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My dear candidates !

It is observed that the cut off for clerical recruitment has risen considerably this year.  This is mainly due to less number of vacancies and increase in number of candidates appearing for the test.

So, candidates appearing for exams in 2016 must be quite serious in their preparation.

1) Select a good coaching institute in your place and join for serious coaching.  Attend classes regularly.   I find candidates do not attend classes regularly and abstain for silly reasons.  They think Banking is easy , GA is easy, Computer knowledge is easy so they do not attend.  Some do not attend QA because they find it tough.  A few do not attend English classes because they think they can read--but they do not prepare seriously.

2) Nearly 50% candidates apply on account of compulsion of parents and are not at all serious in preparation.

3) Out of the 50% , only ten per cent take it seriously, they join coaching institute, buy books, guides, become member of online test sites, attend regularly and come out successful.

4)  i AM GIVING below a few links which may help you learn more about bank exams, ssc exams. You have to become facebook member to access facebook links.

please go through the links not only the page that appears immediately but other pages lying inside them. This may take a few days.,

5)  It is advisable to form study groups of boys and girls and consult whenever doubts arise.

6)  It is good to spend 20 to 30 minutes in facebook every day and not more than that.  Also go through blogs like this one.,

7) Consult those candidates who have come out successful recently.  

8)  For clerical exam--  there is no interview and hence concentrate on getting as much high marks as possible.

9) MOST IMPORTANT -- THOSE who have not succeeded please , please do not lose heart.  Be hopeful.    Start preparing seriously.    BLESSINGS. 

best wishes

Retd. Chief Manager, Indian Bank
Visiting Faculty / Author

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