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G.K Questions Asked in RRB CBT Exam 6th April 2016

G.K Questions Asked in RRB CBT Exam 6th April 2016
1. What is the name of the project base in the Antarctic Region recently started by India?
Ans. Bharati
2. Nephron is a type of cell found in?
Ans. Kidneys
3. When was Microsoft founded?
4. Which sport is Syed Modi Grand Prix associated?
5. Which is not a gland(options: Liver,gall bladder,Pituatry,Adrenal)?
Ans. Gall bladder
6. Who is the first woman DG of a paramilitary force in India?
Ans. Archana Ramasundram
7. Washing Soda can be used for?
Ans. Making hard water soft
8. Calcium hydroxide solution is better known as?
Ans. Limewater
9. Which is the largest stadium in America?
Ans. Michigan Stadium
10. Who was known as Badshah Khan?
Ans. Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan
11. Full form of OPC?
Ans. Open Platform Communications.
12. When was the Parliament built (1901-1909, 1921-1927, 1925-1931 and one more option)?
Ans. 1921-1927
13. Who won the Arjuna Award for Wrestling in 2015?
Ans. Babita Kumari
14. Which Indian Naval Ship was inaugurated in 2014 by PM (Vikrant, Vikramaditya, Viraat and one more option)?
Ans. INS Vikramaditya
15. Smiling Buddha Mission?
Ans. India’s first successful nuclear bomb test
16. Chief Election Commissioner is removed by?
Ans. Parliament with two-thirds majority in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha
17. Mars is also known as?
Ans. Red Planet
18. Yellow Fever caused by?
Ans. Female Mosquitoes
19. Who won most grandslams in the year 2015?
Ans. Novak Djokovic
20. Parliament name of Afghanistan is known as?
Ans. Shora
21. 1st chairman of ISRO?
Ans. Vikram Sarabhai.
22. Gagan Narang related to which sport?
Ans. Air rifle shooting.
23. The concept of epicenter is related to?
Ans. Earthquakes
24. What is the study of coins called?
Ans. Numismatics
25. Who was the first recipient of Bharat Ratna?
Ans. C.V.Raman
26. Where is the World Future Energy Summit held?
Ans. Abu Dhabi
27. Where is the largest archipelago in the world?
Ans. Indonesia
28. At what age does a judge of the High Court retire?
Ans. 62 years
29. Who beat Viswanathan Anand in World Chess Championship in 2014?
Ans. Magnus Carlsen
30. Who received Arjuna Award for Badminton in 2015?
Ans. K. Srikanth
31. Who will act as President in the absence of President and Vice President?
Ans. Chief Justice of India
32. What force is involved in the rotation of a spinning top (Centripetal, Centrifugal, Gravitational, Frictional)?
Ans. Centripetal force.
33. Odd Man Out (Silicon Valley, Silent Valley, Indus Valley, Damodar Valley)?
Ans. Silicon Valley
34. Rupiah is NOT the currency of the following currency (Nepal, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Maldives)?
Ans. Myanmar
35. Biggest river in Bangladesh?
Ans. Brahmaputra (In their local language, it's called Jamuna)
36. How Generator works?
Ans. By converting mechanical energy into electrical energy.
37. Ligo mission related to what?
Ans. Black hole.
38. Another name of Leprosy?
Ans. Hansen’s disease
39. Who build Jantar Mantar in New Delhi?
Ans. Maharaja Jai Singh
40. Laughing gas is name of which gas?
Ans. Nitrous oxide
41. By 2020, how many research centres will India establish in Antarctica?
Ans. Four
42. What was the main motive for Civil Disobedience Movement in 1929?
Ans. Against unjust laws
43. Who is the father of Modern Genetics?
Ans. Gregor Mendel
44. Louis Pasteur invented which diesease's vaccine (Smallpox, Chickenpox, rabies and one more option)?
Ans. Rabies
45. Losoong festival is celebrated in which state?
46. In which year second battle of panipat was fought?
Ans. 1556
47. Which country celebrates Independence Day on 19th August?
Ans. Afghanistan
48. Ashoka Pillar was erected under which ruler’s dynasty?
Ans. King Ashoka
49. What is the measurement of Volleyball ground?
Ans. 18 meters (59 feet) long and 9 meters (29.5 feet) wide
50. On how many pollutants National Air Quality Index is based?
Ans. 8
51. In which year the first anglo sikh war was fought?
Ans. 1845
52. Who is 8th UN secretary general?
Ans. Ban-ki-moon
53. What is the name of Prince of UAE?
Ans: Mohammed bin zayed al nahyan
54. Who won the hero hockey world league?
Ans. Jaypee Punjab Warriors.
55. Proteins are manufactured in which part of cell?
Ans. Ribosomes
56. Wellington trophy is related to _____.
Ans. Rowing
57. What are court dimensions in tennis doubles?
Ans. 36 feet( 10.97 metres)
58. Blood is originated in ______.
Ans. Bone Marrow
59. Political System of Afghanistan is known as?
Ans. Democratic Republic
60. Name of Ganga in Bangladesh
Ans. Padma
61. What speed needed by jet to escape the earth’s gravity
Ans. 7 miles per second or 25,000 miles per hour.
62. Himalayan Thrush Bird is found in which state?
Ans. Sikkim
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