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Antonyms Which word is most dissimilar in meaning to the word provided? ---- 192 TO 220

Which word is most dissimilar in meaning to the word
192. exact
a. join
b. sympathetic
c. incorrect
d. whole
193. extravagant
a. unknown
b. homebody
c. punctual
d. moderate
194. stamina
a. weakness
b. clear
c. decisive
d. calmness
195. rough
a. tumble
b. sleek
c. fast
d. distant
196. garner
a. unravel
b. mar
c. squander
d. tarnish
197. prodigal
a. thrifty
b. secondary
c. distant
d. squalid
198. tacit
a. grand
b. dictated
c. illicit
d. messy
199. repudiate
a. argue
b. soften
c. slander
d. admit
200. pristine
a. free
b. sullied
c. wide
d. thorough
201. concede
a. sit
b. withstand
c. dismiss
d. elaborate
202. placate
a. appease
b. strip
c. tremendous
d. enrage
203. popular
a. empty
b. uncommon
c. famous
d. feisty

204. felicitous
a. morbid
b. boorish
c. inopportune
d. delightful
205. austere
a. lavish
b. unfavorable
c. light
d. devout
206. insipid
a. cold
b. brave
c. exciting
d. bashful
207. wastrel
a. sober
b. spendthrift
c. mute
d. miser
208. temperate
a. Celsius
b. inordinate
c. lukewarm
d. safely
209. nebulous
a. cloudy
b. dim
c. distinct
d. desirable
210. adroit
a. clumsy
b. left
c. diplomatic
d. unpersuasive
211. mite
a. weakness
b. tend
c. bulk
d. drive
212. supernal
a. nocturnal
b. special
c. despicable
d. hellish
213. reprobate
a. sage
b. elevated
c. possess
d. dismiss
214. specious
a. genuine
b. logical
c. common
d. deliberate
215. effete
a. conquer
b. proper
c. prosperous
d. civilized
216. rabble
a. order
b. clear
c. open
d. union
217. protean
a. unformed
b. unchanging
c. elaborate
d. selective
218. vertiginous
a. horizontal
b. litigious
c. constant
d. lowly
219. parvenu
a. wallflower
b. highway
c. melody
d. plan
220. lapidarian
a. square
b. secular
c. pasture
d. inelegant


192. c. exact means in complete accordance with fact, or correct,
therefore incorrect is the opposite
193. d. extravagant means lacking in restraint and moderation,
therefore moderate is the opposite
194. a. stamina means strength or endurance, therefore weakness is
the opposite
195. b. rough means having an uneven, coarse surface; sleek means
having a smooth, bright surface
196. c. to garner means to gather or to store; to squander means to
cause to disperse or to scatter
197. a. prodigal means wasteful or extravagant; thrifty means thriving
by industry and frugality
198. b. tacit means unspoken, or implied; dictated means spoken
501 Synonym & Antonym Questions
199. d. to repudiate means to reject or deny, therefore to admit is the
200. b. pristine means unspoiled or pure; sullied means spoiled or
201. b. to concede means to yield; to withstand means to successfully
202. d. to placate means to soothe or calm; to enrage means to anger
203. b. popular means frequently encountered or accepted, or
common, therefore uncommon is the opposite
204. c. felicitous means very well-suited or apt; inopportune means
inconvenient or not well-suited
205. a. austere means simple and unadorned; lavish means produced or
expended in abundance
206. c. insipid means lacking in qualities that interest or excite,
therefore exciting is the opposite
207. d. a wastrel is someone who spends foolishly or self-indulgently; a
miser is someone who hoards his or her wealth
208. b. temperate means moderate; inordinate means excessive or
209. c. nebulous means vague or indistinct, therefore distinct is the
210. a. adroit means skillful in the use of the hands, therefore clumsy is
the opposite
211. c. mite means a very small or insignificant part; bulk means the
main or greater part

212. d. supernal means coming from on high, or heavenly; infernal is a
synonym for hellish
213. b. reprobate means morally debased or depraved; one meaning of
elevated is to be on a moral or intellectual high plane
214. a. specious means having a false look of truth or genuineness,
therefore genuine is the opposite
215. b. effete means weak or decadent; one meaning of proper is
virtuous or respectable
216. d. a rabble is a disorderly or disorganized crowd of people; a
union is a group of individuals joined in an organized manner
217. b. protean means showing great diversity or variability, or
versatile, therefore unchanging is the opposite
218. c. vertiginous means inclined to frequent change, or inconstant,
therefore constant is the opposite
219. a. a parvenu is an upstart or a social climber; a wallflower is
someone who refrains from socializing
220. d. lapidarian means having elegance or precision and comes from
the word lapidary, which means a cutter or engraver of precious
stones, therefore inelegant is the opposite


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