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 General Awareness
(with Special Reference to Banking Industry)

1.         As per modernization, 75 ‘Pilatus PC-7 Mk-II’ basic trainer aircraft have been inducted in the Indian Air Force recently. These aircraft have been procured from which of the following countries?
            a) France         b) Italy                         c) Israel           d) Switzerland             e) None of these
2.         Who among the following has been elected the new President of Iran?
            a) Ali Larijani             b) Trital Parsi c) Hassan Rouhani      d) Yasmin Alem         
e) None of these
3.         Consider the following statements with respect to Financial Sector Legislative Reforms Commission (FSLRC), which was set up to rewrite and harmonise financial sector legislations, rules and regulations:
A) The Finance Minister announced the formation of the FSLRC during his Budget Speech of 2011-12.
B) The RBI Governor D Subbarao has strongly criticised the FSLRC's recommendations for statutory status to the Financial Stability Development Council (FSDC) and entrusting it with the responsibility of financial stability.
C) The FSLRC is chaired by the former Judge of the Supreme Court of India Justice BN Srikrishna. It consists of nine other members and a Secretary. Which of the above statements is/are correct?
a) Only (A)                 b) Only (B)                 c) Only (C)     d) Only (A) and (B)  
e) All (A), (B) and (C)
4.         Which of the following pairs is not correctly matched?
a) Goswaini Committee — Industrial sickness and corporate restructuring.
b) S Padmanabhan committee — Banking supervision
c) KS Shere committee — Electronic Funds Transfer
d) SS Tarapore committee — Reforms in small savings     e) None of these
5.         What per cent of the total assets is required to be deployed in infrastructure loans by an infrastructure finance company?
            a)25                 b)50                 c)75                 d)100               e) None of these
6.         Who among the following has won the Tal Memorial Chess tournament held in Moscow recently?
            a) Sergey Karjaikin    b) Viswanathan Anand                     c) Boris Gelfand
            d) Vladimir Kramnik   e) None of these
7.         India and which of the following countries have agreed to hold their first-ever bilateral naval exercise in 2015 and make it a regular feature in corning years?
            a) Japan          b) Singapore   c) Australia    d) US               e) None of these
8.         The process in which a company, instead of fixing the price of a new share, invites bids and allows the market to fix the price of the share, is called
            a) Open Offer  b) Offer For Sale         c) Book-building                     d) Price search           
            e) None of these
9.         What is the term used for the temporary loans that are allowed by the RBI to the govt from time to time to bridge the gap between expenditure and receipts?
            a) Dated Securities      b) Gilt-edged securities                      c) Ways and means advances
            d) Treasury bills                     e) None of these
10.       Consider the following statements with respect to multi- brand retail in India and govt's recent stand in this regard and choose the correct statement(s):
            a) The govt had allowed 51 per cent FDI in multi-brand retail in 2012.
          b) The interested firms need to invest USD 100 inn equally divided into front-end and back-end.
            c) Franchisee route will not be allowed and infrastructure (front and back) should be built right from scratch.
            d) All the above                      e) None of these
11.       Name the athlete who has set a new national record in 3000-metre steeplechase for women in the 53rd National Athletics Championships recently. With this win she has booked her berth in the Moscow World Championship to be played in August this year.
            a) OP Jaisha            b) Preeja Sreedharan       c) Sudha Singh            d) Asha Roy
            e) None of these
12.     Who among the following has been appointed the Chairman of Indian Banks' Association (IBA) recently?
            a) KR Kamath         b) Aditya Pun      c) Pratip Chaudhuri     d) Chanda Kochar
            e) Sudha Sharma
13.       Which of the following IT initiatives of the Govt of India has been given the '21st Century Achievement Award 2013' by the International Data Group under the category 'Economic Development' recently?
            a) DBT                        b) CERT          c) UIDAI         d) SARAL Programme            e) None of these
14.       The rate of interest being offered by the commercial banks on certificate of deposit is restricted to which of the following?
            a) 8 per cent            b) 10 per cent      c) Equal to bank rate   d) There is no restriction.
            e) None of these
15.       The first Gas Based Power Project in India awarded with the Clean Development Mechanism by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC) was recently inaugurated by the President of India in which of the following states?
            a) Rajasthan    b) Himachal Pradesh   c) Tripura        d) Assam         e) None of these
16.       Italy has become the fifth country to ratify Istanbul Convention. This convention is aimed at which of the following?
            a) Combating violence against women            b) Combating violence against children                                    c) Combating violence against animals           d) Combating violence against elderly people
       e) None of these
17.       When the RBI intends to inject liquidity in the economy of the country, this is done through which of the following mechanisms?
a) By adjusting Repo   b) By increasing SLR  c) Liquidity Adjustment Facility
d) By changing bank rate                                 e) None of these
18.       Which of the following statements is/are correct with respect to 'take-out financing' undertaken by banks?
          A) The RBI's permission is mandatory for such financing.
            B) This is generally a type of long-term financing (usually) on a piece of real property.
            C) These loans require that interest and principal be paid in a single balloon payment at maturity.
            a) Only (A)                          b) Only (B)          c) Only (C)      d) Only (A) and (B)   
            e) Only (B) and (C)
19.       The letter E' comes for which of the following terms in the acronym for an international banking rating system 'CAMELS Rating System'?
            a) equity                              b) Earnings          c) External       d) Exchange    
            e) None of these
20.       Who among the following has authored the book titled Shoes of the Dead?
            a) Nilanj an Banerjee  b) Kota Neelima                      c) John Green  d) Kunal Mukherjee
            e) None of these
21.       Who among the following appoints the Chairman and the Managing Director of nationalised banks?
a) The governor of the Reserve Bank of India             b) The Central Government
c) Board of directors of the bank                                            d) Indian Banks' Association (IBA)
e) None of these
22.       Which of the following is mandatory for a company to issue commercial paper?
            A) A net worth of Rs.4 crore              B) A sanctioned working capital limit
            C) Loan amount in standard category 
            a) Only (A)                     b) Only (B)              c) Only (C)      d) Only (B) and (C)    
            e) All (A), (B) and (C)
23.       A banking system under which the banks are to raise low-cost funds and invest such funds in low-risk assets such as govt securities, is termed as
            a) Universal banking   b) Narrow banking      c) Rural banking          d) Islamic banking
            e) None of these
24.       The defending women's singles champion of Thailand Grand Prix Gold badminton tournament, Saina Nehwal, bowed out of the competition after being defeated in quarterfinals in the hands of
            a) Tine Baun    b) Ratchanok Intanon   c) Juan Gu       d) Wang Yihan            e) None of these
25.       Who among the following won the women's singles title of the French Open tennis tournament recently?
            a) Maria Sharapova                            b) Serena Williams                 c) Victoria Azarenka                            
            d) Agnieszka Radwanska        e) None of these
26.       Which of the following is helping the banking system in sharing the information about the credit history of households?
            a) CRISIL                                b) Credit Information Bureau India Limited
c) Banking Codes and Standard Board of India                                  d) All the .above
e) None of these
27.       Consider the following with respect to stock exchanges:
            A) Providing liquidity to the existing securities/shares
            B) Providing funds for the corporate sector
            C) Providing funds for the financial intermediaries Which of the above is the main function of a stock exchange?
            a) Only (A)      b) Only (B)      c) Only (C)      d) Only (A) and (B)    e) Only (B) and (C)
28.       Name the badminton player who became the first Indian to win a Grand Prix Gold men's singles title outside the country by winning the Thailand Open recently.
            a) Srikanth Kidambi    b) Nandagopal Kidambi                      c) Ajay Jairam
            d) Parupalli Kashyap  e) None of these
29.       What is India's position among 161  countries in the recently released seventh edition of the Global Peace Index (GPI) prepared by the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP)?
            a)141               b)145           c) 155      d) 157              e) None of these
30.       Which of the following states has announced to raise a new special forces battalion, KATS, to deny left extremists and religious fundamentalist outfits the use of the State's remote terrains?
            a) Kerala                 b) Karnataka        c) Jammu and Kashmir           
            d) Madhya Pradesh e) None of these
31.       As per the latest news in financial newspapers, 'impact investment' is picking pace in India. What exactly is impact investment?
            a) The investments that directly impact the citizens of a country
            b) The investments aimed at financial returns and having nothing to do with social welfare
            c) The investments aimed at financial returns that come along with social benefits
            d) The investments made in conflict-ridden countries to gain control over the weak regimes.
            e) None of these
32.       The term ‘golden handshake’ is associated with which of the following?
            a) Merger and acquisition                 b) Free trade agreement
            c) Voluntary retirement benefits                  d) Share market         e) None of these
33.       Which of the following countries has launched its latest manned space mission named Shenzhou-10 carrying three astronauts on board?
            a) North Korea                      b) China          c) Singapore               d) Japan
            e) None of these
34.       The only port in India that is a public company, Ennore port, is situated in which of the following states?
            a) Tamil Nadu                        b) Andhra Pradesh     c) Gujarat      d) Maharashtra
            e) None of these
35.       Gary Kenneth Toomey has been appointed the CEO of which of the following Indian airlines recently?
            a) Indigo         b) Air Asia India        c) Go Air        d) Jet Airways           e) None of these
36.       The term ‘Rolling Settlement’ is associated with which of the following?
            a) Settlement of pending dues by borrowers with banks
            b) Payment of govt securities                                   c) Trading at stock exchanges
            d) Pre-payment of loans with the banks                  e) None of these
37.       Which of the following currencies is termed as ‘greenback’ in the world?
            a) Chinese Yuna         b) Japanese Yen        c) US Dollar   d) UK Pound
            e) None of these
38.       Asymmetric Cryptosystem is used for which of the following purposes?
            a) Software programs           b) Digital signatures c) Modifying names  
            d) Sending emails       e) None of these
39.       The term ‘Reti opening’ is associated with which of the following games?
            a) Cricket       b) Chess          c) Golf                        d) Basebal      e) None of these
40.       The book titled Righteous Republic has been written by who among the following?
            a) Kuldeep Mathur                b) Ananya Vajpeyi     c) Narendra Jadhav
            d) Ashwini Deshpande                       e) None of these
41.       The Export-Import Bank of India has recently provided a USD 300-million line of credit to the government of which of the following countries for a railway link?
            a) Eritria        b) Ethiopia      c) Mozambique                      d) Kenya         e) None of these
42.       The Government of which of the following countries has announced the immediate closure of the public television and radio broadcaster of the country recently?
            a) Egypt          b) Spain          c) Greece       d) Turkey       e) None of these
43.       Which of the following leading tyre manufactures of India has announced the take over of US-based Cooper Tire for Rs.14,500 crore?
            a) Apollo tyres                       b) MRF Tyres                        c) JK Tyres    d) CEAT            
            e) None of these
44.       The India Air Force (IAF) has received which of the following heavy-lift aircraft which will provide it the world’s most advanced humanitarian and strategic capabilities once the fleet become operational?
            a) C-212 Aviocar       b) Airbus A400M       c) C-17 Globemaster III
            d) C-5 Galaxy                        e) None of these
45.       The government has set a target of 80 per cent literacy rate to be achieved by ____ with special emphasis on female education.
            a) 2014                        b) 2015                        c) 2017                        d) 2020                        e) None of these
46.       The govt has successfully offloaded 9.33 per cent stake of the trading giant MMTC through For Sale (OFS) route recently. What is the full form of MMCT?
            a) Metals Manufacturing and Trading Corporation
            b) Minerals Manufacturing and Trading Corporation
            c) Minerals and Metals Trading Company d) Minerals and Metals Trading Corporation
            e) None of these
47.       Who among the following is not a deputy governor of the RBI at present?
            a) Urjit R Patel          b) HR Khan    c) Anand Sinha           d) Arvind Mayaram  
            e) KC Chakrabarty
48.       Who among the following won the Canadian Grand Prix Formula One championship held in Montreal recently?
            a) Sebastian Vettel    b) Lewis Hamilton     c) Fernando Alonso    d) Mark Webber
            e) None of these
49.       In which of the following states, a Centrally sponsored rural livelihood scheme ‘Umeed’ has been launched recently? The scheme is aimed at helping self-help groups of women in rural areas of the state.
            a) Uttar Pradesh        b) Bihar          c) Jammu and Kashmir                     
            d) Himachal Pradesh             e) None of these
50.       Who among the following has been appointed the new Chairman of Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) recently?
            a) Usha Sangwan       b) SK Roy       c) VK Sharma            d) Sushobhan Sarkar
            e) None of these


1.D      2.C      3.E      4.D      5.C      6.C      7.C      8.C      9.C      10.D

11.C    12.A    13.C    14.D    15.C    16.A    17.A    18.E    19.B    20.B

21.B    22.E    23.B    24.C    25.B    26.B    27.A    28.A    29.A    30.A

31.C    32.C    33.B    34.A    35.D    36.C    37.C    38.B    39.B    40.B

41.B    42.C    43.A    44.C    45.C    46.D    47.D    48.A    49.C    50.B

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