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Which of these words most nearly means the word

151. deplete
a. decorate
b. beg
c. exhaust
d. hurry
152. voluntary
a. willing
b. charity
c. prisoner
d. careless
153. refute
a. garbage
b. deny
c. offer
d. difficult
154. cheat
a. stingy
b. argue
c. freckle
d. defraud
155. miserable
a. cruel
b. wrong
c. unhappy
d. miss
156. vintage
a. classic
b. alcoholic
c. disease
d. spoiled
157. tart
a. law
b. acid
c. angry
d. desirable
158. corner
a. display
b. trap
c. paint
d. hurry
159. zest
a. gusto
b. cram
c. worry
d. trial
160. haggle
a. tired
b. climb
c. decrease
d. bargain
161. impel
a. force
b. block
c. hinder
d. discredit
162. throng
a. garment
b. bell
c. mass
d. weight
163. imperial
a. bratty
b. oppressive
c. regal
d. beautiful
164. diffuse
a. difficult
b. scatter
c. incomprehensible
d. unplug
165. hinder
a. lose
b. loose
c. despair
d. check
166. latent
a. dormant
b. recent
c. effeminate
d. desirable
167. wretched
a. twisted
b. forced
c. miserable
d. increased
168. irksome
a. outrageous
b. fearsome
c. impoverished
d. annoying
169. regulate
a. even
b. police
c. flow
d. position
170. warrant
a. justify
b. burrow
c. hide
d. integrity
171. protract
a. hire
b. fold
c. delay
d. corner
172. lax
a. ensure
b. slack
c. servant
d. strive
173. rigor
a. austerity
b. rope
c. fix
d. excess
174. discrete
a. leave
b. diminish
c. squander
d. distinct
175. lissome
a. slow
b. honest
c. supple
d. dull
176. misprize
a. despise
b. devalue
c. erroneous
d. covet
177. impugn
a. imply
b. fret
c. assail
d. recalcitrant
178. supervene
a. intervene
b. overreach
c. displace
d. follow
179. exigent
a. urgent
b. treatise
c. miser
d. expedient
180. fervid
a. delightful
b. difficult
c. obstinate
d. ardent

181. ersatz
a. chaotic
b. artificial
c. impromptu
d. vague
182. redolent
a. ubiquitous
b. odorous
c. shy
d. bellicose
183. turpitude
a. lethargy
b. honor
c. belligerence
d. depravity
184. propinquity
a. habit
b. nearness
c. capacity
d. tendency
185. vociferous
a. numerous
b. bountiful
c. strident
d. garrulous
186. gracious
a. cordial
b. rude
c. furious
d. tactile
187. valor
a. cowardice
b. false
c. drop
d. heavy
188. severe
a. lenient
b. cautious
c. join
d. one
189. imaginative
a. playful
b. written
c. small
d. dull
190. knowing
a. wasteful
b. dense
c. clumsy
d. fast

Answers—synonyms 151 to 190
151. c. deplete means to reduce or deprive or something essential;
exhaust means to empty completely
152. a. voluntary means done by one’s own will, or willing
153. b. to refute means to prove wrong, or to deny the truth of
154. d. to cheat means to influence by means of trickery, or to
155. c. miserable means in a state of distress or unhappiness
156. a. vintage means of old and enduring interest, or classic
157. b. tart means pleasantly sharp or acid to the taste
158. b. to corner means to drive into a corner, or to trap
159. a. one meaning of zest is keen enjoyment, or gusto
160. d. to haggle means to negotiate over terms or price, or to
161. a. to impel means to drive forward using strong moral pressure, or
to force
162. c. a throng is a large number of assembled people, or a mass
163. c. imperial means befitting or suggesting an emperor; regal means
befitting or suggesting a king
164. b. to diffuse means to break up or spread out, or to scatter
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165. d. to hinder means to hold back; one meaning of to check means
to slow or bring to a stop
166. a. latent means capable of becoming but not currently visible, or
167. c. wretched means extremely distressed, or miserable
168. d. irksome means tedious or annoying
169. b. to regulate means to bring under the control of law; to police
means to control or keep order
170. a. to warrant means to serve as adequate ground or reason, or to
171. c. to protract means to prolong in time or space, or to delay
172. b. lax means in a relaxed state, or slack
173. a. rigor means severity of life, or austerity
174. d. discrete means individually distinct
175. c. lissome means supple or flexible
176. a. to misprize means to hold in contempt, or to despise
177. c. to impugn means to attack verbally as false or lacking integrity;
to assail means to attack
178. d. to supervene means to follow as an unexpected development
179. a. exigent means demanding immediate attention, or urgent
180. d. fervid means ardent or passionate
181. b. ersatz means a usually artificial or inferior substitute
182. b. redolent means aromatic or full of a specific scent, or
183. d. turpitude means wickedness, or depravity
184. b. propinquity means nearness in place or time
185. c. vociferous means loud and insistent, often in presentation of
demands or requests; strident also means loud and insistent
186. b. gracious means to be pleasant in a social situation, or cordial;
rude means to be unpleasant
187. a. valor means strength of mind or spirit, or courage; cowardice
means lack of courage
188. a. one meaning of severe is strict; lenient means mild or indulgent
189. d. imaginative means having imagination; dull means lacking
190. b. knowing means having information or knowledge; dense means

dull or stupid

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