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Below is my interview experience:

Date:   17th march
Panel:  From Mumbai through Video Conference

Overall, It was a tough interview personally for me.

The panel had 4 members.(3  Male(M1,M2,M3)  & a Female(F1) )

M3: Tell us about yourself. 
Asked about my experience and when i resigned?
products of the company i worked for?

F1: What did you prepare for the interview?
From where you read about SIDBI?
What was the symbol put for SIDBI in the website?
Functions of SIDBI? (i told developing, financing the MSME Sectors)
What is the development of SIDBI? ( Though i tried to answer, was not satisfying one)

M2: Which is the largest logistics company? ( Because my work experience involves logistic products)
Famous TVS vehicle?

M1: Repo-rate and Bank-rate difference? (Bit of relief finally )
Bank guarantee?
difference between NSE & BSE?

F1: Net neutrality? 

M3:  Uttarakhand capital? (Was confused as they asked suddenly this)
chattisgarh and jharkand capitals. ( answered bit comfortably this time)
Most populous state? (My answer was UP)
Most populous state(area wise)? (my answer was Rajasthan)
Who produces Oil? 

Thank you.

Over all, it was a bit tough but a learning  experience as far as the questions and the video conference mode was concerned.

best wishes


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