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Guidance to Engineering students/graduates
I found this article in the blog cited above.  good.  I am giving below the relevant part of the article which I feel all engineering students/graduates should read. 
Coming towards an engineer, when he is in engineering 3rd year 1st sem he should start upgrading his oral and written communication skills in English language along with selecting a core technology for his career with respect to an IT field that may be JAVA or .NET  and try to gain expertise on it, there are many resources available online giving free online tutorials and study material.have u ever tried to search java,.net....  tutorials on torrent,YouTube??? , I urge students to come out of the word of social media and devote time in learning technology online.He should be Jack of all trades and master of one i.e., he should be in a position to speak about any technology under the sun and work on anything in a specific technology. Make sure before you ask for a job you should have strong reason for it, i.e., the technology. So that’s why I always say 

“Learn the technology for the sake of technology, not for the sake of job.” 

After all these struggle if you do not get the job then you have the right to say “Nobody gets more than their destiny and before time”. Now you may say that we would have worried about our future earlier and if there would have been anybody who would have guided us to the right path.Yes this is the point. But do remember “It is never too late”.

So, first of all an engineer should be worried about their future and should select a guide or a mentor for their career in engineering first year itself and should surrender themselves to guide or mentor throughout their life. Should move with suggestion of guide or mentor in each and every step of their life and you should not become askhole(A person who constantly asks for advice, yet always does the opposite of what told to them). It is never too late to choose a guide or a mentor. Now the new question that should come into your mind is, who should be our guide or a mentor? and how should we choose our guide or a mentor?

Basically you should look for these three qualities in him whenever you are choosing a guide or a mentor. 
1. First of all he should belongs to your technical area and should be technically sound.
(Like you cannot select a doctor as your guide or a mentor) 
2. Secondly, He must be a well wisher of you.(Really tough to search these days) 
3. Finally, He should be honest and trustworthy.(He should think about your both the worlds) 

So, what are you waiting for? Start searching a guide or a mentor and surrender yourself.

But at end of the day it is the engineer who has to suffer . In my view each and every object of the the system is responsible i.e., lecturers, HOD, college management, university, training institutions, IT market .Whereas engineers themselves are 90% responsible for not getting a job.

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