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General Awareness
(with Special Reference to Banking Industry)

1.         Which of the following states of India is set to sign an MoU with the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to tap its vast resources to help the state’s educational system a facelift?
            a) Uttar Pradesh                        b) Tamil Nadu                c) Andhra Pradesh
            d) Maharashtra                          e) None of these
2.         India and which of the following countries have signed an umbrella agreement on financial and technical cooperation in the field of energy, environment and management of natural resources recently?
            a) Japan            b) Germany       c) Singapore      d) South Korea              e) None of these
3.         Setting a new benchmark in transparency, the Central Information Commission (CIC) has ruled which of the following answerable, under the Right to Information Act, declaring them public authorities?
            a) Private firms receiving govt aid             b) Labour unions            c) Political parties         
            d) Sports authorities                               e) None of these
4.         The Forbes’ 2013 list of highest-paid athletes has been topped by who among the following? Indian cricketer MS Dhoni has been ranked at the 16th place in the list.
            a) Kobe Byrant              b) Roger Federer            c) Tiger Woods
            d) Maria Sharapova        e) None of these
5.         Name the country which recently imposed two-child limit on its minority Muslims.
            a) Thailand                    b) Myanmar       c) Bhutan          d) China            e) None of these
6.         Austria has withdrawn its troops from the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF) deployed at Golan Heights recently. The UNDOF had been deployed there to monitor a ceasefire between Israel and which of the following countries since 1974?
            a) Syria             b) Iraq               c) Turkey           d) Lebanon        e) None of these
7.         India’s premier anti-terror information and intelligence support organization proposed in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks on Mumbai 2008, National Intelligence Grid (NATGRID), is going to become operational by
            a) 2013             b) 2015             c) 2016             d) 2020             e) None of these
8.         The US State Department has given a six-month waiver on recent Iran sanctions for which of the following countries?
            a) India b) China            c) Pakistan        d) Japan            e) Both a) and b)
9.         Expand the term FSDC
            a) Financial Solidarity Development Council         
b) Financial Stability and Development Council
            c) Financial Stability and Development Centre     
d) Finance Security and Development Council                  e) None of these
10.        Recep Tayyip Erdogan is the present Prime Minister of which of the following countries?
            a) Turkey           b) Egypt            c) Syria             d) Ghana           e) None of these
11.        The RBI Governor D Subbarao has allayed fears of stagflation in the Indian economy and asserted that the central bank is sensitive to growth concerns. Which of the following statements is/are correct about stagflation?
            a) Persistent high inflation combined with high unemployment and slow economic growth.
            b) Persistent high inflation combined with high employment and fast economic growth
            c) Low inflation combined with high unemployment and slow economic growth
            d) Low inflation combined with high employment rate and fast paced economic growth
            e) None of these
12.        Consider the following with respect to Sebi’s minimum public shareholding norms for listed private sector companies and choose the correct statements:
            a) The promoters, holding in such companies will be capped at 75 per cent.
            b) There must be at least 25 per cent public share holding in these firms.
c) The deadline set by the Sebi to comply- with the stipulated norms ended on Jun 3.
d) All the above                          e) Only a) and b
13.        Consider the following statements with respect to the first-of-its-kind venture capital fund for Dal its which has got Sebi's nod recently:
A) The idea of venture capital fund for Dalits was proposed by Dalit Indian Chamber of Commerce (DICCI).
B) Sebi has cleared the proposal to raise Rs.500 crore for 10 years through a close ended fund.
            C) SIDB I has committed Rs.100 crore to the fund. Which of the above statements is/are correct?
            a) Only (A)                          b) Only (B)                           c) Only (C)       
            d) Only (A) and (B)              e) All (A), (B) and (C)
14.        The Cabinet has recently approved a proposal for non­binding conciliation with the British telecom major Vodafone to settle the pending tax row. The conciliation will be under the
a) UK arbitration law       b) United Nations Commission on International Trade Law
c) Hong Kong arbitration law       d) Indian arbitration law               e) None of these
15.        Consider the following, statements with respect to Aajeevika programme and choose the correct statements:
A) This is a flagship programme of the National Rural Livelihood Mission (NRLM) under the Ministry of Rural Development (MoRD).
B) The NRLM is probably the largest women empowerment programme in the world designed to strengthen the women Self-Help Groups and their instruments financially.
C) The state governments, not sticking to Aajeevika, have established their own state missions to run similar programmes on their own.
            a) Only (A)                            b) Only (B)             c) Only (C)
            d) Only (A) and (B)               e) Only (B) and (C)
16.        Which of the following committees recommended the concept of Universal Banking in India?
            a) RH Khan Committee               b) RN Malhotra Committee
            c)Nayak Committee                   d) Tarapore Committee               e) None of these
17.        Which of the following is NOT a risk associated with banks in India?
            a) Liquidity risk              b) Interest rate risk         c) Market risk   
            d) Operational risk          e) None of these
18.        The Union Cabinet has cleared a legislation to set up the long-pending real estate regulator aimed at protecting home buyers from unscrupulous developers and builders. Which of the following statements is/are correct in this regard
a) There will be one real state regulator for the entire country.
b) Private developers will have to register projects before sale and can advertise only after getting all clearances.
c) All project details will have to be publicly disclosed.      d) All the above 
e) Only b) and c)
19.        Atul Chitnis died recently after a long battle with cancer. He was a pioneer of in India.
a) open source software movement          b) business process outsourcing
c) law process outsourcing                     d) e-commerce revolution            e) None of these
20.        India has recently allowed which of the following countries to train its forces at Indian Army establishments for an additional five years? The earlier agreement with this country, the only country which enjoys such facility, had expired recently.
            a) Japan          b) Thailand          c) Singapore      d) Sri Lanka       e) None of these
21.      Monty laundering has been in news frequently in past few months. Which of the following is correct about money laundering? It means ________ any proceeds of money of crime directly or indirectly within or outside India.
            a) owning                              b) possessing                    c) transferring
            d) acquiring                           e) All the above
22.        Banks in India are permitted to undertake insurance business. Which of the following routes taken by banks is termed as bancassurance?
a) Setting up insurance joint ventures to undertake insurance business
b) Undertaking insurance business as an agent of an insurance company
c) Setting up a wholly owned subsidiary to undertake insurance business
d) Undertaking insurance business setting aside the core banking business
e) None of these
23.        Atul Rai has recently resigned as the Managing Director and CEO of which of the following organisations?
            a)1FCI                       b) SIDBI                c) Unit Trust of India       d)LIC     e) None of these
24.        The foundation of India's first defence university, Indian National Defence University (INDU), has been laid down at which of the following places? It will become operational by 2018. 
            a) Nasik                        b) Bangalore      c)Allahabad       d) Gurgaon        e) None of these
25.        The rising Indian tennis star Somdev Devvarman was defeated in the second round of French Open tennis tournament by who among the following recently?
a) Roger Federer            b) Rafael Nadal c) Novak Djokovic
d) David Ferrer               e) None of these
26.        Which of the following cannot be a delivery channel for the banking products and services in the context of retail banking at present?
a) Branch Banking         b) Internet Banking         c) Postman      
d) Automated Teller Machines                             e) None of these
27.        Which of the following statements is/are correct with respect to mobile banking in India?
a) Licensed banks with physical presence in India as well as abroad, are permitted to offer this service.
b) Only rupee-based domestic services can be provided and cross-border inward and outward transfers are strictly prohibited.
c) The services are restricted only to customers of banks having debit/credit cards issued.
            a) Only (A)        b) Only (A) and (B)         c) Only (A) and (C)         d) Only (B) and (C)
            e) None of these
28.        Which of the following is a capital market instrument?
            a) Certificate of Deposit b) Commercial Paper                  c) Treasury Bills                         d) Call Money                            e) None of these
29.        India has activated the atomic reactor on which of the following indigenous nuclear submarines recently? With this the country has acquired the ability to fire nuclear- tipped missiles from land, air and sea.
            a) INS Chakra    b) INS Shishumar.          c) INS Sindhughosh       d) INS Arihant
            e) None of these
30.     Which of the following IT majors has bagged a six year contract worth Rs.1100 crore for end-to-end IT modernisation programme from the Department of Post (DoP) recently?
            a) Infosys                              b) Wipro    c) HCL              d) TCS              e) None of these
31.        A non-banking financial company which carries on the business of acquisition of shares and securities and satisfies certain conditions is called
a) core investment company       b) investment company               c) financial company
d) non-banking finance company                                     e) None of these
32.        Which of the following pairs is not correctly matched taking into account the approaches of RBI for different risks?
a) Credit Risk — Standard Approach       b) Market Risk — Standard Duration Approach
c) Operational Risk — Basic Indicator Approach  
d) Operational Risk —Alternative Standardised Approach              e) None of the above
33.        The Japanese PM Shinzo Abe proposed to form a “democratic Security Diamond” recently to counter the growing assertiveness of China. The proposed group will include which of the following nations along with Japan?
            a) Australia        b) India c) US                d) All the above e) Only a) and c)
34.        Which of the following companies has recently announced to have discovered a huge reserve of natural gas in Krishna-Godavari basin (KG basin)?
            a) Jubilant       b) Hinduja                    c) RIL   d) Essar            e) None of these
35.        CNES is the space agency of which of the following countries? Its president Jean-Yves le Gall visited ISRO's headquarters at Bangalore recently.
            a) Israel           b) Germany      c) Italy              d) France         e) None of these
36.        The name of the national champion Saurav Ghosal is associated with which of the following games?
            a) Shooting      b) Squash        c) Billiards       d) Basketball    e) None of these
37.        What can be the minimum amount of a certificate of deposit?
            a) Z100 lakh     b) Z10 lakh        c) ZS lakh         d)l lakh                        e) None of these
38.        Expand the term CBLO. It is related to short-term market- related borrowing.
            a) Collateralised Banking and Lending Obligation
       b) Common Borrowing and Lending Obligation
c) Collateralised Borrowing and Lending Organisation
            d) Collateralised Borrowing and Lending Obligation  e) None of these
39.        In the context of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), what is the meaning of the term 'round tripping'?
            a) Sending back foreign money as export       b) Using FDI funds out of country
            c) Coming back of domestic money as FDI      d) Both 1) and 3)          e) None of these
40.        To check the spiralling gold imports, which is putting huge pressure on the current account deficit, the govt has hiked the import duty on gold from existing 6 per cent to
            a) 7 per cent       b) 8 per cent c) 9 per cent     d) 10 per cent   e) None of these
41.        What is the objective of securitisation of financial assets?
a) Enabling the banks in speedy recovery of bad loans
            b) Selling the securities without intervention of the court, only if loan goes bad
c) Acquiring assets and then selling the same at profit
d) Recycling of funds and reducing concentration risk                        e) None of these
42.        Which of the following is not correctly matched?
            a) FATE : Financial Action Task Force b) FBT: Fringe Benefit Tax
c) FRBM Act: Financial Responsibility and Budget Management Act
d) EFT: Electronic Fund Transfer e) None of these
43.        Which of the following is the process in which the electronic holding of share replaces the paper securities?
            a) Demutualisation         b) Rematerialisation       c) Electronic Shares      
            d) Dematerialisation       e) None of these
44.        The apex body of the financial sector regulators in India, FSDC, is led by
            a) The governor of RBI    b) The Finance Minister  c) The Prime Minister    
            d) The Law Minister        e) None of these
45.        Three nations — India, the United States and Australia — have come together to collaborate on developing new climate-resilient varieties of which of the following crops?
            a) Wheat           b) Rice              c) Maize            d) All the above              e) Only 1) and 2)
46.        Who among the following has authored the recently published book Antifragile?
            a) Kishwar Desai            b) Nilima Bhat                c) Nassim Nicholas Taleb
            d) Neamat Imam            e) None of these
47.        Which of the following terms is used for the practice of replacing relatively high-cost debt with that of lower- cost borrowing to take advantage of falling interest rates?
            a) Debt swap                 b) Debt replacement       c) Credit risk management
            d) Credit enhancement   e) None of these
48.        Which of the following is a financial contract that derives its value from another financial product?
            a) Swap      b) Arbitrage          c) Option               d) Derivatives                 e) Futures
49.        The book titled Righteous Republic has been written by who among the following?
            a) Kuldeep Mathur          b) Ananya Vajpeyi          c) Narendra Jadhav        
            d) Ashwini Deshpande    e) None of these
50.        Name the athlete who has set a new national record in 3000-metre steeplechase for women, performing in the 53rd National Athletics championships recently.
            a) OP Jaisha     b) Preeja Sreedharan      c) Sudha Singh  d) Asha Roy      e) None of these


1.C       2.B       3.C       4.C       5.B       6.A       7.A       8.E       9.B       10.A

11.A     12.D     13.D     14.D     15.D     16.A     17.E      18.E      19.A     20.C

21.E      22.B     23.A     24.D     25.A     26.C     27.D     28.E      29.D     30.D

31.A     32.D     33.D     34.D     35.D     36.B     37.D     38.D     39.C     40.B

41.D     42.C     43.D     44.B     45.E      46.C     47.A     48.D     49.B     50.C

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