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141. Where will Indian Olympic Association (IOA) withdraws boycott call for 2022 Commonwealth Games. 2022 Commonwealth Games take place? a) Victoria b) Kuala Lampur c) Birmingham d) Perth e) Rome

142. Which State Road Transport Corporation has recently launched women‘s special helpline Damini? a) Uttar Pradesh b) Delhi c) Maharashtra d) Tamil Nadu e) Madhya Pradesh

143. Axis Bank and ICICI Bank will close their operations in which of the following country? a) Singapore b) Indonesia c) Bhutan d) Pakistan e) Srilanka

144. According to Eurasia's annual ‗Top 10 Risks‘, India has been declared as the _______ biggest Geopolitical Risk of 2020? a) 3rd b) 5th c) 7th d) 2nd e) 6th

145. RBI amends KYC norms, allows banks to use VCIP. V in V-CIP stands for ______. a) Video b) Virtual c) Valid d) Visual e) Voice

 146. Which state accounted for the maximum number of economic offences in 2018 as per the National Crime Record Bureau‘s (NCRB) report ? a) Rajasthan b) Uttarakhand c) Punjab d) Uttar Pradesh e) Odisha

147. Who received the 1st Muppavarapu Venkaiah Naidu National Award for Excellence? a) MS Swaminathan b) Vergese Kurien c) Abdul Kalam d) Mohammed Rafiq e) None

148. Which country becomes 54th member of the Commonwealth family?  a) Australia b) Canada c) London d) South Africa e) Maldives

149. Which state bags first position for the implementation of PMMVY? a) Maharashtra b) Tripura c) Uttar Pradesh d) Madhya Pradesh e) Himachal Pradesh

150. What is the name of the world‘s 1st Deaf person to row Atlantic Ocean? a) Chris Martin b) Mad Brien c) Mo O‘ Brien d) Ho O‘ Brien e) Haris Martin

151. Which country ends free entry for Indian tourists? a) Japan b) Bangladesh c) Bhutan d) India e) Pakistan

152. As per the latest UNCTAD report, the world economy will go into recession with the exception of which two countries? a) US, China b) China, India c) India, Japan d) Japan, South Korea e) Japan, China

153. When was the Stand Up India Scheme launched? a) 2014 b) 2015 c) 2016 d) 2018 e) 2019

 154. How many sections are there in RBI Act 1934? a) 61 b) 50 c) 51 d) 41 e) 40

155. Which country unveiled Children’s protection fund for India? a) USA b) Britain c) Australia d) China e) Bangladesh



156. PM Modi launched the Braille version of the book ‘Exam Warriors’. Who is the author of the book? a) Narendra Modi b) Rajnath Singh c) Amit Shah d) Ramesh pokhriyal Nishank e) Venkaiah Naidu

157. The government has extended the validity of vehicle permits till when? a) May 30th b) June 30th c) July 31st d) August 31st e) April 30th

158. Indian Culture Portal is available in 2 languages. What are the languages? a) English, Sanskrit b) English, Hindi c) French, Hindi d) French, Sanskrit e) Hindi, Sanskrit

159. What is the name of the initiative to fight Coronavirus which was formed by IAS and IPS officers? a) COVID-19 b) Corona Virus c) Caruna d) Virus e) Quarantine

160. What does ‘C’ stand for in the CAMEL which is term often seen in news?

a) Capital b) Cost c) Core d) Charge e) Change

161.  Where is the headquarters of World Anti Doping Agency(WADA) located?   a) Montreal   b)  Geneva.  c)  Tokyo  d) Beijing   e)  London


162.Who is the Chairman of JSW Energy? a) Sajjan Jindal b) Natarajan Chandrasekaran c) Rajesh Gopinathan d) Salil Parekh e) Aditya Mehta

163.State government stake in the RRB is ……….. a) 50 b) 35 c) 15 d) 43 e) 51

164.The 4th edition of the four-day ‗Buxa Bird Festival‘ has begun at Buxa National Park. Where is the park located? a) Bengaluru b) Chennai c) West Bengal d) Sikkim e) Assam

165.Dhadi folk singing is a popular folk music from which state? a) Punjab b) Rajasthan c) Delhi d) Sikkim e) Meghalaya

166.Which bank is an indigenous bank aimed at catering banking needs of local, area specific requirement? a) Local Area Banks b) Industrial Banks c) Small Finance Banks d) Lead Banks e) Payments Bank

167.Where did India post launches its 1st digital locker service? a) Kolkatta b) Mumbai c) Shimla d) Tripura e) Ladakh

 168.How much amount does world bank provided to improve water management practices & to increase agricultural productivity? a) $60 million b) $75 million c) $80 million d) $ 85 million e) $ 90 million

169.Which state government launched ‗Namaste over Handshake‘ campaign to prevent from COVID-19? a) Maharashtra b) Karnataka c) Sikkim d) Tamilnadu e) Uttar Pradesh

170.UN‘s COP 26 climate summit has been postponed till 2021. Which city was scheduled to host the summit?   a) Glasgow b) Birmingham c) Bristol d) Guam e) Paris


171.Who has been reappointed as RBI Deputy Governor? a) S. Vishwanathan b) B. P. Kanungo c) S. Mundra d) NS Viswanathan e) R. Gandhi

172.When does world Kidney Day is celebrated? a) March 11 b) March 10 c) March 8 d) March 14 e) March 12

173.The National Venture Capital Fund for Software and IT industry (NFSIT) has been set up by__________ a) RBI b) SIDBI c) IRDAI d) NABARD e) SEBI

 174.RBI has allowed Processing of e-mandate for recurring transactions under UPI. What is the maximum permissible limit for a transaction under this arrangement? a) Rs2000 b) Rs1000 c) Rs1500 d) Rs500 e) Rs5000

175.Which Bank‘s new motto is 'cash is king, but digital is divine‘? a) State Bank of India b) Union Bank of India c) ICICI Bank d) Reserve Bank of India e) United Bank of India

176.Which team becomes first Indian club from the country to qualify for the group stage of the AFC Champions League, the continent‘s top-tier club competition? a) Chennaiyin FC b) Bengaluru FC c) Aizawl FC d) Goa FC e) East Bengal FC

 177.Who is the President of the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA)? a) Gianni Infantino b) Lennart Johansson c) Theodore Theodoridis d) Aleksander Čeferin e) Alexander Melvin

178.Who launched Bharat Padhe Online campaign? a) Ministry for Human Resource Development b) All India Council for Technical Education c) Ministry of Home Affairs d) Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances, and Pensions e) Ministry of Finance

179.What is the Pubic Provident Fund Interest Rate in small savings scheme? a) 7.3% b) 7.5% c) 7% d) 7.1% e) 7.2%

180.Sea Guardians is the mega naval exercise being conducted in the Arabian Sea between which countries? a) China & India b) China &US c) China & Pakistan d) China & Russia e) China & France

181. Name the 1st Indian state which is going to measure Gross Environment Product (GEP)? a) Uttarakhand b) Uttar Pradesh c) Bihar d) Sikkim e) Manipur

182. Who is named as the new Ambassador for the World Wide Fund (WWF) India‘s Environment Education program? a) Sachin Tendulkar b) Viswanathan Anand c) Mahesh Bhupathi d) Virat Kohli e) Salman Khan

183. Who is the Governor of Chhattisgarh? a) Anusuiya Uikey b) Ramesh Bais c) Phagu Chauhan d) Bhupesh Baghel e) Anadiben Patel

184. Which app has become the world‘s highest downloaded app in just 13 days? a) Zoom b) Big Basket c) Sahyog d) Aarogya Setu e) Dunzo

185. Which of these institutions are permitted to sell the Sovereign Gold Bond? a) RRBs b) NSE c) Payments Bank d) Small Finance Banks e) MSE

186. Which state became the first state to start Pool Testing of coronavirus in India? a) Madhya Pradesh b) Uttarakhand c) Uttar Pradesh d) Tamil Nadu e) Bihar

187. Which country is to host the 2020 Asian Boxing Championship? a) Bangladesh b) India c) China d) Sri Lanka e) Australia

188. Which city was scheduled to host 44th session of World Heritage Committee of UNESCO that has now been postponed? a) Fuzhou b) Okinawa c) Wuhan d) Beijing e) Shanghai

189. Which state is the first in India that has begun flattening the curve of COVID-19 infection? a) Odisha b) Telangana c) Kerala d) Uttar Pradesh e) Gujarat

 190. When is the International day Day of Human Space Flight observed? a) 10 April b) 12 April c) 14 April d) 20 April e) 15 April

























141. C Indian Olympic Association (IOA) has withdrawn its threat to boycott the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham over Shooting's exclusion.

 142. A The Uttar Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation (UPSRTC) has launched a dedicated women helpline, 'Damini'

143. E The Central Bank of Sri Lanka has permitted Indian private sector lenders Axis Bank and ICICI Bank to close their operations in the island nation

144. B  India under Narendra Modi is the fifth biggest geopolitical risk of 2020, said Eurasia Group, world‘s leading political risk consultancy

145. A The RBI has amended the KYC norms allowing banks and other lending institutions regulated by it to use Video based Customer Identification Process (V-CIP), a move which will help them onboard customers remotely

 146. D National Crime Record Bureau‘s (NCRB) report on Crime in India for the year 2018 was released. The report stated that Uttar Pradesh(UP) accounted for the maximum number of economic offences in 2018 with 22,822 cases recorded. It was followed by Rajasthan (21,309 cases), Maharashtra (14,854 cases), Telangana (10,390 cases) and Bihar (9,209 cases) in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th rank respectively.

147. A Eminent Agricultural Scientist Dr M S Swaminathan has been selected as the 1st recipient of the Muppavarapu Venkaiah Naidu National Award for Excellence.

148. E Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, President of the Maldives announced that Maldives has once again become a member of the Commonwealth family after the meeting between Abdullah Shahid, Foreign Minister of Maldives & Patricia Scotland, Secretary General of the Commonwealth.The Maldives became the 54th family member of the Commonwealth family.

 149. D Madhya Pradesh has bagged the first position for the implementation of Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana.

150. C   60-year-old pharmacy worker Mo O‘Brien has become the first deaf person on record to row across the Atlantic Ocean by finishing a 3,000-mile journey, with her daughter Bird Watts, and their friend Claire Allinson and reached finish line.


151. C The Government of Bhutan, Thimphu decided to implement a daily fee of Rs.1200 ($17) for “regional tourists” from India, the Maldives, Bangladesh from July 2020. The fee is called SDF “Sustainable Development Fees” inorder to regulate a new tourism policy (tourism facilities, better infrastructure).

 152. B As per the latest report released by United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), the world economy will go into recession with the likely exception of India and China

153. C Stand Up India Scheme was launched by the Government of India on 5 April 2016 by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. It is a part of the Department of Financial Services' (DFS) to promote entrepreneurial projects.

154. A

155. B Britain's Prince Charles has unveiled a new children's protection fund for India as part of British Asian Trust, the charity founded by him in 2007 to fight poverty in South Asia.   Popular American singer Katy Perry will be the ambassador of the new fund, which will be focussed on reducing the exploitation of children by 50 per cent in India over 10 years. · Indian philanthropist Natasha Poonawalla has made a multimillion-pound pledge in support of the fund. · The main areas of focus for the British Asian Trust's Children's Protection Fund will cover child sexual abuse, child labour and trafficking, and its aim would be to develop school safety nets through child-friendly village models.

156. A Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the Braille version of his book Exam Warriors on World Braille Day

157. B The government has extended the validity of vehicle documents such as driving license, permits and registration till June 30, 2020 amid the lockdown imposed by Union Government to contain the spread of coronavirus.

 158. B Indian Culture Portal was launched on 10 December 2019. The portal is available in 2 languages, namely Hindi and English.

159. C IAS IPS officers associations form Caruna an initiative to fight Coronavirus

160. A Capital adequacy, Asset quality, Management, Earnings, Liquidity, and Sensitivity.


162.A Sajjan Jindal is an Indian entrepreneur. He is the chair and managing director of JSW Group of companies diversified in steel, mining, energy, sports, infrastructure and software business. JSW Steel is India's largest private steel producer.


164.C The fourth edition of the ‗Buxa Bird Festival‘ began at Buxa National Park in West Bengal on January 6, 2020. The four-day festival is being attended by over 50 birdwatchers from across the country and abroad.

165.A Dhadi folk singing is a Punjabi folk music which includes singing ballads using Dhadd and Sarangi, the folk instruments of Punjab.


167.A For the 1st time in India, the Department of Posts(DoP), Kolkata (West Bengal circle), has launched free digital parcel locker service in 2 post offices (the Nabadiganta IT post office in Sector 5 of Salt Lake City & at the post office in New Town‘s Action Area I).

168.C The Government of India, Government of Himachal Pradesh(HP) & the World Bank signed a loan agreement of US$80 million (about Rs 600 crore) to improve water management practices & also to increase agricultural productivity in selected Gram Panchayats (Village Councils) in HP.

169.B The Karnataka Government (govt) launched ‗Namaste over Handshake‘ campaign in order to avoid the spread of COVID-19 (CoronaVirusDisease-19) and advises people to keep a safe distance from one another.

170.A The United Nation‘s COP 26 climate change summit has been postponed to 2021. The summit was supposed to take place in November 2020 in Glasgow, Scotland

171.B The government has appointed BP Kanungo as Deputy Governor of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) for a period of one year with effect from April 3, 2020.

172.E The World Kidney Day is observed on March 12, 2020 to raise awareness on the importance of kidneys to our health and also reduce the impact of kidney diseases, its associated health problems. This year marks the 15th Observance of World Kidney Day which is observed globally on second thursday of March every year since 2006. Theme: Kidney Health for Everyone Everywhere- from Prevention to Detection and Equitable access to care.

173.B  National Venture Capital Fund for Software and IT industry (NFSIT) has been set up by SIDBI and is being managed by SIDBI Venture Capital Ltd.

174.A Reserve Bank of India has allowed the Processing of emandate for recurring transactions for UPI transactions. The maximum permissible limit for a transaction under this arrangement shall be ₹ 2,000/-.

175.D With 'cash is king, but digital is divine' moto, the Reserve Bank on said its endeavour will be to make digital payments a divine experience for the users. · RBI has observed over Rs 3.5 lakh crore reduction in the notes in circulation (NIC) post demonetisation. · NIC, however, was Rs 22,31,090 crore, indicating that digitalisation and reduction in cash usage helped reduce NIC by over Rs 3.5 lakh crore.\\

176.D FC Goa on became the first team from the country to qualify for the group stage of the AFC Champions League, the continent‘s top-tier club competition. It secured this spot after beating Jamshedpur FC 5-0 in an Indian Super League match. The top team at the end of the league stage of ISL has been guaranteed a berth in the 2021 AFC Champions League. Indian clubs like Mohun Bagan and East Bengal have played in the Asian Club Championships but no team from the country has ever played in the group stage of AFC Champions League since its introduction in 2002.

177.D  Aleksander Čeferin is a Slovenian lawyer and football administrator. Between 2011 and 2016, he was President of the Football Association of Slovenia. Since 14 September 2016, he has been the President of UEFA

 178.A Union Minister for Human Resource Development Shri Ramesh Pokhriyal ‗Nishank‘ has launched the 'Bharat Padhe Online' campaign on 10 April in New Delhi. The campaign aimed for crowdsourcing of Ideas for Improving the Online Education ecosystem of India.

179.D It should be noted that the Interest rate on public provident fund (PPF) scheme has been lowered to 7.1 % for Q1FY20-21 which is the lowest interest rate offered since 1977

180.C China and Pakistan are conducting their nine-day mega naval exercise ‗Sea Guardians‘ in the North Arabian Sea from 06 January 2020 to increase inter-operability and strategic cooperation between their two navies.

181. Answer: A) Uttarakhand state is going to become the first state of the country to measure Gross Environment Product (GEP) for quantifying ecological growth measurement.

 182. Answer: B)  Chess Master Viswanathan Anand has been appointed as the new Ambassador for World Wide Fund (WWF) India‘s Environment Education program.

183. Answer: A) Anusuiya Uikey is a politician from Bharatiya Janata Party and currently serving as the governor of Chhattisgarh. She was appointed as Governor of Chhattisgarh on 16 July 2019.

184. Answer: D) Aarogya Setu has become the world‘s fastest app to reach 50 million users, within just 13 days. The app will send out alerts even if the user comes in close proximity with the COVID- 19 positive case even unknowingly.

185. Answer: B)

186. Answer: C) Uttar Pradesh became the first state to start the Pool Testing of the coronavirus samples as the number of COVID-19 positive patients reached 558. The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) gave permission for pool testing to the state in order to help maximize the testing of samples on a daily basis. Pool testing is expected to boost the daily testing capacity of the state health department.

187. Answer: B) Boxing Federation of India (BFI) has announced that India will be hosting the 2020 Asian Boxing Championship. The championship is expected to be held during November- December. The host city is yet to be announced later.

188. Answer: A) The 44th session of the World Heritage Committee of UNESCO was scheduled to be held in Fuzhou from June 29 to July 9, 2020. The session has now been postponed to a later date due to the COVID-19 pandemic. China‘s Ministry of Education made the announcement on April 15, 2020.

189. Answer: C) Kerala has become the first Indian state to flatten the COVID-19 curve. The state has begun flattening the COVID-19 infection curve, with very few positive cases reported over the last week and more people recovering from the disease.

190. Answer: B) International Day of Human Space Flight is observed on 12 April. The day commemorates the anniversary of Yuri Gagarin‘s historic spaceflight in 1961. The day is celebrated as the Cosmonautics Day in Russia.

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