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SBI Clerks Interview Review and Suggestions
Tuesday, December 16, 2014
Hi friends, I am Jesus Dasan from Puducherry. Here I share my SBI clerk interview experience  which held yesterday (15-12-2014).

Interview Date  - 15-12-2014 Qualification : Computer Science

Place  -  State Bank Learning Centre, Perambur , Chennai

Panel – II

Time  - 9.00 AM

I reached the venue at 8.30. The document verification started sharply at 9.00 A.M. They are very strict in document verification they take nearly 25-30 minutes per candidate . There were 3 members verifying first and then they give to a manger and then he re checks it .
Important points regarding document verification :   
1.   For OBC candidates the mention of non-creamy layer is a must. They send back one candidate and told to attend two days later ….. So take care of the certificate.
2.   The Identity certificate and the character certificate or the attested signature must be a different one …. (One member who was verifying asked this )
3.   In the document in the age column it is mentioned that the date as on 01-05-2014 … But I did a mistake in this I wrote my age on the day I filled the application :D then they changed it. So please check that one.
4.   Take all the necessary certificates in original. Especially consolidated mark sheets.
5.   The character certificate from the college where you studied last is required. ( May be in many college Transfer Certificate there will be that column that is enough).
6.   And when they were speaking I heard a thing….. Your local language carries 3 marks :D …. So if any candidate who applied for a different state take care of that.. They will surely ask you to speak in that language.
The document verification completed at 11.30 A.M. I was the 10th one in my panel. My call came at 12.50 ..

I entered the interview room … There were 5 members 4 men and 1 lady . All were seniors of age 50-60 range. The centre one was wearing a coat and was like a CMD of any company .  I wished each and everyone … while I am wishing the 4th one the M1 told me to seat and was saying its ok …
(If your turn is after 5 or 6 candidates they are not asking questions like introduce yourself and tell about your name meaning, your strength and weakness, where are you from, your native place famous for ..and all :( )
I mentioned in my bio-date that I am pursuing a certificate course on Banking, Financial services and Insurance so he started with that and everyone in the panel asked me some situation and case study kind of questions …..
M1 :  He read the course title in my bio data and asked me what is that about ?
I explained him about that course and said that customer management is important and he asked tell me about that I said that Customers are more important than the company. Suddenly he was surprised and everyone in the panel were smiling :D . I said without customers the company cannot run and without people depositing the bank cannot earn .Then he was satisfied somewhat..
M1 : Again he asked me what are all the things that I learned ?
 I explained that soft skills and communication skills like that .
M1 :  Ok I give a situation, you are on the seat and you give cash to a customer and if he says one note is short what will you do ?
ME : I will tell politely that I have given the amount correct and explain to him .
M1 :  (he repeated the same question again and told to answer me )
Me :  I said sir, first I will check the mistake is on my side or not and  attend the customer
M1 : Yes, this is the first thing you have to do. I expected this one from you. ………… then he asked M2 to ask questions.
M2 : You have studied Computer science ? how will you use that knowledge in banking ?
ME :  I said that today everything has been computerized computer will reduce the bank work. I will be able to handle computers….  bla bla bla …. :D
He was not satisfied and asked how you will work ?
ME:  I said if any troubleshoot problems there I will able to handle
M2 : Those things the officers will handle you will be working as a clerk so in that aspect how will you use this knowledge…
Then M1 interrupted and  said we are expecting technology oriented and he asked strongly your ambition is to enter into Banking right ? then you must know to say it.
ME : me excited and said yes sir yes sir Definitely :D
Then he asked M3 to ask questions..
M3 : Have you heard about Crowd Management ?
Then M1 interrupted and gave me a situation where there are many members standing in queue how will you perform ?
ME : I said that I will ask customers those who have atm cards can deposit cash in the machines so that the crowd will be less
M1:  Will all atm machines accept cash?
ME: No sir I said cash deposit machines.
M1 :  Ok in that bank the cash deposit machine is not there how will you  manage the crowd ?
ME :  I will patiently handle and convince the customers.
L1 : (As I mentioned that I have one a prize in IT marketing ) She read that and asked what it mean ?
ME:  I said that one the spot they will tell us a product and we have to market it ?
L1 :  She smiled and asked .. What did you did in that ?
ME : I said that I was given LED monitors and I said that I performed a skit comparing LCD and LED….
L1: Ok then how will you market SBI products ?
ME :  I said that I have a personal opinion madam ..
L1 :  Sure , go ahead …say…
ME : Then I said about Pehla Kadam and Pehla Udaan… I will market this for children ….
Everyone in the panel didn’t know this :D and this question somewhat saved my interview…

L1:  She asked what are these ? and I explained.
L1 : How will you market SBI insurance products ?
ME :  I said that when people come I will explain to them that SBI is one of the largest financial institution and we are opening these insurance schemes and you can avail here better than going to other insurance companies…
(Meanwhile I am answering I noticed M1 was not satisfied and was shaking his head)
M1 : She is asking how will you market insurance products.  As you are working you will be able to know all the detail of the customer.. her question is how will you market ?
Can you rephrase and tell now ….. ?
ME : I said that I will send e-mail and phone calls to customer about the insurance products.

M4 : Ok tell me what are the skills you learnt that you will require for working in Banking ?
ME : I was telling patience, customer management,etc..etc. and he was still expecting more from me (but I didn’t use the word that’s all :D ) and said two more.

And finally he said ok Mr. Jesus you could have done better. Wish you all the best… Then I wished everyone and came out of the room …..

Overall it was like a PO interview….  Since it was my first ever experience in a interview I hope that I did will but as M1 said I could have done better they expected more from me :D

Suggestion to aspirants :
o    There are two ways how you handle them .. one is leaving on their way and another is making it on your way .. So for the first ever question they ask try to manage them and making them to ask question based on your strength.
o    The BIO-DATA form we fill and the 4 photocopies we take is for them. Each one will go through it and ask questions only based on that.. So make your Bio-data strong. It is the Key for your success. I just mention a small competition which held in my department… but it helped me a huge difference. So try to make your bio-data an efficient one.
o    They were expecting more from us like a PO level but they are giving time and giving a chance to rephrase our answers. So whatever the question they ask try to manage them or satisfy them  with what you know.
o    This was my first ever interview .When I called to the interview room (one candidate will be attending and two members will be waiting) my legs were dancing :D and my heartbeat was like 100 beats per minute :D….. but I kept cool and rembered on thing in my mind as many of the aspirants say and our gr8ambitonz articles say that they will check confidence,confidence,confidence…. !!! I kept myself cool and thought whatever may be the thing I must be strong and face them …  I entered the room  very cool minded and confident …  I kept a tamil movie (pudupettai) dialogue in my mind “ enna analum munjila payatha matum katatha’’ (whatever happens never show fear in your face ) :D and somehow I managed it.

I thank our Gr8ambitionz team and all those aspirants who shared their interview experience… I wish all the best for those who are going to attend in upcoming days…..

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