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Impact of Human Activities on the environment

In the initial, once human population was tiny and man was essentially a hunter gatherer with restricted needs, his interference with natural cycles and harmony was negligible. However, with development of agricultural activities followed by technological revolution, there have been tremendous changes within the population size of folks
beside rise is quality and standards of living.

Due to technological development and fast economic process our civilization has reached its celestial point, however at constant time it's let to serious environmental degradation. Development has modified the perspective of individuals towards nature, that has additional aggravated the issues.

Industrialization has been the hallmark of human progress. However, with industries have return a bunch of cytotoxic gases that are being discharged into the atmosphere. The industries unleash gallons of liquid waste into the seas and rivers.

Some of the effluents percolate right down to the reach the bottom water and pollute it to the extent that it can’t be utilized by people in general for drinking or cookery. Besides adding to pollution, the uncounted vehicles running on the roads boost sound pollution that has cause increase in stress, anxiety and issues associated with hearing.

Pollution of water has led to the decrease in a range of huge number aquatic life forms. Migratory birds are known amendment to alter their course because of pollution or change in weather. respiratory diseases in people in general are another price that we are paying for polluting the atmosphere.

Expanding population, industrialisation and want of land for development of increasing cities has led man to chop down forests egotistically. Not solely are the forests home to an oversized range of animals, trees are a vital part of the water cycle. The roots of plants hold the soil along and stop eroding.

Consumerism has magnified tremendously with growing human population and growing wants within the epoch of development, that has raised our normal of living.

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