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small word list

Altruist - Philanthropist, one who loves mankind.
Amateur - one who does things for pleasure.
Ambidextrous - one who can use either hand with ease.
Anarchist - One who is out to destroy all govt. peace and order.
Atheist - (Syn.-Agnostic) ,One who is not sure about God's Existence

Bankrupt - ( Syn-Insolvent) , one who is not able to pay his debts.
Bigot - (Syn- Fanatic, One who is over exited in religious matters)
Cannibal - One who feeds on human flesh.
Carnivorous - one who eats Flesh only.
Connoisseur - Critical judge of any art and craft.
Cosmopolitan - One who regards the whole world as his own.
Cynic - One who sneers (mock) at the beliefs of others
Dilettante - a dabbler in art science and literature.
Effeminate - One person who is womanish in his habits.
Egoist - One who thinks about himself only
Egotist - One who always talks about his achievements.
Emigrant - One who leaves his country to settle abroad.
Epicure - One who is for pleasure of eating and drinking.
Fastidious - One who is hard to please
Fatalist - one who believes in fate.
Feminist - One who works for the welfare of women (Philogynist)
Fugitive - One who runs from justice
Henpecked - A husband ruled by his wife. ( Joru ka gulam)
Herbivorous - one who lives on herbs.
Honorary - one who holds a post without any salary
Iconoclast - One who is breaker of images and traditions.
Immigrant -A person who comes to a country from his own country for settling.

Illiterate - one who cant read and write....
Impregnable - That can not be entered by force.
Imposter - One who pretends to be Somebody else.
Introvert - One who does not expresses himself freely.
Invincible - That can not be conquered
Invulnerable - That can not be harmed or wounded.
Mercenary - A soldier who fights for money.
Misanthrope - One who hates Mankind
Misogamist - one who hates the institution of marriage. 
Misologist - one who hates knowledge ( Ant. Bibliologist)
Novice - ( Syn. Tyro ) one who is inexperienced in anything.
Numismatists - One who collects coins.
Omnivorous - one who eats everything.
Optimist - One who looks at the bright side of things.
Pessimist - One who looks at the dark side of things.
Philanthropist - lover of mankind.
Polyglot - One who speaks many languages. ( Syn. Linguists)
Philanderer - One who amuses himself by love making.
Philatelists - One who collects stamps.
Samaritan - One Who helps needy people.
Stoic - A person who is indifferent to pain and pleasure.
Teetotaler - One who does not take any intoxicating drugs.
Toper / Sot - One who is habitual drunkard

courtesy: BSC chronicle magazine..

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