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PK -- a movie review -- for paragraph writing/essay writing practice

PK is a movie about an Alien searching for his lost remote and all the humans watching it wishing they had theirs!
PK is a movie that talks about religious intolerance and tests its viewers Seat tolerance!
PK is the movie that kids under 10 year old will remember for the rest of their life and kids above's a wonderful lesson in how long three hours can be!
For all the hype, the movie was barely ok and very pedestrian. The only saving grace is Aamir Khan but that too in the initial half hour. The last decent Hirani movie was Munnabhai 2 with an intelligent script. Luckily we had our Apple TV remote while watching this.
All the money and technical finesse can't help majority of Hindi movies execute on good screenplay, dialogues and story. I understand that people in India go to theatres for a whole different reason but you still hope the big stars with big studios with all the resources, make the kind of movie that stands out. Disappointed!


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