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NIACL AO Exam 2015 - GK Questions asked (11-01-2015 Both Session) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

NIACL AO Exam 2015 - GK Questions asked (11-01-2015 Both Session)
NIACL AO Exam 2015 - GK Questions asked (11-01-2015 Evening Session)
What does A stands for in WMA - Advance
What is the full form of Nbfc - Non Banking Financial Company
International Mountain day - 11th December
Who is the Union Minister of Rural Development, Panchayati Raj, Sanitation & Drinking
Water? - Ch. Birender Singh
noble prize literature award - Patrick Modiano
canada capital -Ottawa
oman currancy - Riyal
Who were the first siblings to scale seven tallest peaks in 7 continents? -Tashi, Nungshi
Malik from Haryana state and currently reside in Dehradun, India
Who was the 14th PM of India?- Dr. Manmohan Singh
Dramatic decade written by? - Dr. Pranab Mukherjee
Ritu rani belongs to which sports? - Hockey
Nalanda university is in which state? - Bihar
Which is the Largest river after Ganga in India - Godavari
Who enjoys majority shares in UIICL
Blind criket wold cup in which india defeated pak was held in--south africa
manchester of the east: kanpur
Michael Adams is related to the game- Chess
Author of the book " The Good, The Bad and The Ridiculous"- Khushwant Singh
RAF( Rapid Action Force) is a specialized wing of- CRPF( Central Reserve Police
GSLV Mark III-X of ISRO was launched successfully from- Satish Dhawan Space
Centre, Sriharikota, A.P.
Brics Development Bank is also known as- New Development Bank
Commonwealth Games 2016 will be held in- Australia
Nikkei-225 Index is associated with- Tokyo Stock Exchange, Japan
Vindya Range(Vindhyachal) borders the states- Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh
and Bihar
glonass satellite of which country- russia
2nd largest river- Godabari
Oman currency- Omani Rial
commodity market sector regulator- Forward Markets Commission (FMC)
Max share of oriental insurance?
india credit regulator?
18th SAARC-Kathmandu- agreed on --- Energy Cooperation
usa agree with which country for carbon emmision related?
Ebola causes by virus
GK Questions asked in NIACL Exam held on 11th January 2015 Morning Session
Who wrote "the NAMO story" - Kingshuk Nag
World Energy Comservation day is celebrated on ? - 14 December
NRE mein R stands for ? - Resident
On question on sansad adarsh gram yojna ?
Venue of SAARC summit 2014 ? - Kathmandu
One ques on PMJDY ?
NAV fullform ? - Net Asset Value
One question on GDP ?
Capital of combodia ? - Phnom Penh
Currency of Germany ? - Euro
Forward market commission is which type of body ? - Statutory
Big Cinemas is now owned by ? - Carnival Group
NICL max share owned by whom ? - Govt. of India
“Good Governance Day” celebrated on whose birthday ? - Atal Bihari Vajpayee and
Madan Mohan Malviya
Headquater of Interpol ? - Lyonn, France
“Ebola” named after whom ? - A river in Democratic Republic of Congo
PV Sindhu defeated which player recently to win Macau Open? - Kim Hyo Min
Nobel Prize in Economics ? - Jean Tirole 

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