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Freedom Fighters of Tamilnadu - Tiruppur Kumaran

                                     Tiruppur Kumaran

OKSR Kumaraswamy Mudaliar who was a notable freedom fighter in state and he was born on 04-10-1904 within the small down named as Chennimalai in Tiruppur District of state. He was popularly referred to as Tiruppur Kumaran. He concerned himself within the Indian freedom movement in his young age and he participated in several struggles within the Indian freedom movement.

Tiruppur Kumaran had played a serious important role within the movement. He started “Desa Bandhu Youth Association” by grouping the youths and young persons from Tamilnadu to struggle against British people government to induce freedom. several persons got inspire and concerned within the freedom struggle with Tiruppur Kumaran. He conducted several protest march against British people government in several places of state. He got additional inspiration from the father our Nation Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. He followed the procedures and strategies that was urged by Gandhiji within the Indian freedom movement. Tiruppur Kumaran had additionally participated in Congress movement from the Tiruppur’s contribution.

The tamil nadu people are always remembering the contribution of Tiruppur Kumaran for the liberty of India by conducting numerous functions and programmes by the name of Tiruppur Kumaran. A memorial sculpture for Tiruppur Kumaran was erected within the park that is incredibly with regards to Tiruppur depot. there's a street by his name that is termed as “Kumaran Salai”. there's additionally a university in his name in Tiruppur and it's known as as “Tiruppur Kumaran College”. the govt. of India had discharged a ceremonial occasion stamp in his name on October 2004 throughout the a hundredth birth day of remembrance of Tiruppur Kumaran. Get to know additional concerning Freedom fighters from Tamilnadu here!

The great and known freedom fighter of tamil nadu, Tiruppur Kumaran died on eleventh Jan, 1932. His dead was terribly cruel that the Police assaulted him throughout the protest against British colonial government. He was so patriotic that he died by holding the flag of India that was prohibited by British government. he's additionally known as as “Kodi Kaththa Kumaran” due to this incident.

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