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List of Banking and Financial Committees

list of Banking and Financial Committees
1. DR Gadgil Committee 1944- Agricultural Finance
2. Mahalanobis Committee 1964- National Income
3 .DR Gadgil Committee 1968 - Social approach on banking review of institutional condition
4 .FKF Nariman Committee 1969- Branch expansion programme
5 .Hathi Committee 1970- Soiled Bank Notes
6 .Chatalier Committee 1970 -Finance to small scale industry
7 .Khusro Committee 1970 -Small village and cottage industry
8 .Dandekar Committee 1970 -Regional imbalances
9 .Varshney Committee 1975 Revised method for loans of Rs.2 lac or more
10. N Narsimhan Committee 1975- Establishment of RRBs
11 .CE Kamathv Committee 1976- Multi-institutional approach in Agr finance
12 .Dr RK Hajari Committee 1976- Coodn between coop credit institutions
13 .NL Dantwala Committee 1978- Viability of RRBs
14 .James Raj Committee 1978 -Systems and procedures of working in PSBs
15 .Baldev Singh Committee 1978 -Simplification of loan procedures and documentation relating to agricultural and allied activities
16 .K Madhav Das Committee 1978- Urban Coop Banks
17 .G Luxminarayan Committee 1978 -Consortium Finance – Public/private sector
18 .R K Talwar Committee 1979 -Customer service
19 .K S Krishaswami Committee 1980 -Role of banks in priority sector advances and 20 point programmes
20 .Shivaraman Committee -1981 To immplement the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development and NABARD was established

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