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Canara Bank Clerks Interview -2010

Questions and Answers suggested to a candidate recently for interview in Canara Bank. Please read.

However the answers you give in your interview has to be suitably modified to suit you. BEST WISHES

This is in respect of a candidate who has lost his vision in 2003 and he is applying under Blind persons category. Thanks to the candidate. For obvious reasons his name is not put up here.

I wish him best of luck. May God bestow his blessings on this needy and intelligent candidate.

Q1. Tell about yourself?

I have completed MCA. I lost both my eyesight in January 2003 due to optic nerve injury on my head. Even though I lost my eye sight I completed my MCA..

Q2. Tell about your family?

We are five members in our family, my father, my mother, and my two elder brothers.

Q.3 What is your father?

He is a retired employee from Tamilnadu Electricity board and he was working as a revenue supervisor.

Q.4 What is your mother?

She is a home maker.

Q.5 Do you have any experience?

Yes, when I had eye sight I worked as a faculty in a computer centre for the year 2001 to 2003.

Q.6 What is banking?

Banking means accepting deposit and lending money.

Q.7 What do you know about Canara Bank?

Canara bank was founded in july 1906 at Mangalore by late Ammembel Subba Rao Pai. It was nationalized in 1969 and bank completed a century of operation in the Indian banking industry in jun 2006. now, Canara Bank has strong pan India presence with 3169 branches spread across in all segments, keeping customer service at the forefront, Canara Bank provide wide array of alternative delivery channels that includes, 2000 ATMS centres, 2681 branches provide internet and mobile banking and 2091 branches provide anywhere banking services.

Q.8 What is ATM?

ATM means Automatic Teller Machine. It is used by bank customers to draw money using with secure pin number. The main advantage of the facilities is the customer can draw money any time including on bank holidays.

Q.9 What do you know about RBI?

RBI is the Central Bank of our country. It was launched in April 1935 with objective of ensuring monitoring stability, operating currency and credit system of country with its advantages. It was nationalized in 1949.

Q.10 What are the functions of RBI?

The functions of RBI has comprising with monitor management, foreign exchange and reserves management, government debt management, financial regulation and supervision management and not only operating currency management. ,RBI is acting as a banker to banks and banker to Union government and State governments..

Q.11 Who is the Governor of RBI?

Shri D. Subba Rao

Q.12 Who is the Chairman and Managing Director of Canara Bank?

Sri.S. Raman.

Q.13 How can you work with computer?

Sir, I have screen reader software, the name is called JAWS. With the help of that software, I can hear, what are displaying on the screen and using the software I can browse the net , read and write documents in MS-Word, read and create balance sheet in MS-Excel, read and create presentation in MS-Powerpoint, and finally I can compose E-mail and read e-email.

Q.14. What is online banking?

Sir, online bank facility provides unique username and password to their customer. The customer can purchase goods , share money with other accounts and more using the net with their unique username and password.

Q.15 What is the difference between ATM, credit and debit card facilities?

ATM card is the card which can be used in Automated Teller Machines. If you have money in your account, you can take money using this ATM card from the ATM machine using your personalized PIN number. It also can be called as debit card. But remember, you can get money using this card only when you have sufficient balance in your account.

On the other hand, credit card is a kind of credit you get from the bank as the name suggests. Even if you have no sufficient money in your bank, you can take money or you can buy any article using credit card up to the credit limit. You can pay back the money to the bank after a given period of time.

We can use debit card as well as credit card for shopping online or buying any article from the shop. You also can pay telephone bills, current bills and even recharge your prepaid mobiles using these cards online. Many banks give these facilities.

Q.16 What is meant by GDP?

The gross domestic product, or GDP, of a country is one of the ways of measuring the size of its economy. GDP is defined as the total market value of all final goods and services produced within a given country in a given period of time.

Q.17 What is meant by inflation?

In economics, inflation is a rise in the general level of prices of goods and services in an economy over a period of time.

Q.18 What is current bank rate?

Current bank rate is : 6.00%

REPO rate is : 6.25%

Reverse REPO rate is: 5.25%

Statutory liquidity ratio rate is : 25%

Cash reserve ratio is : 6.00%

Current GDP is : 8.9%

Current inflation rate is : 7.9%

Q.19 What is REPO rate?

Banks borrow rate from RBI.

Q.20 What is reverse REPO rate?

Banks keep their surplus with RBI at reverse REPO rate.

Q.21 What is statutory liquidity ratio?

At present SLR is 25%. Banks will have to keep this percentage of their total demand and time liabilities in the form of gold or government securities.

Q.22 What is cash reserve ratio?

Cash Reserve Ratio is the percentage of total demand and time liabilities that Banks will have to keep as balance in their account with RBI.

Q.23 What is OOPS?

OOPS is an Object Oriented Programming language which is the extension of Procedure Oriented Programming language.OOps reduce the code of the program because of the extensive feature of Polymorphism. OOPs have many properties such as DataHiding Inheritence Data Abstraction Data Encapsulation and many more.

OOPs was developed to increase the reusability and maintainability of source code also.

Q.24 What is RDBMS?

In recent years Data Base Management System (DBMS) as a primary storage of information system and ranging from large commercial application to PC-based application and in DBMS files are stored as hierarchical, network models.

Today, Relational Data Base Management (RDBMS) is the primary storoge of Information system, in this system datas are stored in distributed to all computers and centerlised manner.It is also called as client-server system.

Q.25 What is networking?

Computer networking is a network, it is used to connect one or more computers together and share data between them.

Q.26 What is topology?

Topology means logical connection between computers.

Q.27. What are the varias type of networking?

They are Local area Network(LAN),, Wide Area Network(WAN), Metropolitan Area Network(MAN).

Q.28 What is meant by Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is a specification for short distance wireless communication between two devices.

Q.29 What are the loan facility in Canara Bank?

They are Home loan, personal loan, Loan against Property and Overdrafts.

Q.30 What is software?

A software is a collection of program used to solve a perticulare problem.

Q.31 What is a program?

A program is a set of instruction to execute a task.

Q.32. What is virus?

A virus is a program, it can spread itself using any computer transfer devices and makes damage the system what code it contains.

Q.33 What is firewall?

A firewall is a combination of hardware and software. It is used to prevent computer from malware and hackers on the net.

Q.34 What is URL?

URL means Uniform Resourse Locater, It a unique web address or webpage on the net. For example

Q.35 What is FTP?

FTP means File Transfer Protocol, it is used to send and receive files through net.

Q.36. What is protocol?

Protocol is a set of rules to communicate with networks.

Q.37 what is TCP/IP?

Transaction Control Protocol / Internet Protocol. It is a standard protocol and used to send receve files on the internet.

Q.38. What is GPRS?

GPRS means Global Packet Radio Service.

Q.39. What is a blog?

Blog is another name for weblog. It is used to share information with others on the internet.

Q.40 What is AI?

AI is study of mind, in which psychologist,linguistic, nuro science and anthropologist are joind together and create a system. Commonly AI means create a computer system as human thinking.

Q.41. Explain your MCA Project?

Sir, my project title is “Travel Agency”. The main objective of my project is to maintain nationalized travel agency, Here, customer can get vehicles from our agencies through rent basis.

I have done this project using Visual basic as a front end and oracle as a bakend. In my project covers varies modules that includes, Vehicle details, Trip details, Service details, Credit details,Payment details,Bill details, customer details and Report details.

Q.42 Which school did you study?

I studied in …….school in Dharmapuri

Q.43 Which college did u study?

I studied UG in Salam and my PG through IGNOU.

Q.44 Where do you come from?

I coming from Dharmapuri. It is very near to Salem.

Q.45. What do you intend to do if Canara Bank hires you out of your home town?

Sir, no problem, I can work anywhere, I need only a good and secure job.


  1. thank you so much for sharing your experience and it is very nice to update knowledge of others

  2. Yes. Now that more than seven months have lapsed let me tell you the name of the candidate-- it is Kandagiri -- He joined Canara Bank.--branch I am not sure - Krishnagiri br.

    He was the only candidate who could recollect all the questions I asked over phone and sent answers also. superb.


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