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Common errors in English usage - misspelled words list - daily 10 words - Part 24

ATM machine/ATM

"ATM" means "Automated Teller Machine," so if you say "ATM machine" you
are really saying "Automated Teller Machine machine."


When you need to breathe, you take a breath. "Breathe" is the verb,
"breath" the noun.


"Coarse" is always an adjective meaning "rough, crude." Unfortunately,
this spelling is often mistakenly used for a quite different word,
"course," which can be either a verb or a noun (with several different


If you are using dye to change your favorite t-shirt from white to blue
you are dyeing it, but if you don't breathe for so long that your face
turns blue, you may be dying.


Entomology is the study of insects, like ants ("ant" looks like "ent-")
but etymology is the study of the history of words (from Greek,
originally meaning "the true meaning of words").


"Flair" is conspicuous talent: "She has a flair for organization."
"Flare" is either a noun meaning "flame" or a verb meaning to blaze with
light or to burst into anger.


Your appreciation may be great, but you express gratitude by being


"How come?" is a common question in casual speech, but in formal
contexts use "why?"


"Incidently" is an unusual spelling of "incidentally" that will be
considered a spelling error by spelling checkers and by many people.


A person who's a failure is a loser, often a "real loser." If something
is loosened, it becomes looser.

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