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Thanks to the initiatives of a candidate from Asansol who talked to me two days back---I could conduct mock interviews for nearly 80+ candidates from different states.   That candidate posted in RRB interview whatsapp groups in Bengal, Maharashtra and a few others posted in telegram groups also. 

I am happy I could get an opportunity to guide many candidates and I have completed all the calls received, barrring a few where I could not reach online.

You can give my cell no.9941293048  also email id for other candidates who want telephonic mock interviews can call me. 

Before that let them be ready for these questions:

1. About self introduction -- college, school, degree, subject,. family, native place, strengths, achievements, ambitions, expectations.

2.  RRBs  --- no. of RRBs in your state, functions, achievements, deposits, advances,--business position

3.  NABARAD   -- DETAILS -- superivisory functions , guidance to RRB, refinance --go though

4.  Functions of RBI  --Bankers Bank, Bankers to Govt, note issuing authority, foreign exchange control, Supervisory function over commercial banks, inspection, grant of bank/branch licences, monetary regulation

5.  Commerical banks -- deposits, advances, types of customers, nomination, safe deposit lockers, vehicle loans, educational loans, DRI loans, |Agriculturl loans. etc.

6,  latest current affairs relating to the State

7.  Important people , places relating to your native place/state.

best wishes

Retd. Chief Manager
Indian Bank Salem Main
(now in Chennai)

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