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Why do we believe in Almighty?-- an essay

Man(well to be less gender biased Human being) is a social animal. The implications are ; humans always seek the approval of a fellow being. Humans adapt themselves to the conformity of group of people. The aggregation of groups conforming to a basic principle may be called a religion. For example when a child is born, it seeks the conformity of its parents. All the impressions made in his mind(referred as sanskaras in hindu religion) regarding his surrounding world are a result of confirming to the impressions of its parents. As the child grows up it learns to think differently than his parents. This is again dependence on conformity of relatives, friends, teachers or iconic personalities. As humans grow they may seek conformity from one or many sources.

The basis on which humans decide whom to confirm is on their well-being. If a person or a group appeal to the ‘well-being’ concept of a particular person, then that person chooses that person or group a point of conformity. However in time humans realize no particular person or group appeals fully to their ‘well-being’.( This is bound to happen because all people learn to think differently. Even people living in same environment think differently as each person perceives the world from his or her point of view.)

When all the benchmarks(people or group for conformity) which a person sets fail to pass all his tests of appealing to his ‘well-being’; the person seeks an ideal benchmark. The concept of ‘ideal’ is again picked up from sources to which the person confirms to the most. And here comes the concept of God- the all powerful, all knowing, the omnipresent, and the all merciful.

Most human beings are at comfort thinking that a God is there to look after them, love them, forgive them, teach them, and principle them. The concept of God is always good to bank on for a person when he is troubled. When human beings come across a state of not ‘well being’ they find reason to it that they are in this state since they failed to comply to His Will. When they don’t find any reason they submit to His knowledge and find relief believing that God is watching, he knows better.


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