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I am giving below a mail received and the questions suggested by me.  You may also frame similar questions to suit your bio data.

Dear Sir,

I am          from        town in Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh. I hope this mail find you in cheerful. I started my preparation for interview but few banking related terminology and concepts are not remembering properly sir.

I have a few doubts regarding my biodata for interview sir. Kindly help me in clearing my doubts sir. I have attached my biodata here. Kindly look into it and give some valuable suggestions to me sir. If any grammatical or verbal mistakes are there kindly correct it and forward it to me sir. That will be a huge benefit for me. 

Sir, I worked for Central Institute of Medicinal Aromatic Plants as a Project assistant for three years. During that period I have extensively travelled and surveyed the positions of medicinal and aromatic plants cultivation in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and some tribal parts of Andhra Pradesh. I also participated in opening of self help groups to tribal people in Andhra Pradesh. Also I have given some local TV programmes about cultivation of medicinal and aromatic plants. Overall that project was completed in a very successful way. After that I joined in VIT Vellore as a Junior Research Fellow. But after 11 months, I resigned for that position and preparing for bank exams because to settle in my field takes around five to six years, that to after Post Doctoral Research. More over I observed my brilliant seniors who took banking as their career they are in Managerial position now and those who took PhD as their career they are still searching for better position. So, I choose banking as my career option because of promising growth in that field along with service to large sections of people. So, kindly frame some questions regarding my experience, hobbies and forward it to me sir. So, that I can prepare in advance and lead the interview confidently.
Your valuable suggestions and questions will help me more chances of getting selected.
Thanking you sir,
Yours Sincerely,

suggested questions:

1) Why you have been changing your career choices often?

2)  Why you did not choose banking career immediately after completing degree/post graduation and are selecting now?

3) What makes you think that banking will be a suitable career for you?

4)Were you not happy in research and then why did you desert it?(leave it)

5) Supposing you are selected will you not leave this and again for other fields?

6) How will you hep your branch management in case you are posted as Officer?

7)  What do you know about banks?  

8) Is any person known to you is working in a Bank and what did they tell you abut the role of an Officer.

9)  Why did you leave VIT after one year of research?

10)  Which banks are there in VIT and how is their service?  What suggestions you have for improving their service?

11)  Which newspapers do you read?  What is the news you read today or yesterday?

12)  Helping people -- have you every helped people for any of their needs?

13) Do you think scientists are being recognised properly in our country?

14)  What do you know about ISROs latest achievements?

15. What is the speciality of your native district?

16)  Are you ready to work in North India in case you are selected and how will you manage in a new place?

17)  Which was your favourite subject in graduation and tell a few points from that.?

best wishes-- please search in www.sbankin for various options relating to interview, read for the questions asked therein.  Be positive.  Be hopeful.  best wishes

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