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Banking related general awareness -- 6 2013 TWO

 General Awareness TWO
(With Special Reference to Banking Industry)

1.         After the demise of the elected president Hugo Chavez, who among the following has won the recently held presidential poll in Venezuela?
            a) Henrique Capriles       b) Nicolas Maduro          c) Henrique Capriles Radonski
            d) Reina Sequera           e) None of these
2.         In the context of the banking system, what does productivity mean?
            a) Production of services             b) Business per employee
            c) Quality of customer services   d) Both b and c              e) None of these
3.         The Indian players Divij Sharan and Purav Raja represent the country in which of the following games?
            a) Tennis           b) Badminton     c) Billiards         d) Golf               e) None of these
4.         The retrial of the ousted Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has been adjourned indefinitely after the presiding judge withdrew from the case recently. His retrial was to be carried over which of the following charges?
            a) Death of 900 protesters during the 2011 uprising           b) Corruption
            c) Abuse of Power          d) Imposing emergency              e) None of these
5.         While newly-elected Chinese President XI Jinping made Russia his first stop last month, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang will visit which of the following countries in May in his first official tour abroad after assuming office two months ago?
            a) Myanmar       b) Brazil            c) India              d) Pakistan        e) None of these
6.         Consider the following statements with respect to ways and means advances (WMA).
            A) These are temporary advances extended by the RBI to the government.
            B) Section 17(5) of the RBI Act allows RBI to make WMA to Central government only.
            C) Government normally opts for WMA to bridge the interval between expenditure and receipts and in the case of shortfall/mismatch in revenue and other receipts for meeting its liabilities
            Which of the above statements is/are correct?
            a) Only A          b) Only B          c) Only C          d) Only A and C           
            e) All the above
7.         Which of the following American newspapers has won four Pulitzer Prizes, including the award for investigative reporting for stories that detailed how Wal-Mart used bribery to expand in Mexico?
            a) The New York Times              b) Los Angeles Times
            c) The Washington Post             d) The Wall Street Journal           e) None of these
8.         With the Congress in Uruguay having voted overwhelmingly to legalise gay marriage, it became only the second country in Latin America to allow same-sex marriage. Which of the following is the first Latin American country to legalise the same?
            a) Brazil            b) Argentina       c) Ecuador        d) Chile             e) Belize
9.         The US President Barack Obama, in his USD 377 trillion annual budget, has proposed a 40 per cent increase in American aid to Pakistan for the fiscal year beginning October 1, 2013, amounting to
            a) USD 1.2 billion           b) USD 1.4 billion           c) USD 2.4 billion
            d) USD 3.4 billion           e) None of these
10.        Consider the following with respect to government securities:
            A) These are tradable instruments issued by the Central Government or the State Governments.
            B) These instruments acknowledge the government’s debt obligation.
            C) The Central Government issues both treasury bills and bonds or dated securities while the State Governments issue only bonds or dated securities, which are called State Development Loans (SDLs).
            Which of the above statements is/are correct?
            a) Only A          b) Only B          c) Only C          d) Only A and B            
e) All A, B and C
11.        Under the Liberalised Remittance Scheme (LRS), all resident individuals are allowed to freely remit per financial year (April - March), for any permissible current or capital account transaction or a combination of both, upto
            a) USD 50,000               b) USD 100,000             c) USD 1,50,000
            d) USD 2,00,000            e) None of these
12.        Which of the following Internet giants has come off with the facility to let people plan out what is to be done with their digital photos, documents and other virtual belonging after they die or become incapacitated?
            a) Microsoft       b) Yahoo           c) Google          d) Facebook      e) None of these
13.        In which of the following states in India, a GPS - GIS based state-of-the-art Emergency Response System called “Dial 100” has been launched enabling the police reach the complainant within minutes?
            a) Andhra Pradesh         b) Karnataka      c) Tamil Nadu                d) Kerala
            e) Maharashtra
14.        Which of the following is/are NOT correct about Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs)?
            a) NBFCs cannot accept demand deposits          
b) NBFCs do not form part of the payment and settlement system and cannot issue cheques drawn on it.
c) Deposit insurance facility of Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation (DICGS) is available to depositors of NBFCs.
d) All the above              e) None of the above
15.        Such individuals as do not have a bank account can also deposit cash at the National Electronic Fund Transfer (NEFT) - enabled bank branches with instructions to transfer funds using NEFT. Such remittances will be restricted to a maximum of _____ per transaction.
            a) Rs.20,000      b) Rs.25,000      c) Rs.50,000      d) Rs.1,00,000   e) None of these
16.        As part of India’s Connect Central Asia Policy, aimed at increasing political, economic and people-to-people engagement with Central Asian nations, the Vice - President Hamid Ansari went on a four-day official visit to which of the following countries recently?
            a) Tajikistan       b) Uzbekistan    c) Kazakhstan   d) Kyrgyzstan    e) None of these
17.        Who among the following has won the Chinese Grand Prix 2013 held in Shanghai recently?
            a) Sebastian vettel         b) Fernando Alonso        c) Lewis Hamilton
            d) Paul Di Resta            e) None of these
18.        Industrialist Rama Prasad Goenka passed away recently. He was the architect of the RPG Enterprises conglomerate spanning from power to music and was popularly known as
            a) Music Tycoon            b) Music Maven             c) Bengal Tiger
            d) Takeover Specialist    e) None of these
19.        As part of its development cooperation with India, Germany will support building up of which of the following in India by providing soft loans of up to 1 billion euros (USD 1.3 billion) for a six-year period starting next year?
            a) Ports             b) Renewable Energy     c) High Speed Railway   d) Highways
            e) None of these
20.        Who among the following tennis players has/have so far joined newly - formed body Indian Tennis Players Association (ITPA) as its Vice-President?
            a) Somdev Devvarman    b) Sania Mirza   c) Leander Paes            d) All the above
            e) Only a and b
21.        Which of the following terms is not associated with the economy?
            a) GDP             b) Hindu growth rate       c) PPP              d) LED             
e) None of these
22.        The National Savings Institute (NSI), which is entrusted with the task of mobilization of small savings, works under which of the following ministries?
            a) Ministry of Finance                             b) Ministry of Urban Development
            c) Ministry of Commerce and Industry      d) Ministry of Home Affairs
            e) None of these
23.        The Kaesong industrial complex, which has been in news recently, is situated in which of the following countries?
            a) South Korea              b) China            c) North Korea               d) Japan
e) None of these
24.        Idriss Deby is the President of which of the following countries? he recently announced to withdraw his troops from Mali, where they have been helping  French and Malian forces fight Islamist militants.
            a) Nigeria          b) Chad             c) Cameroon      d) Central African Republic
            e) None of these  
25.        India’s first electronic toll collection system based on radio frequency identification (RFID) technology has been launched on which of the following highways? This new system enables collection of toll payments electronically, allowing near-nonstop toll collection and traffic monitoring.
            a) Mumbai-Ahmedabad               b) Delhi-Jaipur                c) Mumbai-Pune
            d) Delhi-Gurgaon                        e) None of these
26.        What is the expanded form of ECS as used in banking sector?
            a) Effective Clearing System       b) Electronic Confirmation System
            c) Electronic Clearing System     e) None of these
27.        Which of the following teams has lifted the 3rd Hockey India Sub-Junior Men National Championship (North Zone) title played at Sonepat recently?
            a) Punjab          b) Chandigarh    c) Uttar Pradesh            d) Maharashtra
            e) None of these
28.        Consider the following taglines:
            A) Pure Banking Nothing Else     B) The Banker of Every Indian
            C) With You All The Way
            Identify the bank which the above taglines are associated with
            a) Bank of Baroda          b) State Bank of India     c) Punjab National Bank
            d) Oriental Bank of Commerce                            e) None of these
29.        Who among the following has authored the book titled How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia?
            a) Ismat Chughti            b) Tahir Mahamood        c) Mohsin Hamid
            d) Amitav Ghosh            e) None of these
30.        NEEPCO has been conferred with the Miniratna Category-I status by the Government of India recently. What is the full form of NEEPCO?
            a) North Eastern Electricity Production Corporation
            b) North Eastern Electric Power Corporation
            c) New Eastern Electricity Production Corporation
            d) New Eastern Electric Power Corporation                                  e) None of these
31.        China is the largest agricultural producer in the world. What is India’s current position among the largest agricultural producers of the world?
            a) Second         b) Third             c) Fourth           d) Sixth             e) None of these
32.        As per Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi) regulation, the listed companies are required to divest a minimum of ten per cent of the equity to who among the following?
            a) Flls               b) NBFCs          c) Hedge Fund   d) Public           e) None of these
33.        As per the recent guidelines, which of the following is NOT correctly matched?
            a) CRR - 4.0 per cent                             b) Repo rate - 7.50 per cent       
c) Reverse Repo rate - 6.50 per cent        d) Bank rate - 9 per cent
e) SLR - 23 per cent
34.        Parupalli Kashyap, the London Olympics quarter-finalist, is associated with which of the following games?
            a) Tennis           b) Archery         c) Badminton     d) Boxing          e) None of these
35.        Which of the following organization release the Composite Leading Indicators (CLIs)? CLIs show early signals of turning points in business cycles that provide qualitative information on short-term economic movements?
            a) World Bank   b) International Monetary Fund    c) World Economic Forum
            d) Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
            e) None of these
36.        Consider the following with respect to the foreign exchange reserves of India:
            A) Foreign Currency Reserves
            B) Special Drawing Rights
            C) Foreign Institutional Investments
            Which of the above comes under the foreign exchange reserve of the country?
            a) Only A          b) Only B          c) Only C          d) Both A and B            
e) Both B and C
37.        The monetary units of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is called
            a) Global Depository Receipts (GDR)
            b) Special Drawing Rights (SDR)             c) Systematic Investment Plan (SIP)
            d) Exchange Traded Funds (ETF)            e) None of these
38.        Which of the following is/are called Bretton Woods institution?
            A) International Monetary Fund                B) World Trade Organisation
            C) United Nations                                   D) World Bank
            a) Only A          b) Only B          c) Only A and B             d) Only A and D
            e) All A, B, C and D
39.        Which of the following is lands is a matter of dispute between China, Taiwan and Vietnam, which claim to have sovereignty over these Islands?
            a) Falkland        b) Paracel         c) Macclesfield Bank      d) Spartly
            e) None of these
40.        Alawites, which made news in recent time, is a community based in which of the following countries?
            a) Nigeria          b) Mali              c) Syria             d) Myanmar       e) None of these
41.        Which of the following is/are the Non - Tax Revenue component(s) of the Union Budget of India?
            a) Customs Duty            b) Interest Receipts        c) Dividends and Profits
            d) All the above e) Only b and c
42.        the investment made by such financial entities as were launched or incorporated in a foreign country but are investing in an Indian venture in India, are generally termed as
            a) Private Equity            b) Patent Money            c) Foreign Institutional Investment
            d) Current Account Money                                  e) None of these
43.        India has joined a protocol recently which will enable domestic companies and entrepreneurs to obtain a cost - effective global trademark registration. Name the protocol.
            a) Madrid Protocol          b) Nagoya Protocol        c) Kyoto Protocol          
            d) Hague Protocol          e) None of these
44.        Who among the following has been appointed the new chairperson of the confederation of India Industry (CII)?
            a) Adi Godrej                 b) Anil Ambani               c) Senapathy Gopalakrishnan
            d) Anand Mahindra         e) None of these
45.        President Pranab Mukherjee has commuted as well as rejected several mercy pleas brought to him in the last few months. Which of the following articles of the Indian Constitution provides the president with the pardoning power?
            a) Article 70       b) Article 72       c) Article 73       d) Article 74       e) None of these
46.        As we all know, managing inflation has been a very important aspect of the economy in India. Which of the following is/are true about inflation and its effect on the economy?
            A) Inflation is a state of increase in the general level of prices for goods and services.
            B) When the inflation goes up, the purchasing power of the money also goes up.
            C) Central banks attempt to stop severe deflation, along with severe inflation.
            a) Only A          b) Only B          c) Only C          d) Only A and C
            e) All A, B and C
47.        We notice the trend of many banks entering into insurance business nowadays. Which of the following reasons are responsible for banks entering into this sector, particularly when many insurance companies are already there in India?
            A) Banks are earning additional revenue in terms of fee/commission by selling insurance products.
            B) With their huge customer base, banks are leveraging on their existing relationship to convert customers into policy holders.
            C) With ever-growing health problems, everybody wants insurance cover and banks are bringing in many attractive offers to cash in on this trend.
            a) Only A          b) Only B          c) Only C          d) Only A and B
            e) Only B and C
48.        Which of the following is NOT a component of India’s securities market?
            a) Commodity Future                  b) Government Bonds     c) Corporate Equity       
            d) Derivatives on Currency           e) Small Savings in National Saving Certificates
49.        Which of the following titles has/have been authored by Gurcharan Das?
            a) India Grows at Night               b) Chanakya’s New Manifesto
            c) The city of Devi                      d) Both a and b              e) All the above
50.        Padma Shri awardee Professor Bratindra Nath Mukherjee passed away recently. He was a renowned
            a) Poet              b) Economist     c) Environmentalist         d) Historian
            e) None of these


1.B       2.B       3.A       4.A       5.C       6.D       7.A       8.B       9.B       10.E

11.D     12.C     13.A     14.C     15.C     16.A     17.B     18.D     19.B     20.D

21.D     22.A     23.C     24.B     25.A     26.C     27.B     28.B     29.C     30.B

31.B     32.D     33.D     34.C     35.D     36.D     37.B     38.D     39.B     40.C

41.E     42.C     43.A     44.C     45.B     46.D     47.D     48.E     49.D     50.D



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