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1.         In a bid to make 'sanitation for all' a global development priority, the United Nations General Assembly designated which of the following days as World Toilet "Day?
a)     14 Nov     
b)     19 Nov     
c)     21 Nov
d)     29 Nov     
e)     None of these
2.         Consider the following in the context of the auction of players for the Indian Badminton League IBL) and identify which of the following pairs of players and their franchisee is not correctly matched.
a)     Lee Chong Wei - Mumbai Masters
b)     Saina Nehwal - Hyderabad Hotshots
c)     Sai Praneeth B - Delhi Smashers
d)     P Kashyap - Banga Beats
e)     Jwala Gutta - Lucknow Warriors
3.         In one of the largest recalls in the history of auto industry in India, which of the following companies recalled 1.1lakh vehicles of its multi-purpose vehicle brand?
a)     Ford         
b)     General Motors
c)     Suzuki      
d)     Mahindra and Mahindra
e)     None of these
4.         The Public Sector Banks (PSBs) are banks where a majority stake (i.e. more than 50%) is held by the govt. Which of the following banks is the second largest public sector bank among the 26 PSBs in India in terms of profit?
a)     Punjab National Bank  
b)     Bank of Baroda
c)     Canara Bank
d)     Bank of India
e)     Central Bank of India
5.         The Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) is an international organization for approval of Carbon Credit Projects under which of the following?
a)     Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
b)     United Nations Security Council
c)     European Union + US Panel
d)     United Nations Framework Convention cm Climate Change
e)     Kyoto Protocol
6.         The newly created Department of Disability Affairs, which will strive to meet the needs and welfare of the disabled in the country, comes under which of the following ministries?
a)     Ministry for Social Justice and Empowerment
b)     Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
c)     Ministry of Human Resource Development
d)     Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports
e)     None of these
7.         As per the latest data released by the Planning Commission recently, me poverty ratio is highest in which of the following suites?
a)     Bihar        
b)     Arunachal Pradesh
c)     Manipur   
d)     Jharkhand
e)     Chhattisgarh
8.         Consider the following Statements with respect to IFSC code used in banking system:
(A) IFSC Stands for Indian Financial Standard Code.
(B) IFSC is used by the NEFT system to route the message to the destination banks / branches.
(C) It is an 11 -digit alphanumeric unique code.
Which of the above statements is/are correct?
a)     Only (A)      
b)     Only(B)      
c)     Only (C) 
d)     Only (A) and (B
e)     Only(B) and(C)
9.         Consider the following with respect to the term 'Core inflation':
(A) Core inflation is caused by supply shock in certain Essential commodities.
(B) Core inflation is the sudden increase in prices of certain items of food grains.
(C)  Core inflation is the inflation rate of a particular basket of commodities.
Which of the above statements is/are correct?
a)     Only (A)       
b)     Only (B)   
c)     Only (C)
d)     Only (A) and (C)
e)     None of these
10.       Expand the term RIDF.
a)     Regional Infrastructure Development Fund
b)     Rural Infrastructure Development Fund
c)     Rural Industries Development Fund
d)     Rural Industries Development Foundation
e)     None of these
11.       Who among the following has authored the book titled Unclaimed Terrain?
a)     Vandana Shiva     
b)     Sachin Garg
c)     Ajay Navaria       
d)     Sachin Kundalkar
e)     None of these
12.       Dipu Moni came to India on a three-day visit recently. She is foreign minister of which of the following countries?
a)     Myanmar     
b)     Thailand      
c)     Mauritius
d)     Bangladesh   
e)     None of these

13.       Inflation has become a major area of concern in India these days. Consider the following in this respect:
(A) Fixation of maximum price of the commodities
(B) Increase in supply of food grains
(C) Control on credit and liquidity in the market which of the above measures does the Govt. of -India/ RBI normally take to control the inflation?
a)     Only (A)  
b)     Only (B)
c)     Only (C)
d)     Only (B) and (C)
e)     All (A), (B) and (C)
14.       Which of the following terms is not related to banking or finance?
a)     Debenture    
b)     Equity      
c)     Zero coupons
d)     Par value      
e)     Gigabyte
15.       Which of the following does not come under the organizational objectives of the banks in India?
a)     To earn profit
b)     To play a developmental role in rural India
c)     To provide employment maximum people
d)     To improve customer relationships
e)     All the above
16.       Who among the following has written the recently published book the hungry Ghosts?
a)     Harish Chandola
b)     Shyam Selvadurai
c)     A G Noorani        
d)     Manvendra Singh
e)     None of these
17.       Noted scientist Obaid Siddiqi, who died recently, was a pioneer in which of the following fields?
a)     Physics     
b)     Biology
c)     Chemistry
d)     Mathematics  
e)     None of these
18.       India's K Jennitha Anto has become the World Chess Champion after winning the l3th IPCA World Women’s Individual Chess Championships. Her Victory came in category.
a)     Under-19  
b)     Disabled
c)     Human vs. Computer   
d)     Under-21
e)     None of these

19.       Consider the following in the context of the features of a debit card:
(A) No bad debts to banks and no suits for recovery
(B) No interest earning for banks
(C) The card holder avails 45 days' credit for the limit fixed.
Which of the above is NOT a feature of the debit card?
a)     Only (A)
b)     Only (B)
c)     Only (C)   
d)     Only (A) and (B)
e)     None of the above
20.       President Prefab Mukherjee praised the Indian Statistical Institute for its exemplary contribution in research, teaching and application of statistics, natural and social sciences addressing the Council Members of the Institute recently. The institute is based in
a)     New Delhi
b)     Mumbai
c)     Kolkata
d)     Chennai
e)     None of these
21.       In which of the following countries, a widely reported train accident took place in which a speeding train turned down while taking a turn, killing 78 people and injuring over 140?
a)     UK
b)     Canada
c)     Spain
d)     France      
e)     None of these
22.       The Non-Performing Assets (NPAs) pose a major challenge in banking system these days. Which of the following Acts was framed specially to deal more effectively with NPAs?
a)     SARFAESI Act
b)     Banking Regulation Act
c)     Foreign Exchange Management Act
d)     Industrial Dispute Act
e)     None of these
23.       Which of the following institutions has/have the highest- share in the disbursement 6f credit to agriculture and allied activities in India?
a)     NABARD 
b)     Cooperative Banks
c)     Regional Rural Banks  
d)     Microfinance Institutions
e)     None of these       
24.       After seven years of design and groundwork, India finally put into space Insat-3D satellite recently. It is an advanced ___________ satellite.
a)     Communication   
b)     weather
c)     exploration          
d)     defence
e)     None of these

25.       Publicis Groupe SA and Omnicom Group Inc. have agreed to merge in an all-stock deal to create the world's largest: company recently, toppling market leader WPP Plc.
a)     Investment
b)     Advertising
c)     Internet
d)     Retail       
e)     None of these
26.       India produced a record .18.4 5 million tonnes of pulses in the crop year 2012-13. Which of the following states is the largest producer of pulses in the country at present?
a)     Madhya Pradesh       
b)     Rajasthan
c)     Andhra Pradesh   
d)     Gujarat
e)     None of these
27.       Consider the following in the context of bank credit:
(A) Education Loan
(B) Home Loan
(C) Personal Loans    
(D) Infrastructure Project Financing
Which of the above credits may cause a problem, normally faced by the medium-sized banks, called 'asset-liability mismatch (ALM)'?
a)     Only (A)       
b)     Only (B)   
c)     Only (A) and (C)
d)     Only (B) and (C)
e)     Only '(B) and (D)
28.       Which of the following statements is/are correct in the Context of ‘Shadow banking'?
a)     It is a banking system which serves only the rich.
b)     It refers to a banking system which provides no-frills accounts.
c)     It is a banking system in which a large chunk of population, especially in rural areas, is deprived of-banking facilities.
d)     It refers to a banking system that is able to avoid standard banking regulations through the use of credit derivatives.
e)     None of the above
29.       The WHO FCTC is the first international treaty negotiated under the auspices of the World Health Organisation (WHO). What is the expanded form of FCTC?
a)     Framework Convention on Tobacco Control
b)     Framework Convention on Trauma Control
c)     Framework Convention on Tuberculosis Control
d)     Framework Convention on Thalassemia Control
e)     None of these
30.       After Malayalam, Oriya is in line to get the status of classical language. Which of the following languages is NOT among the five declared classical languages till now?
a)     Kannada       
b)     Telugu
c)     Marathi
d)     Tamil       
e)     Sanskrit

31.       The suspected Indian Mujahideen operative Shahzad Ahmad has been sentenced to life for killing a police inspector and assaulting other cops recently. He was convicted in which of the following cases?
a)     Best Bakery case      
b)     Batla House encounter
c)     Bangalore bomb blast  
d)     Mumbai bomb blast
e)     None of these
32.       The Ministry of Finance has asked all public sector banks to set up ATMs in all branches to enable customers in rural pockets to do banking round the clock. The deadline set for the same is
a)     Mar 2013    
b)     Sep 2013
c)     Mar 2014
d)     Sep 2014       
e)     None of these
33.       Which of the following deals with the minimum support price, procurement price, etc. in the context of agricultural goods in India?
a)     Ministry of Agriculture
b)     Planning Commission
c)     Agricultural Price Commission
d)     Agricultural Costs and Prices Commission
e)     None of these
34.       Banks in India are offering loans against property frequently these days. This business of the banks can be put under which of the following categories?
a)     Corporate Banking
b)     Personal Banking
c)     Merchant Banking
d)     Portfolio Management Service
e)     None of these
35.       The Supreme Court has directed all states to pay acid attack victims a new compensation towards medical treatment and aftercare rehabilitation, pointing out that the compensation notified earlier was negligible. What will be the new compensation?
a)     Rs50,000                    
b)     Rs1 lakh                     
c)     Rs2 lakh
d)     Rs3 lakh
e)     None of these
36.       Who among the following is set to become the first woman Managing Director of the Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) of India in its near six decades of existence?
a)     Kishori J Udeshi  
b)     Usha Thorat
c)     Shyamala Gopinath
d)     Usha Sangwan
e)     None of these

37.       In a bid to further curb the import of the metal, the Govt of India has ordered that for gold exports from SEZs, value addition is a must.
a)     1 percent     
b)     2 per cent     
c)     3 per cent
d)     5 per cent     
e)     None of these
38.       NASA's Juno spacecraft reached halfway to which of the following planets recently, touching a milestone in its five-year voyage so far?
a)     Mercury      
b)     Jupiter      
c)     Venus
d)     Mars         
e)     None of these
39.            Ibrahim Keita won the presidential elections in which of the following countries recently?
a)     Malaysia      
b)     Congo      
c)     Mali
d)     Algeria     
e)     None of these
40.            The name of Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM) of Gautam Budh Nagar of Uttar Pradesh, Durga Shakti Nagpal, was in news recently for which of the following reasons?
a)     Being suspended by the Uttar Pradesh govt
b)     Ordering demolition of a makeshift temple in the district
c)     Allegedly being killed by her husband
d)     Her harsh steps against drug peddlers in the district
e)     None of these.
41.       Name the India-born candidate of ruling PML-N party of Pakistan who became the 2thPresident of the country, succeeding Asif Ali Zardari.
a)     Khursheed Alam  
b)     Raza Rabbani
c)     Wajihuddin Ahmed     
d)     Mamnoon Hussain
e)     None of these
42.       In a major setback to the Indian Navy, a submarine caught fire after a massive explosion and sank in the dockyard in Mumbai recently. Name the submarine.
a)     INS Sindhukesri
b)     INS Sindhurakshak
c)     INS Sindhuratna  
d)     INS Vindhyagiri
e)     None of these

43.       Many banks have launched their subsidiaries which are fully owned by them. Banks launch subsidiaries normally for which of the following purposes?
(A) Home loan business
(B) To sell insurance policies
(C) Broking Choose the correct answer
a)     Only (A)  
b)     Only (B)
c)     Only (C)   
d)     All (A), (B) and (C)
e)     None of the above
44.       Who among the following has been selected for the prestigious Lokmanya Tilak award for 2013?
a)     Amartya Sen        
b)     Jagdish Bhagwati
c)     Kiran Bedi           
d)     E Sreedharan
e)     None of these
45.       Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, has –filed paper work to run for a Senate seat in which of the following countries?
a)     Ecuador       
b)     UK
c)     Australia
d)     Chile        
e)     None of these
46.       In a move to help transgenders and bring them into the social mainstream, which of the following state govts.  has announced a new scheme called 'Mythri'?
a)     Gujarat     
b)     Madhya Pradesh
c)     Karnataka
d)     Tamil Nadu
e)     None of these
47.       The Reserve Bank of India (RBI), in its recent policy review, has lowered the growth projection of Indian economy for the current fiscal to what per cent?
a)     5.2 per cent   
b)     5.5 per cent   
c)     5.7 per cent
d)     6.1 per cent   
e)     None of these
48.       Expressing Concern over the recent tragedy in Uttarakhand, the Supreme Court of India has prohibited the setting up of which of the following projects in the state?
a)     New residential projects
b)     Developing new industrial hubs
c)     New hydro-electric power projects
d)     Developing new tourist spots
e)     None of these       

49.       Who among the following has been appointed as the new Director General (DG) of the National Investigation Agency (NIA)?
a)     SC Sinha              
b)     Sharad Kumar
c)     K K Paul
d)     Sujata Singh  
e)     None of these
50.    The new infectious disease MERS (Middle East

 Respiratory Syndrome) is haunting health authorities across the world. Which of the following is correct about MERS?
a)      The first death due to this disease was recorded in Jim 2012 in Saudi Arabia. .,
b)     This disease is similar to Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS).
c)      It shows flu-like symptoms but causes kidney failure.
d)     All the above
e)     None of these



1. B     2.E      3.B      4.B      5.D      6.A      7.E      8. E     9.C      10.B

11.C    12.D    13.D    14.E    15.C    16.B    17.B    18.B    19.C    20.C

21.C    22.A    23.B    24.B    25.B    26.B    27.E    28.D    29.A    30.C

31.B    32.C    33.D    34.B    35.D    36.D    37.C    38.B    39.C    40.A

41.D    42.B    43.D    44.D    45.C    46.C    47.B    48.C    49.B    50.D

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