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Mylapore (Chennai)  Kapaleeswarar temple kumbabhishekam is 
taking place now.  live relay in dailythanthi tv and jaya tv

best wishes
mylapore chennai

1.         Who termed Paris deal on climate change as ‘Climate Justice’?
a) US President Barack Obama                      b) UN Secretary General Ban-KI-Moon
c) Indian PM Narendra Modi                         d) French President Francois Hollande
2.         Finally TAPI (Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India) gas pipeline project was signed on December 13, 2015 at Mary in Turkmenistan. From India the deal was signed by -
a) Vice-President Hamid Ansari                    b) President Pranab Mukherji
c) Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj              d) MoS Dharmendra Pradhan
3.         ‘Sammaan' is a —
a)         A CSR platform, operational on BSE, to help companies find agencies for carrying out social welfare activities
b)         An NGO working for the welfare of destitute
c)         A scheme of income tax department for small tax payers
d)         The latest fiction from Jhumpa Lahiri
4.         India's ranking in Human Development Index 2015 is —
a) 130              b) 132              c) 135              d) 138             
5.         Consider the following statements in respect of PAN (Effective from January 1, 2016):
I.          Quoting PAN is mandatory for cash payment made to settle hotels bills or for buying foreign travel tickets of Rs. 50,000.
II.         The PAN requirement for non-luxury cash transactions is Rs. 2 lakh.
III.       PAN for making post office deposit of over Rs. 50,000 has been dispensed with.
IV.       PAN is mandatory on purchase of immovable property of Rs. 10 lakh.
The correct code is —
a) Only I and II are correct                             b) I, II and IV are correct
c) II, III and IV are correct                              d) All are correct
6.         Two new teams — Team Pune and Team Rajkot have been added to Indian Premiere League tournament 2016. Mahendra Singh Dhoni will play for which team?
a) Team Pune                          b) Team Rajkot           c) Kolkata Knight Riders
d) Rajasthan Royals  
7.         Which of the following statements is incorrect about Business Standard Annual Awards, 2015?
a)         Siddhartha Lal, MD & CEO, Eicher Motors, is the winner of Business Standard Best Company of the Year (2015)
b)         Vivek Chaand Sehgal, co-founder and chairman, Mother-son Sumi is the winner of Business Standard CEO of the Year (2015)
c)         Ratan Tata honoured with life time achievement award
d)         Cera Sanitaryware, led by Chairman & Managing Director Vikram Somany emerged as the winner of star SME award
8.         Consider the following list and choose the correct code given below:
i)         Arrival of Vasco-de-gama at Calicut.
ii)        Formation of United East India Company of Netherlands.
iii)       French East India Company formed.
iv)       English East India Company formed.

1. 1498 AD                 2. 1602 AD                 3. 1664 AD                 4. 1600 AD
                        (i)        (ii)       (iii)      (iv)
(a)       1          2          3          4
(b)       4          3          2          1
(c)       3          2          1          4
(d)       2          1          4          3
9.         The Portuguese captured Goa from —
a) The East India Company                            b) The rulers of Bijapur
c) The rulers of Golkunda                              d) Marathas
10.       Consider the following statements and choose the correct code given below:
I.          Non-Cooperation movement and Khilafat Movement were launched in 1920.
II.         The two movements emerged from separate issues.
a) Only I is correct                 b) Only II is correct                c) I and II are correct 
d) Neither I nor II is correct  
11.       Chauri-chaura episode is associated with —
a) Non-cooperation Movement                      b) Indigo Revolt
c) Quit India Movement                                 d) Civil Disobedience Movement
12.       The principle of separate electorate for Hindus and Muslims was legalized through —
a) Government of India Act 1909                  b) Government of India Act 1919
c) Rowlatt Act 1919                                       d) None of the above
13.       Which of the following statements is incorrect about the Cabinet Mission Plan?
a) Provincial Grouping                                   b) Interim Cabinet of Indian leaders
c) Acceptance of Pakistan                              d) Constitution framing right
14.       Which Mughal emperor stopped the practice of forceful conversion of prisoners of war?
a) Akbar          b) Jahangir      c) Shah Jahan              d) Aurangzeb
15.       Normally the Lokayukta is appointed by the Governor of a state on the recommendation of a search committee. In unprecedented manner the Supreme Court bench headed by Justice Ranjan Gogoi appointed Justice Virendra Singh (Retd.) as Lokayukta of Uttar Pradesh. The power has been exercised under Article ...... Indian constitution.
a) 139 A                      b) 140              c) 142              d) 143
16.       The Chief Minister is —
a)         Appointed by the Governor of the respective state
b)         Appointed by the President of India
c)         Appointed by Prime Minster of India
d)         Elected by the legislative Assembly
17.       How many states in India have Bi-cameral legislatures?
a) 5                  b) 6                  c) 7                  d) 8
18.       Consider the following statements and choose the correct code given below:
I.          Appointments of persons other than district judges to the judicial services of a state are made by the Governor of the State.
II.         Power of posting, promotion, grant of leave of the persons of judicial services of a state are vested in the High Court.
a) Only I is correct                 b) Only II is correct                c) I and II are correct 
d) Neither I nor II is correct
19.       Consider the following statement and chose the correct code given below:
I.          There shall be constituted in every state, Panchayats at the village, Intermediate and district levels in accordance with provisions of the Constitution of India.
II.         Panchayats at the intermediate level may not be constituted in a state having                         a population not exceeding fifty lakhs.
a) Only I is correct                 b) Only II is correct                c) I and II are correct
d) Neither I nor II is correct
20.       Which of the following is not an all India service?
a) Indian Administrative Services                             b) Indian Police Services
c) Indian Foreign Services                                         d) Indian Forest Services
21.       Which of the following Governments can borrow from International Agencies?
a) Government of India                                              b) State Government
c) District Panchayat and Metropolitan Council       d) All of the above
22.       Some elements in group 18 of the periodic table are known as noble gases. The reasons behind this is/are—
I.          They do not react with other elements to form compounds.
II.         They do not form chemical bonds.
III.       The electronic arrangements in their atoms are very stable which do not allow the outermost electrons to take part in chemical reaction.
The correct code is —
a) Only I is correct                 b) Only III is correct               c) I and III are correct
d) All are correct
23.       Why most of the metals do not occur as free elements in nature?
a)         Most of the metals are quite reactive
b)         Most of the metals are found under the earth
c)         Most of the metals have tendency to burn in open space
d)         Metals can easily be stolen
24.       Which of the following is mismatched?
a) Rock salt-Sodium                                       b) Bauxite-Aluminium          
c) Pyrolusite – Magnesium                            d) Calamine-Zinc
25.       Which of the following metals is found in native state?
a) Ag               b) Au               c) Pt                d) All of the above
26.       Which of the following alloys is mismatched?
a) Brass- Copper and Zinc                             b) Bronze - Copper and Tin
c) 22 carat gold-Gold and Platinum               d) Solder-Lead and Tin
27.       The iron pillar near Qutab Minar in Delhi has not rusted even after nearly 2000 years. Which of the following is the correct explanation to this?
a)         The pillar has some magical power
b)         The rusting has been prevented because of the formation of a thin film of magnetic oxide of iron, as a result of painting it with a mixture of different salts then heating and quenching
c)         The pillar is made from an alloy of Iron and silicon
d)         None of the above
28.       During galvanization, iron metal is given a thin coating of —
a) Chromium              b) Tin              c) Zinc            d) Copper
29.       Match the List-I with List-II and choose the correct given below:
(Parts of the flower)
(i) Calyx         (iii) Corolla
(ii) Stamen      (iv) Carpel
1. A1l the sepals taken together.
2. All the petals are taken together.
3. Male reproductive organ of the plant.
4. Female reproductive organ of the plant.
The correct code is –
            (i)        (ii)       (iii)      (iv)
a)         1          2          3          4
            b)         2          1          3          4
            c)         2          1          4          3
            d)         4          3          2          1
30.       Consider the following statements and choose the correct code given below:
I.          Puberty tends to start earlier in females than in males.
II.         Generally boys attain puberty at the age of 13 to 14 years while girls reach puberty at the age of 10 to 12 years.
a) Only I is correct                 b) Only II is correct                c) I and II are correct
d) Neither I nor II is correct
31.       Which of the following is a sexually transmitted disease?
I. Gonorrhoea              II. Syphilis                  III. AIDS
The correct code is-
a) Only III is correct               b) I and II are correct              c) I, II and III are correct
d) None of the above is correct
32.       Which of the following is an oral contraceptive?
a) Mala D                    b) IUCD                      c) Mala B                    d) Copper-T
33.       AIDS is a deadly disease caused by —
a) A protozoan                        b) A fungus                 c) A bacteria               d) A virus
34.       Which of the following processes does not lead to the formation of clones?
a) Fission        b) Fertilisation                        c) Fragmentation        d) Tissue culture
35.       Which of the following statements are true of flowers?
a)         Flowers are always bisexual             
b)         Flowers contain reproductive organs
c)         Flowers are produced in all group of plants
d)         After fertilization flowers give rise to fruits
36.       The sky appears blue because some of the blue component of sunlight is scattered by—
a) Gas molecules present in air                      b) Dust particles present in air
c) Water droplets present in air                     d) Soot particles present in air
37.       Which of the following statements is true about Tyndall effect?
a)         The blue coloured light present in sunlight is scattered much more easily than the red light
b)         The scattering of light by particles in its path is called Tyndall effect
c)         Tyndall effect can be observed when sunlight passes through the canopy of a dense forest
d)         All of the above
38.       The day on earth is longer by about 4 minutes because-
a) The earth is round in shape                                    b) The earth rotates on its axis
c) The earth revolves around the sun             d) The earth has an atmosphere
39.       The twinkling of stars is due to atmospheric —
a) Reflection of light              b) Dispersion of light             c) Interference of light
d) Refraction of light
40.       With both eyes open, a person's field of View is about-
a) 90°              b) 150°                        c) 130°                        d) 360°
1. c)                 2. a)                 3. a)                 4. a)                 5. d)
6. a)                 7. c)                 8. a)                 9. b)                 10. c)
11. a)               12. a)               13. c)               14. a)               15. c)
16. a)               17. c)               18. c)               19. a)               20. c)
21. a)               22. d)               23. a)              
24. c) Pyrolusite is the ore of Manganese.
25. d)
26. c) 22 carat gold is an alloy of gold with silver or copper.
27. b)               28. c)               29. a)               30. c)
31. c)               32. a)               33. d)               34. b)               35. d)
36. a)               37. d)               38. d)               39. d)               40. c)

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