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Core banking solution a few points

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Core Banking Solution
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What is Core Banking Solution ?
Core Banking Solution (CBS) is networking of branches, which enables Customers to operate their accounts, and avail banking services from any branch of the Bank on CBS network, regardless of where he maintains his account. The customer is no more the customer of a Branch. He becomes the Bank’s Customer. Thus CBS is a step towards enhancing customer convenience through Anywhere and Anytime Banking.
How shall CBS help Customers?
All CBS branches are inter-connected with each other. Therefore, Customers of CBS branches can avail various banking facilities from any other CBS branch located any where in the world. These services* are:
  • To make enquiries about the balance; debit or credit entries in the account.
  • To obtain cash payment out of his account by tendering a cheque.
  • To deposit a cheque for credit into his account.
  • To deposit cash into the account.
  • To deposit cheques / cash into account of some other person who has account in a CBS branch.
  • To get statement of account.
  • To transfer funds from his account to some other account – his own or of third party, provided both accounts are in CBS branches.
  • To obtain Demand Drafts or Banker’s Cheques from any branch on CBS – amount shall be online debited to his account.
  • Customers can continue to use ATMs and other Delivery Channels, which are also interfaced with CBS platform. Similarly, facilities like Bill Payment, I-Bob, M-bob etc. shall also continue to be available. Bank is in the process of launching Internet-banking facility shortly.
All these aim to provide convenient, efficient, and high quality banking experience to the customers, comparable to world class standards.
What are other benefits to the Customers ?
A CBS branch is like a Sales & Service Delivery Center. Back office processes/activities are handled through technology at some other site, called Data Center. Branch, therefore, has more time for serving customers. This improves the quality and efficiency of the services rendered and the customer is directly benefited by way of satisfying and happy banking experience.
Since a CBS branch is essentially designed to focus on customer-interface and customer service, the special lay-out and ambience of the branch is made to provide a convenient and delightful banking experience. The Customer Service Representatives / Executives at the branch are specially trained to understand, facilitate and deliver banking services efficiently and effectively.
We wish our customers happy banking.
(*To safeguard the interest of customers, Bank has placed certain restrictions on the amount of transactions, which are handled through other branches under CBS. The details can be obtained from the branch). 


TCS Bancs | Core Banking


The Core Banking solution from TCS BaNCS is an integrated solution that automates all aspects of core banking operations across entities, languages and currencies. A part of the universal banking suite, the core banking solution helps financial institutions introduce new products with ease and efficiently manage changes in existing ones.

  • Entire range of banking products including savings, checking, overdraft and deposit accounts
  • Entire range of lending products
  • Complement of transactional services including remittance, foreign exchange, cards and trade finance
  • Accessibility through multiple channels, including mobile banking and web
  • Full integration of front-, middle-, and back-office processes
  • Accurate, timely and actionable information about customer relations
  • Single view between bank and customer
  • “Anytime anywhere” banking
With world-class implementation and support expertise, the Core Banking solution from TCS BaNCS has been successfully deployed in leading banks across the world. State Bank of India, Taishin Bank, and Nova Ljubljanska Banka are among our success stories in the deployment of “anytime anywhere” banking. Our core banking solution automates banking processes and provides best-in-class customer service at reasonable cost, thereby maximizing operational efficiency and minimizing risks.
To know how our Core Banking solution from TCS BaNCS can help your organization, email us at:

A core banking system is the software used to support a bank’s most common transactions.
Elements of core banking include:
  • Making and servicing loans.
  • Opening new accounts.
  • Processing cash deposits and withdrawals.
  • Processing payments and cheques.
  • Calculating interest.
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) activities.
  • Managing customer accounts.
  • Establishing criteria for minimum balances, interest rates, number of withdrawals allowed and so on.
  • Establishing interest rates.
  • Maintaining records for all the bank’s transactions.
Core banking functions differ depending on the specific type of bank. Retail banking, for example, is geared towards individual customers; wholesale banking is business conducted between banks; and securities trading involves the buying and selling of stocks, shares and so on. Core banking systems are often specialized for a particular type of banking. Products that are designed to deal with multiple types of core banking functions are sometimes referred to as universal banking systems.
Examples of core banking products include Infosys’ Finacle, Nucleus FinnOne and Oracle's Flexcube application (from their acquisition of Indian IT vendor i-flex).

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