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Select the word that is most opposite to the word

111. detain is most opposite to
a. release
b. silence
c. forget
d. prosper
112. famous is most opposite to
a. boring
b. poor
c. obscure
d. untalented
113. colossal is most opposite to
a. easy
b. tiny
c. graceful
d. roof
114. fluid is most opposite to
a. solid
b. liquid
c. afraid
d. decent
115. continue is most opposite to
a. curve
b. argue
c. carry
d. pause
116. labor is most opposite to
a. amuse
b. cat
c. rest
d. strive
117. brawny is most opposite to
a. swift
b. weak
c. strong
d. pale
118. fickle is most opposite to
a. steady
b. kind
c. please
d. finagle
119. inept is most opposite to
a. clumsy
b. infer
c. competent
d. foolish
120. pivotal is most opposite to
a. turning
b. wavy
c. unimportant
d. clear
121. cursed is most opposite to
a. swore
b. pious
c. unfortunate
d. lucky
122. candid is most opposite to
a. unkind
b. blunt
c. valid
d. dishonest
123. flaunt is most opposite to
a. regard
b. sink
c. hide
d. propose
124. heal is most opposite to
a. sew
b. foot
c. good
d. maim
125. pacify is most opposite to
a. excite
b. land
c. coddle
d. unhand
126. sullen is most opposite to
a. dirty
b. cheerful
c. clean
d. risen
127. assure is most opposite to
a. alarm
b. reassure
c. quiet
d. unsure
128. fallacious is most opposite to
a. perfect
b. truthful
c. accidental
d. disarming
129. gumption is most opposite to
a. seriousness
b. apathy
c. levity
d. despair
130. ecstasy is most opposite to
a. hate
b. agony
c. languor
d. fatigue
131. astute is most opposite to
a. distraught
b. careful
c. generous
d. gullible
132. winsome is most opposite to
a. dour
b. attractive
c. mysterious
d. clever
133. droll is most opposite to
a. forget
b. charm
c. sedate
d. absurd
134. enigmatic is most opposite to
a. healthy
b. watchful
c. disastrous
d. obvious
135. obtuse is most opposite to
a. slim
b. acute
c. opaque
d. thick
136. obsequious is most
opposite to
a. clear
b. clever
c. domineering
d. dandified
137. doleful is most opposite to
a. empty
b. rich
c. witty
d. vivacious
138. wanton is most opposite to
a. merciful
b. repast
c. brilliant
d. vicious
139. banal is most opposite to
a. sincere
b. wealthy
c. extraordinary
d. trustworthy
140. lugubrious is most
opposite to
a. quick
b. cheerful
c. salubrious
d. dry
141. perspicacious is most
opposite to
a. calm
b. easy
c. dull
d. winsome
142. elan is most opposite to
a. inelegance
b. stupidity
c. obscure
d. despair
143. recondite is most opposite to
a. manifest
b. flexible
c. provident
d. sociable
144. gainsay is most opposite to
a. regret
b. own
c. prudent
d. prude
145. effluvium is most opposite to
a. land
b. essential
c. fragrance
d. solid
146. parsimony is most opposite to
a. generosity
b. sinfulness
c. verbosity
d. tenderness
147. truculent is most opposite to
a. faltering
b. gentle
c. facile
d. submissive
148. spurious is most opposite to
a. disingenuous
b. thoughtless
c. placid
d. genuine
149. welter is most opposite to
a. order
b. freeze
c. patron
d. sustain
150. eclat is most opposite to
a. apathy
b. dullness
c. silence
d. disinterest

111. a. to detain means to hold or keep back; to release means to let go
112. c. famous means widely known; obscure means little known
113. b. colossal means incredibly large, therefore tiny is the opposite
114. a. a fluid is a substance that flows; a solid does not flow
115. d. to continue means to act without interruption; to pause means
to stop temporarily
116. c. to labor means to work; to rest means to cease working
117. b. brawny means muscled or strong, therefore weak is the
118. a. fickle means to lack steadiness, therefore steady is the opposite
119. c. inept means to lack competence, therefore competent is the
120. c. pivotal means very important, or crucial, therefore
unimportant is the opposite
121. d. cursed means to be the subject of misfortune, or to be unlucky,
therefore lucky is the opposite
122. d. candid means to be frank, or honest, therefore dishonest is the
123. c. to flaunt means to display showily, or to show off, therefore
hide is the opposite
124. d. to heal means to restore to health; to maim means to injure
125. a. to pacify means to soothe, or calm, therefore excite is the
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126. b. sullen means showing a disagreeable mood, or lacking cheer,
therefore cheerful is the opposite
127. a. to assure means to make sure by removing doubt or worry;
alarm means to give warning or to arouse fear
128. b. fallacious means tending to deceive; truthful means disposed to
tell the truth
129. b. gumption means initiative, or drive; apathy means a lack of
interest or concern
130. b. ecstasy means a state of rapturous delight; agony means intense
pain of mind or body
131. d. astute means shrewd or showing acute mental vision; gullible
means easily duped or cheated
132. a. winsome means cheerful and engaging; dour means gloomy or
133. c. droll means to have a humorous or odd quality; sedate means
unruffled or serious
134. d. enigmatic means mysterious or obscure, therefore obvious is
the opposite
135. b. obtuse means insensitive or stupid; acute means marked by
keen perception or shrewd
136. c. obsequious means subservient or fawning; domineering means
exercising overbearing control
137. d. doleful means full of grief or cheerless; vivacious means full of
life and spirit
138. a. one meaning of wanton is malicious or merciless, therefore
merciful is the opposite
501 Synonym & Antonym Questions
139. c. banal means trite or commonplace, therefore extraordinary is
the opposite
140. b. lugubrious means mournful, or dismal, therefore cheerful is the
141. c. perspicacious means keen or astute, therefore dull is the
142. d. elan means vigorous spirit or enthusiasm; despair means an
utter loss of hope
143. a. recondite means difficult for one of ordinary understanding to
comprehend; manifest means easily understood or recognized
144. b. to gainsay means to deny; one meaning of to own is to admit
145. c. effluvium means an offensive smell; fragrance means a sweet or
delicate odor
146. a. parsimony means thrift or stinginess, therefore generosity is
the opposite
147. b. truculent means cruel or savage, therefore gentle is the
148. d. spurious means lacking genuine qualities, or false, therefore
genuine is the opposite
149. a. welter means a state of wild disorder, or turmoil, therefore
order is the opposite
150. b. eclat means a dazzling effect, or brilliance, therefore dullness is
the opposite

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