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Love marriage — now a distant dream!---for essay writing ---

y parents are compelling me. If you are not going to marry me within one year, I am going to marry someone else,” she said and disconnected the call.
Now I have exactly one year to complete my PhD, get a job, make my parents financially secure, let my brother finish his engineering and, finally, convince my parents and her parents to my marrying her. By all probable means, all of this will take not less than another five years.
She is from Kerala, I am from Tamil Nadu and we met in Andhra Pradesh. Her language is Malayalam, mine is Tamil, and we communicated in English. She is a Catholic and I am a Hindu and we celebrated Valentine's Day together. Now I want five years but she can wait for only one year. She can't wait for four years, I know. Her friends are getting married, and some of them have kids too. Her parents are asked why she is not getting married. Her father too developed a weak heart lately.
Her mother secured a promise from her not to disappoint her father. Her brother has to marry after her marriage. Her relatives bring all sorts of proposals for her, but mostly from Dubai.
She can't say ‘no' to all proposals. One day, she has to concede and that one day is exactly one year from now. After that, she has to forget me, I have to forget her and we both have to forget each other. She would be getting married and would have kids too just like her friends. Her parents won't be asked anymore why she is not getting married. Her father too would recover from his weak heart. Her mother would feel a sigh of relief. Her brother could marry now. Her relatives would find their mission accomplished.
And I would have this article published here to show to my wife.

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