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Banking related General Awareness -- October 2013 three

1.            Which of the following is the currency of Malaysia?
a)      Dollar           
b)      Ngultrum
c)      Ringgit
d)      Baht             
e)      None of these
2.            What is the full form of the term CDR?
a)      Consortium for Debt Restructuring
b)      Corporate Debt Refinancing
c)      Consortium for Debt Refinancing
d)      Corporate Debt Restructuring
e)      None of these
3.            Who among the following has been honoured with the prestigious Rajiv Gandhi National Sadhbhavna Award 2013 for his contribution towards promotion of communal harmony and peace?
a)      Hariprasad Chaurasia
b)      Amjad Ali Khan
c)      Shivkumar Sharma      
d)      Ustad Zakir Hussain
e)      None of these
4.            Raghuram Rajan is holding which of the following positions at present?
a)      Economic Advisor to the Prime Minister
b)      Financial Services Secretary
c)      Governor of the Reserve Bank of India
d)      Economic Affairs Secretary
e)      None of these
5.            Which of the following cups/trophies is NOT associated with the game of football?
a)      Confederations Cup  
b)      Santosh Trophy
c)      Ranji Trophy              
d)      Durand Cup
e)      DCM Trophy
6.            Which of the following is the name of a skill development programme being implemented in the state of Jammu and Kashmir at present?
a)      Hunar
b)      Himayat
c)      Kaushal
d)      Aagaz           
e)      None of these
7.            Which of the following is an example of intangible assets?
a)      Furniture
b)      Machinery
c)      Inventory
d)      Trademarks
e)      None of these

8.            Which of the following terms is associated with the game of tennis?
a)      Birdie           
b)      Double fault  
c)      Reti opening
d)      Checkmate     
e)      None of these
9.            Which of the following states is the largest Tasar Silk producing state of the country?
a)      Karnataka   
b)      Madhya Pradesh
c)      Jharkhand   
d)      West Bengal
e)      None of these
10.         Knot is the unit of measurement of which of the following?
a)      Speed of a spacecraft  
b)      Speed of a ship
c)      Resistance  
d)      Sound level
e)      None of these
11.         Which of the following taxes is levied on the import and export of goods?
a)      Customs duty            
b)      Excise duty
c)      Value Added Tax       
d)      Octroi
e)      None of these
12.         Which of the following rates/ratios is NOT correctly matched ?(25.11.2013)

a)      Repo rate - 7.75 per cent
b)      Reverse repo rate - 6.75 per cent
c)      Cash Reserve Ratio - 4 per cent
d)      Bank rate - 8.75 per cent
e)      None of the above
13.         What is bad debt?
a)      A debt that is not collectible and therefore worthless to the creditor
b)      A debt given to an individual or firm with criminal background
c)      A loan taken on high rate of interest
d)      A loan given for agriculture and allied activities
e)      None of these
14.         Angstrom is the unit of
a)      Length
b)      Speed
c)      Density
d)      electric current
e)      None of these

15.         Expand the term RCEP.
a)      Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership
b)      Regional Cooperation for Economic Partnership
c)      Regional Cooperative Economic Partnership
d)      Regional Cooperation on Economic Policies
e)      None of these
16.         Tshering Tobgay was on a visit to India recently. He isthe present Prime Minister of
a)      Myanmar     
b)      Bhutan         
c)      South Korea
d)      Thailand     
e)      None of these
17.         Identify the person who is a famous sportsman among the following.
a)      Sachin Pilot
b)      Jitendra Singh
c)      Sushil Kumar
d)      Durga Shakti Nagpal
e)      None of these
18.         India has planned to double bilateral trade with which of the following countries to USD 10 billion in next three years? Since the free trade agreement become operational in 2000, trade has multiplied by as much as eight times between the two countries.
a)      Sri Lanka      
b)      Thailand
c)      Myanmar
d)      Singapore     
e)      None of these
19.         India's ace player Aditya Mehta bagged gold medal in the World Games in Cali, Colombia recently in
a)      Chess           
b)      Badminton    
c)      Snooker
d)      Squash         
e)      None of these
20.         India's women archery team beat which of the following countries to clinch recurve team gold medal in Archery World Cup in Poland recently?  It is their second World Cup title in a row.
a)      China           
b)      South Korea  
c)      Australia
d)      Russia          
e)      None of these
21.         Which of the following is the short form of the programme launched for the economic empowerment of persons with profound disabilities in India?
a)      MGNREGA    
b)      SCOPE
c)      ASHA
d)      ARUNIM      
e)      None of these

22.         Who among the following has been appointed as the new Chairman and Managing Director of the Central Bank of India?
a)      SS Mundra
b)      Rajeev Rishi  
c)      D Sarkar
d)      Archana Bhargava   
e)      None of these
23.         In a blow to the Odisha  govt's plan for bauxite mining on the Niyamgiri hills, all the 12 gram Sabhas of the region rejected the proposal recently. The state govt. was planning to allow which of the following companies for bauxite mining?
a)      NALCO
b)      BALCO
c)      Jindal Aluminium Ltd   
d)      Vedanta
e)      None of these
24.         Which of the following is NOT an organised sector in India?
a)      Regional Rural Banks
b)      Cooperative Banks
c)      Private Banks
d)      Chit funds and money lenders
e)      None of these
25.         Which of the following statements is/are correct about'soft loan'?
a)      It is a loan given on easy terms and long repayment period.
b)      It is a loan that can be easily availed.
c)      It is a loan bearing low rate of interest.
d)      It is loan which is interest-free for a certain period and interest is charged only afterwards.
e)      None of these
26.         Chief Minister Nabam Tuki launched food security ordinance in his state on the eve of former PM Rajiv Gandhi's birth anniversary recently. Nagam Tuki is the present CM of
a)      Arunachal Pradesh      
b)      Nagaland
c)      Manipur      
d)      Tripura
e)      None of these
27.         Which of the following types of goods is categorised as 'white goods'?
a)      Cosmetic items
b)      Goods imported from Western countries
c)      Durable consumer goods
d)      Goods that are painted in white colour only
e)      None of these
28.         Michel Djotodia has been sworn in as the new President of which of the following countries recently?
a)      Sudan           
b)      Chad            
c)      Nigeria
d)      Central African Republic        
e)      None of these

29.         Which of the following games has/have been excluded from the upcoming 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games?
a)      Team events in shooting
b)      Greco-Roman Wrestling
c)      Archery
d)      All the above
e)      None of these
30.         Which of the following stock exchanges in India sacked its Managing Director and CEO Anjani Sinha recently?
a)      NSE              
b)      BSE
c)      NCDEX
d)      NSEL            
e)      None of these
31.         Which of the following state govts has decided to appoint Arogya Mitras in each privately run charitable hospital to ensure that poor patients get treatment under the Rajiv Gandhi Jeevandayi Yojana (RGJY) meant to assist patients Below Poverty Line (BPL)?
a)      Maharashtra             
b)      Rajasthan
c)      Delhi            
d)      Himachal Pradesh
e)      None of these
32.         Indian girls created history by winning country's first-ever bronze medal in the Women's Hockey Junior World Cup. They defeated which of the following countries toachieve this feat?
a)      England       
b)      Pakistan      
c)      South Korea
d)      Japan
e)      None of these
33.         As per the data released by the Central Statistical Organisation (CSO), agriculture sector is estimated to grow at    -----in 2012-13 at 2004-05 prices.
a)      1.9 per cent   
b)      2.9 per cent   
c)      3.9 per cent
d)      4.9 per cent    
e)      None of these
34.         The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) imposed a penalty of Rs5,62,555 on which of the following banks recently for violation of the terms of agreement with the RBI for opening and maintaining currency chests? Earlier, the RBI had imposed a penalty of Rs3 crore on the same bank for violating knows your customer (KYC)/anti-money laundering norms.
a)      Punjab National Bank (PNB)
b)      State Bank of India (SBI)
c)      HDFC Bank
d)      Axis Bank
e)      None of these

35.         Which of the following plans has been proposed by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation in the 12th Five Year Plan? It will replace the existing Swarna Jayanti Shahari Rozgar Yojana (SJSRY).
a)      National Urban Livelihoods Mission
b)      National Urban Employment Mission
c)      Rashtriya Shahari Rozgar Yojana
d)      Rajiv Gandhi Shahari Rozgar Yojana
e)      None of these
36.         The 'NSDF 50' scheme is associated with which of the following?
a)      To identify 50 athletes in various disciplines for customized training to improve India's Olympic performance
b)      To identify 50 MSMEs and provide them financial assistance to boost the manufacturing sector in the country
c)      To select 50 meritorious students from across the country and provide them scholarships for higher education
d)      To identify 50 sites to be developed as manufacturing hubs
e)      None of these
37.         Name the trap shooter who has been recommended for the prestigious Rajiv Gandhi Khel Rama award 2013. He is the first Indian to win two back-to-back World Cup gold medals.
a)      Ronjan Sodhi             
b)      Rajkumari Rathore
c)      Vijay Kumar
d)      Gagan Narang
e)      None of these
38.         The term 'Death Cross' is associated with which of the following?
a)      Astronomy   
b)      Defence
c)      Christianity
d)      Stock Exchange        
e)      None of these
39.         The Global Footprint Network, an international think tank, observed 20th Aug as the 'World Overshoot Day'. What does it mean?
a)      The population of the world crossed the 7-bn mark.
b)      The world population used as much resources as the earth can regenerate this year.
c)      The population of the world is expected to start decreasing after this day.
d)      Our planet has regenerated as much natural resources as we need for the whole year. None of these
40.         Who among the following has written the book My Journey: Transforming Dreams into Actions?
a)      Sachin Kundalkar
b)      Dr APJ Abdul Kalam
c)      Bipin Chandra
d)      Sachin Garg
e)      None of these
1. C        2.D         3.B         4.C         5.C         6.B         7.B         8. B        9.C         10.B
11.A       12.D       13.A       14.A       15.A       16.B       17.C       18.A       19.C       20.B
21.D       22.B       23.D       24.D       25.C       26.A       27.C       28.D       29.D       30.D

31.A       32.A       33.A       34.B       35.A       36.A       37.A       38.D       39.B       40.B

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