
            d) None of these
6.         Union Government in December granted service tax exemption on the services of life insurance business provided under the ….
            a) Aam Admi Bima Yojana          b) Janashree Bima Yojana         
            c) Both (a) & (b)                         d) None of these
7.         The Union Government on December 23 constituted a three - member commission under the chairmanship of ………… to suggest measures for safety of women.
            a) Justice J.S. Verma     b) Justice K.G. Balakrishnan       c) Justice S.H. Kapadia
            d) Justice A.S. Anand
8.         According to the Information and Broadasting Ministry, the Union Government spent more than …………. rupees in previous three years for own promotion.
            a) 1568 crore     b) 1668 crore     c) 1768 crore     d) 1865 crore
9.         Agni-1 is a ………… missile.
            a) surface to air b) air to air         c) air to surface              d) surface to surface
10.        The Union Government on December 10 introduced a bill in Parliament to amend the Competition Act which will require the Compettion Commission to decide on corporate mergers within………
            a) 30 days                     b) 90 days         c) 120 days       d) 180 days


11.        Victor Yanukovich visited India in December, 2012. He is the President of
            a) Zambia          b) Kazakhstan               c) Ujbekistan                 d) Ukraine
12.        The strategic seminar called Aman Ki Asha concluded in December between India and
            a) Afghanistan               b) Bangladesh               c) Pakistan        d) Nepal
13.        The 18th Conference of the Parties (COP 18) to the Un Framework Convention of Climate Change took place in ……………
            a) Paris             b) London          c) Doha             d) Tokyo
14.        Park Geun Hye has been elected as the first woman President of
            a) North Korea               b) South Korea              c) Vietnam        d) Philippine
15.        Which country on December 28 signed into law an anti U.S adoption bill?
            a) Britain           b) Russia          c) Switzerland                d) Canada
16.        Name the first top ranking Indian official to visit China after changes in Communist Party of China in December.
            a) Shiv Shankar Menon               b) Raghuram Rajan        c) Ranjit Sinha
            d) None of these
17.        World Leprosy Day is internationally observed on the last ………. of January.
            a) Sunday         b) Monday         c) Tuesday        d) Wednesday
18.        According to the Global Terrorism Index (GTI) India, Afghanistan and Pakistan accounted for ……….. of global terrorist events respectively.
            a) 11 percent, 10 percent and 12 percent            
b) 10 percent, 11 percent and 12 percent
c) 9 percent, 12 percent and 14 percent
d) 15 percent, 13 percent and 16 percent
19.        John Dramani Mahama has been reelected President of ………..
            a) Zimbabwe      b) Kenya           c) Sudan           d) Ghana
20.        EU-Russia Summit 2012 on December 20 and 21 took place in
            a) Paris             b) Brussels        c) Moscow        d) None of these


21.        The Union Government on December 17 lowered down the growth projection to ………….
            a) 5.2 per cent               b) 5.7 per cent               c) 6.2 per cent
            d) 6.7per cent
22.        How many Indians have been included in the Harvard Business Review’s list of 100 best performing global chief executives (CEOs)?
            a) Eight             b) Ten               c) Twelve           d) Fifteen
23.        Anil Ambani’s Reliance Group and Wanda Group on December 12 signed a memorandum of understanding to set up a joint venture (JV) for real estate development. Wanda Group is from
            a) China            b) Japan            c) South Korea              d) Singapore
24.        The Planning Commission on December 27 lowered India’s economic growth forecast to ………………. in the 12th Five Year Plan.
            a) 8.0 Per cent               b) 8.5 per cent               c) 9.0 per cent
            d) 9.5 per cent  
25.        Which of the following stock exchanges launched SME Exchange?
            a) BSE              b) NSE              c) both (A) & (B)            d) None of these
26.        Which insurance company is the largest profit maker in India as per the latest figure released by IRDA?
            a) LIC                b) ICICI Prudential          c) Bajaj Alliance             d) None of these
27.        United Nations on December 18 slashed its global growth predictions to ………… for 2013.
            a) 2.2 per cent               b) 2.4 per cent               c) 3.2 per cent
            d) 3.4 per cent
28.        The Union Government on December 26 raised the minimum support price (MSP) of wheat to …… per quintal.
            a) 1285             b) 1325             c) 1350             d) 1450
29.        Which company retained top slot in Fortune, 500 India list?
            a) Reliance Industries     b) BPCL            c) IOC               d) Hindustan Petroleum
30.        According to new report, India lost …………. in black money in a decade.
            a) $ 113 billion               b) $ 115 billion               c) $ 118 billion  
            d) $ 123 billion


31.        Aman Indora is related with
            a) Golf               b) Basketball     c) Volleyball      d) Boxing
32.        Mahavir Singh of Rajasthan won his maiden gold in
            a) Boxing                      b) Shooting                    c) Wrestling       d) Arachery
33.        Name the only player who scored three triple centuries in first-class cricket.
            a) Yuvraj Singh              b) Ravindra Jadeja          c) Virat Kohli
            d) Sachin Tendulkar
34.        Who became the youngest player in the history of NBA to reach 30000 career points?
            a) Abdul Jabbar b) Chamberlain              c) Kobe Bryant
            d) None of these
35.        Apurvi Chandela on December 24 won gold in Women’s ………..
            a) Air Rifle         b) Boxing          c) Wrestling       d) None of these
36.        Who has been honoured as 2012 ITF champion?
            a) Rafael Nadal b) Andy Murry                c) Novak Djokovic
            d) None of these
37.        Who became the youngest batsman to score 7000 runs in Test Cricket?
            a) Michael Clarke           b) Hashim Clarke           c) Alastair Cook
            d) Gautam Gambhir
38.        Anna Ushenina of …….. on December 1 won the Women’s World Championship of Chess.
            a) Russia          b) India c) Ukraine         d) Bulgaria


1.a        2.d        3.c        4.c        5.b        6.c        7.b        8.c        9.d        10.d

11.d      12.c      13.c      14.b      15.b      16.a      17.a      18.a      19.d      20.b

21.b      22.a      23.a      24.a      25.b      26.b      27.b      28.c      29.c      30.d

31.d      32.b      33.b      34.c      35.a      36.c      37.c      38.c     

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