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Top Upcoming Technology in the World- Car-to-Car Communication

  Car-to-Car Communication- A simple wireless technology promises to make driving much safer.

The technology that warned of the approaching collision can begin showing in cars in exactly one or two of years. referred to as car-to-car or vehicle-to-vehicle communication, it lets cars broadcast their position, speed, steering-wheel position, brake standing, and alternative knowledge to alternative vehicles at intervals a couple of hundred meters. the opposite cars will use such data to make a close image of what’s development around them, revealing bother that even the foremost careful and alert driver, or the simplest detector system, would miss or fail to anticipate.

Already several cars have instruments that use radar or ultrasound to detect obstacles or vehicles. however the vary of those sensors is proscribed to a couple of automobile lengths, and that they cannot see past the closest obstruction.

Car-to-car communication should also have a bigger impact than the advanced vehicle automation technologies that have been more wide publicised. though self-driving cars may eventually improve safety, they continue to be imperfect and unproven, with sensors and software too simply bamboozled by poor weather, surprising obstacles or circumstances, or complicated town driving. simply networking cars along wirelessly is likely to possess a way larger and a lot of immediate impact on road safety.

Creating a car-to-car network remains a fancy challenge. The computers aboard each car process the various readings being broadcast by different vehicles 10 times every second, every time calculating the possibility of an impending collision. Transmitters use a dedicated portion of wireless spectrum as well as a brand new wireless standard, 802.11p, to authenticate every message

There will, of course, also be a couple of obstacles to navigate. gm has committed to using car-to-car communication in an exceedingly 2017-model Cadillac. Those 1st Cadillacs will have few cars to speak to, which can limit the worth of the technology. It may still be over a decade before vehicles that consult with one another are commonplace.

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