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Top 10 Bank Interview Questions

1.                  Market yourself / Introduce yourself
2.                  Why Banking Sector?
3.                  Will u switch over to any other Bank/Company after joining us? If NO then why?
4.                  Are you mobile? (Are you ready to go anywhere?)
5.                   Are you ready to go to places of extreme temperature? If yes what do you think of your safety?
6.                  Rate your good qualities?
7.                  What is the difference between hard and smart work?
8.                  Do you have a plan of doing higher studies?
9.                  How does Banking Sector works?
10.              Be stuffed yourself with basic banking related information as it would be playing vital role in Bank Interviews

Please share your answers to the above questions and also the questions you have faced during your interviews.


  1. Thank you so much sir..
    can you plz elaborate one more thing?
    as I am from engineering background it is obvious that interviewer will ask me why banking after engineering. so can I say why banking only without comparing it with engineering.



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