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A few points relating to TCS descriptive paper test

I have given a few ideas on the above.  I am sure candidates will develop further based on their reading and writing experience.  In case you have any other suggestions/points or content please write to/send to

TCS descriptive Paper
Time – 10 minutes
Number of words  -- 70.  (check up what is given in your question paper)
If ‘backspace ‘ is used all the material typed earlier will be deleted and you have to retype from the beginning.
Think, think before starting to type on the computer.
Practice typing on computer.
Use the key words given properly.  Make sentences without grammar mistake and spelling mistake.
The questions can be of the nature of memo, note, message or email.  Also business correspondence, report or proposal.
The language to be used :
For Memo, note, message or email – suggesting, explaining, requesting, instructing etc.
Formal/neutral register
Organisation:---Rarely requires more than one or two paragraphs, proper use of salutation and closing if necessary.
For business correspondence, report or proposal:--
Report:  describing, summarizing, recommending
Proposal:  describing, summarizing, recommending, persuading
Letter:  explaining, reassuring apologizing, complaining etc.
Organisation:  Varies, but often paragraphed by content point
The Approach:
Step 1:  Planning and writing
Read and underline key words in input material
Then mark bullet points or notes that need expanded or new output
Then paraphrase other points
Then plan paragraphs, headings or sentence order.
Factors to consider
-        Situation
-        Who you are
-        Why you are writing
-        The message
-        Register and target reader
-        Structure of the text
Step 2: Checking Answers
Factors to consider
Content points (rephrased or appropriate information created)
Range and accuracy of grammar and vocabulary
Organization and cohesion
Effect on the target reader
Length or word count
Normally mark scheme  that may be followed:
Content points
Use of language and accuracy
Range of structures and vocabulary
Organization of ideas
Register and format
Effect on reader
Task 1
You are the manager of your company’s Customer service Department and are planning to introduce a new computer system in your department.
Write an email to all staff in your department
-        Telling them when the new system will be introduced
-        Saying what the advantages of the new system will be
-        Advising them who to contact if they any questions
-        Also tell why new system is introduced
-        Detail the benefits to the company, customers and the staff members
-        Advise staff to familiarize fully with the new system.
Task 2
Your office printer has broken down and you decide to replace it.   Write an email to the head of purchasing:
n  Describe the reason for not repairing the old one
n  Explaining what you need from a new one (e.g. colour, paper, size)
n  Suggesting where to buy a new one
n  Give details of different suppliers, makes, pricing .
n  Advantages in the new printer to be installed
n  Saving in expenses that may be achieved when a new printer is bought.
Here are some useful phrases when writing letters
I.                 Openings                                                                                Closings
Dear Sir/Madam                                                                           Yours faithfully
Dear Mr. Elango                                                             Yours sincerely
Dear Robert                                                                                   Kind/Best regards
II.               Referring to previous contact                                                          Enclosures/attachments
With reference to your letter of …                                           Please find the enclosed/attached
Further to our phone call of….                                                   I enclose the……
Thank you for your enquiry/email of ….                                  I have attached a
III.              Requesting/Asking for information                                Giving Information
I am writing to enquire about                                                  Please note that
We would be very grateful if you could…                             I would like to inform you that….
Could you please…..                                                                   I trust you will find the following points of
IV. Checking information                                                                         Suggesting/recommending
Please let me know as soon as possible.                May I suggest/propose
Could you please confirm….                                                     We could/should
I would be grateful if you could confirm….                          It is suggested/proposed that….
V.               Complaining                                                                                         Apologising
I would like to complain about the…..                                   We apologise for…
Unless….we will be forced to….                                               We are sorry about the….
I therefore urge you to                                                              We apologise for any inconvenience caused.
VI,  Finishing a letter
If you have any further question, please do not hesitate to contact us
We look forward to seeing/meeting you on….
I look forward to hearing from you.
Write a report on training to service personnel
Need for immediate training
Findings and/or feed back received
Level of staff to be trained
Duration of training and timing of sessions
Arrangement for faculty
State training is residential and need for it
Location of training
Useful points when writing reports
  1. Introduction                                                                                 Conclusion
The aim/purpose of this report is to….                                  It was concluded/decided/felt that
The report sets out to…..                                                           No conclusions were reached regarding…
The report aims to….                                                                  No conclusions/On balance….
  1. Findings                                                                                          Recommendations
It was found that….                                                                    We would recommend/propose that….
Our research into…. Found….                                                   It is recommended/suggested that….
….clearly shown that…                                                               We advise you to….
….. suggest that…..
  1.                                                                                           SUMMARY
                                                                                                         To summarise….
                                                                                                         In summary….
  1. Contrasting ideas                                                                         Comparing ideas
 However….                                                                                                  Both/Neither….
Although….                                                                                                  Like/Unlike
Despite/ Inspite of…                                                                                  In comparison(with)
….while/whereas                                                                                        ….(not)as + adjective as
                                                                                                                    More/less+ adjective
  1. Linking cause and effect                                                            Adding ideas
Because of/as a result of/ due to                                                   Furthermore/Moreover,/In addition…
This means                                                                                            As well as….
Therefore……                                                                                        also….
….. lead to/results in
No.1. Draft a report using the key words given below.  Imagine details and data regarding the matter you are writing:
--- solving a problem
--- a contact with a supplier
--- making a decision
--- reaching a target
--The life of a product.
No. 2.  Filling a vacant post in the College – draft an Advertisement giving
        Qualification required
        Minimum Age and maximum age criteria
        Experience in teaching required
        Salary offered
        Perquisites given
        Nature of duties
        Conditions, if any to be followed while working
        Last date for application
Mode of submission of application—Online or hard copy
        Selection Process.
No.3 .  Write an email to your customer who has complained about a faulty product:
n    Advise guarantee period is over.
n  Guarantee covers only main parts and not accessories
n  Product to be sent to factory at their own cost
n  Inform estimate of repair costs will be sent
n  Approval of customer is required
n  Advance money to be remitted for taking up repair
n  Time/Duration it will take for completion of repair
n  Assure of good service.

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