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EFT CHEQUES -- a new concept -- pl read for SBI PO/IBPS PO/IBPS CLERKS

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eftCheques Mobile app
What is eftCheques?

ICICI Bank eftCheques app provides a comprehensive solution for cheque based transactions. It enables quick, convenient and secure transfer of funds to a beneficiary, while maintaining the cheque writing experience. Additionally, you can deposit a cheque, check the status of your physical cheques and a lot more.
What are the key features of eftCheques?

·        Write eftCheques – Issue eftCheques to a mobile number of your choice
·        Deposit Cheque – Deposit scanned image of physical cheque issued to you
·        Cheque Query – Check the status of physical cheques issued to / from your account
·        eftCheques History – Check past debit transactions done through eftCheques
Which versions are supported?

Android: Ginger bread 2.3 and above

iOS: iOS 6 and above
Are any charges applicable?

This mobile application is free to use. However, standard data charges are applicable for GPRS / EDGE usage.
How to register for eftCheques?

You can download the application on the registered mobile number with ICICI Bank account. Post download, you will have to register with your Debit Card and Debit Card PIN. Once the verification is done, you will be able to generate a Login PIN of your choice.
What is PIN?

It is a 4-digit numeric password set by the user to prevent unauthorised usage of the application.
What if I forget my Login PIN? How to reset PIN?

You need to click on "Forgot PIN" tab and re-enter the Debit Card and ATM PIN. Once the verification is done, you will be able to generate a PIN of your choice.
How do I issue an eftCheques?

To issue an iCheque, please follow the below steps:
1.       Select Account number from which eftCheques is to be issued (Debit Account Number).
2.       From Main Menu, Select “Write eftCheques” option.
3.       A cheque book page will open with details like Name, Account Number and Balance.
4.       Enter mandatory details like Beneficiary Mobile Number (Manually or from contacts), Beneficiary Name and Amount. Click Submit.
5.       Enter the OTP received on your registered mobile number.
6.       A message will be displayed upon successful issuance and you will receive an SMS with eftCheques code and 4-digit passcode. Passcode is to be shared with the Beneficiary to receive the funds.
What is the amount limit for issuing a cheque through this app?

There is a limit of maximum Rs. 25,000 per day for which an eftCheques can be issued for.
Can I issue a Cheque to non-ICICI Bank Customer?
Can I issue a post dated eftCheques?

Currently Post Dated Cheque Feature is not available with the application.
What if I am unable to issue a Cheque?

You can contact Customer Care by clicking on the Customer Care icon. Select the number according to your nearby city or Visit branch.
How is the Transaction processed?

When you initiate the transaction and authorise the same with an OTP, a "Cheque code" will be generated. Post the creation of cheque code, pass code will be generated which will be sent to your registered mobile number
How will the Beneficiary receive the Funds?

The 4-digit pass code should be communicated by you to the beneficiary. The beneficiary should initiate the transaction through the URL provided in the SMS alert or by visiting eftCheques page. The beneficiary will also need to keep the Bank account number and the IFSC code ready. IFSC code is required only if the Beneficiary Bank account is other than ICICI Bank.
How do I do a stop payment of the eftCheques?

You can stop an eftCheques issued at any given time during the validity period, but before the encashment is done, by accessing the History page and selecting the transaction to be stopped. After selecting the transaction, click on the Stop Payment tab.
Is there an expiry of the Cheque code?

The cheque code will remain valid for 3 days, since its generation. Once the cheque code expires, the money will be auto credited to your account, within 24 working hours.
How do I deposit a Cheque?

To deposit a Cheque, please follow the below steps:
1.       Select Account in which Cheque amount is to be deposited
2.       Select Deposit Cheque from the Main Menu
3.       Read the MICR band on the bottom of the cheque with MICR reader, Confirm the same.
4.       In the following screen, Capture the Front and Back of the Cheque respectively, verify the details populated and enter amount and name of the issuer (Drawer) of the cheque.
5.       Submit the cheque.
6.       Deposit the physical cheque at your nearest ICICI Bank branch, within the specified time limit.
What is Cheque query?

You can view the physical cheque transaction status done through your account. It displays cheque issued by you, or cheques deposited by you in physical mode.
What is eftCheques history?

You can view the status / history of iCheques issued through this mobile application.

·        ICICI Bank will not be held responsible if the Account number is wrongly entered by the beneficiary.
·        ICICI Bank is not liable to any interest to the customer, if the funds are lying with ICICI Bank till the same is accepted by the Beneficiary.
·        If cheque code is not encashed by the beneficiary within the given time, the same will be expired.
·        In case of any queries, please mail us on

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