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1.     Who has won the Dada SahebPhalke Award for 2015?
a)   Manoj Kumar      b)   Pran      c)   Rajesh Khanna      d)   ShashiKapoor
2.      Who has been appointed as the new chairman of the 21st Law Commission?
a)   Justice M.JagannadhaRao       b)   Justice AjitPrakash Shah
c)   Justice Balbir Singh                 d)   Justice B.P.Jeevan Reddy
3.      Who is the new CEO of Low-cost carrier AirAsia India?
a)   Jeff Bezos                 b)   Amar Abrol               c)   Randall L.Stephenson
d)   Doug Parker
4.      Which Indian student has won the first Noor Inayat Khan prize for 2016?
a)   GeetakshiArora           b)   MansiAggarwal            c)   Arsh Shah Dilbalgi
d)   Onkar Singh Gujral
5.      Who has been appointed as Goodwill Ambassador of the United Nations
 Population Fund (UNFPA)?
a)   GoedeleLiekens             b)   Catarina Furtado           c)   Ashley Judd
d)   Basma Bint Talal
6.      Pope Francis approved sainthood of which Indian personality?
a)   Joseph Vaz      b)   Jacob Thoomkuzhy          c)   Kuriakose Elias Chavara
d)   Mother Teresa
7.     Who has been appointed as the new managing director (MD) of Pfizer India?
a)   S Sridhar       b)   Jeffrey Leiden         c)   Martine Rothblatt
d)   Martine Rothblatt
8.     Which personality topped the Time Magazines 30 Most Influential People on the Internet list?
a)   NarendraModi (India)        b)   Kanya West (US)          c)   J.K. Rowling (UK)
d)   Donald Trump (US)
9.     Who has been appointed as the new Governor of Bangladesh Bank, country’s central bank?
a)   Dr. Mohammad Farasuddin           b)   Dr.AtiurRahman
c)   FazleKabir                                    d)   Dr.Salahuddin Ahmed
10.  Recently Father of ‘game theory’ died. Name the scientist who introduces game theory?
a)   Lloyd Shapley            b)   Florence Nightingale             c)   John Tukey
d)   Gertrude Cox
11.  Author Jerry Pinto wins Windham-Campbell prize on 1st March 2016. 
Windham-Campbell prize is related to which field?
a)   Women Empowerment         b)   Literature and theatre       c)   Cinema
d)  Life Sciences
12.  Who has been appointed the head of United Nations political mission that will be deployed in Colombia?
a)    Jean Arnault        b)   Ban Ki-moon            c)   Jim Yong Kim
d)    OnnoRuhl
13.  Who has won the Global Teacher Prize 2016?
a)   AqeelaAsifi      b)   Samiha Khalil      c)   Hanan Al Hroub      d)   Maarit Rossi
14.  Which Indian state has won the Golden City Gate Award’ at the world’s
 leading travel trade show?
a)   Himachal Pradesh Tourism      b)   Kerala Tourism      c)   Goa Tourism
d)   Madhya Pradesh Tourism
15.  Which country decided to declare Holi, Diwali and Easter as public holidays?
a)   Pakistan      b)   Bangladesh      c)   Canada      d)   Sri Lanka
16.  Myanmar’s parliament elected new president ending decades of leadership
 by the military and its allies. Who is the new president?
a)   SuuKyib)   HtinKyaw      c)   U Henry Van Thio
d)   U MyintSwe
17.  Which country has ordered troop withdrawal from Syria?
a)   America      b)   China     c)   Russia      d)   Israel
18.  Ending an unofficial diplomatic truce China resumes ties with
 Taipei ex-ally. Name the country?
a)   Gambia      b)   North Korea      c)   Myanmar      d)   Vietnam
19.  Barack Obama became the first US President in 88 years to visit a 
country for a landmark trip aimed at ending decades of Cold War animosity? Name the country
a)   Colombia      b)   Cuba      c)   Venezuela      d)   Guyana
20.  Which country’s exile citizen recently voted for a new Parliament as well as 
for their choice of ‘Sikyong’?
a)     Rada of the Belarusian Democratic Republic
b)     Royal Lao Government in Exile
c)     State of Vietnam
d)     Tibet
21.  In March 2016 U.S. President Barack Obama signed an implementing UN-backed 
sanctions on which country?
a)   North Korea      b)   Syria      c)   Iran      d)   Vietnam
22.  Which Four-nation has formed the group to counter-terror mechanism to guard Silk Road?
a)   India-China-Iran-Pakistan                  b)   China-Afghanistan-Iran-Tajikistan
c)   China-Afghanistan-Pakistan-Tajikistan        
e)   India-Afghanistan-Pakistan-Tajikistan
23.  Which South Asian country’s Parliament resolute to convert parliament into Constitutional Assembly?
a)   Srilanka      b)   Bhutan      c)   Bangladesh      d)   Myanmar
24.  Which group has been labelled as ‘terrorist group’ by Arab League and Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)?
a)   Fatah Al Islam      b)   Hamas      c)   Hezbollah
d)   Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS)
25.  How many countries took part in recently held Raisina Dialogue in India?
a)   45      b)   40      c)   39      d)   41
26.  India recently denied visa to which country’s religious freedom commission?
a)   United States of America                         b)   China
c)   England                                           d)   France
27.  Japan has increased duration of visit on multiple entry visas for Indians, including tourism and business, to form 15 days to how many days?
a)   35      b)   45      c)   30      d)   50
28.  According to USA’s non-immigrant visa rule what is extended time 
period for the eligible students to obtain the Optional Practical Training (OPT)?
a)   4 year     b)   5 year      c)   3 year      d)   2 year
29.  Which South American’s country has opposed the India’s quest for
 permanent membership of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC)?
a)   Mexico      b)   Brazil      c)   Peru      d)   Chile
30.  India and IMF has signed agreement to set up regional training centre to enhance capacity development and training officials in dealing with macro-economic and financial issues. What is the name of centre?
a)   Institute for Capacity Development (ICD)
b)   The United Nations University World Institute for Development Economics
       Research (UNU-WIDER)
c)   South Asia Regional Training and Technical Assistance Center (SARTTAC)
d)   Indian Regional Training Institute
31.  NITI Aayog – Government of India’s premier think-tank – has launched the scheme for women in partnership with the UN in India. What is name of programme?
a)   Empowering Women              b)   Women Transforming India
c)   Women Entrepreneurship       d)   Women Transforming World      
32.  In HAPPINESS INDEX out of 156 countries in a global list of the happiest nations; what is the position of India?
a)   157      b)   108      c)   156      d)   118
33.  Between 6 to 7 trillion dollars worth of black wealth lies hidden in tax havens, according to senior economists from the Bank of Italy. What is the Indian’s share in this?
a)   $ 142 – 181 billion       b)   $ 152 – 181 billion      c)   $ 102 – 121 billion
d)   $ 125 – 170 billion
34.  The Fulbright – Kalam Climate Fellowship has been launched by India and which country?
a)   Russia      b)   Australia      c)   United States      d)   Germany
35.  Recently SC allows display of photos of CMs, Ministers in public ads. Prior to this decision whose photos were allowed?
a)   President      b)   Prime Minister      c)   Chief Justice of India
d)   All of the above
36.  Which state Government has changed the name of Mustafabad village to Saraswati Nagar derived from mythological Saraswati River?
a)   Haryana      b)   Rajasthan      c)   U.P      d)   Uttrakhand
37.  The Railway Ministry has signed an agreement to which company for leveraging space technology for providing passenger information in all trains, map railway assets and help survey new route alignments?
a)   Google          b)   Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO)
c)   Microsoft      d)   NASA
38.  Which city topped the list of 21 big cities in a survey on the capability of a city administration to deliver better quality of life over the medium and long term?
a)   Chandigarh      b)   Delhi      c)   Mumbai      d)   Hyderabad
39.  Prime Minister NarendraModi launched app for basic information on subjects 
such as market prices, seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, weather and agriculture machinery. Name the app
a)   KisanSuvidha      b)   KisanSeva Kendra      c)   mygov      d)   myservices
40.  Which state won the Krishi Karman Awards 2016 in Total food grain production under category I states?

a)   Uttar Pradesh      b)   Madhya Pradesh      c)   Bihar      d)   Maharashtra

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