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1.         Which of the following was the hottest year since 1895?
a) 1936            b) 2012            c) 2014            d) 2015
2.         Which of the following statements is true about climate change in India?
a)         The gas emissions has risen to 40 per cent from the level where it was on 2000. In 2010
b)         In India the gas emissions were about 2.13 billion tons of carbon dioxide equivalent
c)         The inventory comprises six greenhouse gases that are CO2, Methane, Nitrous Oxide, Hydro-fluorocarbons, Perfluoro carbons and Sulphur Hexafluoride
d)         All of the above
3.         Consider the following statements and choose the correct code given below:
I.          India is the third largest emitter on the basis of greenhouse gases after China and the United States of America followed by the European Union.
II.         India has a lower per capita emission in association with the other countries.
III.       Emission from the vehicle is the largest source of green-house gases emission.
The correct code is—
a) Only I is correct                 b) Only His correct                 c) II and III are correct
d) I, II and III are correct
4.         The ‘Triffin Paradox ‘Primarily pertains to -
a) Equities      b) Bonds         c) Currencies  d) Commodity derivatives
5.         Which of the following is the largest unlisted company in the world (by revenue) according to Forbes magazine?
a) Cargill        b) Koch Industries      c) Dell             d) Bechtel
6.         The ‘Chiang Mal’ initiative pertains to —
a) Trade          b) Services      c) Intellectual Property          d) Currency Swaps
7.         Mary Jo White currently chairs the —
a) US Security Exchange Commission         
b) US Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
c) US Treasury
d) US Mint
8.         Who is quoted as saying that he would like to be incarnated as the US Bond market?
a) Ross Perot              b) James Carville       c) Arthur Hailey         d) Bill Clinton
9.         Which of the following is known as angel investor?
a) Mukesh Ambani                 b) Ratan Tata              c) Azim Premji          
d) Kumar Mangalam Birla
10.       Tata’s former group chairman has invested in —
I.          An online start-up selling premium teas- Teabox
II.         Ride-hailing app ola
III.       Online retailer Snapdeal
IV.       Mobile payment venture Paytm.
The correct code is —
a) Only I and IV are correct               b) II, III and IV are correct

c) I, III and IV are correct                   d) All are correct

Answers with Hints
1.         b)         In 2015, the Contiguous United States (CONUS) average temperature was 54.4°F, 2.4°F above the 20th century average. This was the second warmest year in the 121-year period of record for the CONUS. The warmest year on record was 2012 when the annual average temperature was 55.3°F.
2. d)     3. d)
4.         c) It refers to the conflict of economic interests that arises between short-term domestic and long-term international objectives for countries, like US, whose currencies serve as global reserve currencies.
5.         a) Cargill's revenue was US $ 120.4 billion, Koch Industries was the second with US $ 115.0.
6.         d) It is a multilateral currency swap arrangement among the ten members of ASEAN, China, Japan and South Korea.
7.         a)
8.         b) James Carville is a liberal American political consultant, commentator media personality, and pundit. He said this in the Wall Street journal in 1993, with reference to the power of the US bond market.
9. b)                 10. d)   

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