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1.   From where are you coming? Tell details about important tourist spots, profession, industries, important persons in your State.

2.   Tell the important points about yourself emphasising why you must be selected for AAO post.

3.   Tell us about your family members and their occupation.

4.   What makes you think LIC AAO job is suitable for you?

5.   AAO -  why you preferred this.

6.   Tell details of Jeevan Anand scheme

7.   What is the difference between role of AAO and ADO?

8.   Which role is more important for the development of LIC?

9.   Chairman of IRDAI, functions of IRDAI

10.               How many life insurance companies are there in our country?

11.               How many general insurance companies

12.               What is the difference between life insurance and general insurance.? Which is important for an individual?

13.               Types of insurance policies

14.               LIC policies you can remember and tell their main features like minimum age, maximum age, premium calculation, sum assured etc

15.               Why premium is charged by insurance companies and what do they do with premium moneys collected

16.               What is grace period

17.               Principle of subrogation under insurance law

18.               Principle of utmost good faith under insurance law

19.               Principle of insurance interest under insurance law

20.               Principle Of Contribution Under Insurance Law

21.               Principle of Causa Proxima under insurance law

22.               Principle of loss minimisation under insurance law

23.               What are your hobbies and how they will suit this job

24.               How do you see urself ten years from now

25.               Will you apply for other jobs after being selected as AAO

26.               In case there is a gap between degree and now ….explain

27.               If you have job experience ---tell about that and why did u resign? Or why do you want to resign ?

28.               Tell us about achievements you consider good during ur college days

29.               What are annuity plans?

30.               What money back policies

31.               What are endowment policies

32.               What are whole life policies

33.               Who is the chairman of LIC?

34.               What is the LIC share price now?  How do you see that in one year?

35.               What do you know about Adani affair?

36.               What is SEBI? What is its contribution to our nation’s economy.

37.               What is the present position of our economy with regard to inflation

38.               Tell salient features of PM Jeevan Jyoti Yojana?  Is it a good scheme for common man?

39.               Tell salient features of PM Suraksha Bima Yojana?

40.               Atal Pension Yojana

41.               What is a Mediclaim policy?

42.               What is Travel insurance

43.               Tell current affairs news u read in the last one week—about your State/about our country/international/sports

44.               Tell the names five union ministers and their ministries

45.               Who is the Chief Minister of your State? Also finance minister

46.               Who is the Governor of your State

47.               Tell the names of five northern/southern States, their capitals, Chief Ministers and Governors

48.               Who is the Prime Minister/President  of Pakistan/Sri Lanka/Nepal/Bangladesh/China/USA/Russia/Ukraine—also their currency

49.               How Russia Ukraine war affected life insurance business

50.               Moral hazard

51.               Physical hazard

52.               Risk Management

53.               An insurance intermediary

54.               The market players in insurance industries

55.               Section 2(10) of the Insurance Act, 1938

56.               Insurance Broker

57.               Difference between insurance agent and insurance broker


59.               Insurance Ombudsman  -- a few points

60.               Assignment of life policies

61.               Nomination in life policies

62.               Claims settlement

63.               Surrender of life policy/surrender value

64.               ULIPs

65.               What is Ananda app of LIC?

66.               A policy holder fails to pay the premium and grace period also lapses and the policy is not in force.  What suggestion will u give him

67.               How many branches of LIC are there

68.               What is the set up of LIC –hierarchy

69.               P.M.Vayu Vandana Yojana –salient features

70.               What is the present position of Indian share market –your views

71.               What is inflation and how it is controlled ?

72.               Name of Chief Election Commissioner.

73.               Name Governor of RBI?

74.               Name the new Deputy Govenor of RBI?

75.               How many deputy governors are there in RBI?

76.               How many Managing Directors are there in LIC now?

77.               Name the Vice President of India? Also mention two earlier Vice Presidents.

78.               When is the next Parliamentary Election due?

79.               What is insurance penetration in India and what should be done to increase it?

80.               What is the net profit of LIC?

81.               Number of policies issued

82.               Number of employees

83.               Number of Agents

84.               Number of branches

85.               Number of satellite offices

86.               “Ab Bada Socho”  for what LIC is using this in its Advt.

87.               Name the LIC subsidiaries

88.               Name the LICs Associates

89.               New children’s money back policy—tell details

90.               LIC Jeevan Labh policy details –minimum age, maximum age, premium paying terms, policy term, minimum amount, maximum amount

91.               What is the maximum age upto to which LIC offers coverage?(except whole life)

92.               Annuity Plans?

93.               Deferment period –pension plans

94.               Depreciation

95.               Double/Triple cover plans

96.               Fiduciary

97.               Guaranteed Insurance sum

98.               Joint Life Endowment Assurance Plans

99.               Without profit policy?

100.           What is the logo of LIC and its explanation

101.           Tagline of LIC

102.           What is given in LIC website under “Customer Education”

103.           Artificial Intelligence

104.           Digital Rupee, Crypto currency

105.           Who has been appointed as chairman of GIFT CITY recently?  Hasmukh Adhia

106.           Most attractive employer brand – Tata Power

107.           Our Prime Minister has visited which country on the International Yoga Day?  USA

108.           What is Swaminathan Janakiraman ?

109.           Which Central Europe country legalised same sex marriage?    Estonia

110.           Which is the longest day of the year?  21 June 2021

111.           Who is the new Chief of RAW?   Ravi Sinha

112.           Which airlines company has placed orders for 500 Airbus 320 Family aircrafts

113.           Gandhi Peace Prize 2021 awarded to – Gita Press, Gorakhpur

114.           Mascot for 37th edition of Indian National Games---Moga launched by Goa Chief Minister. 

115.           Besides this there can be questions relating to your degree subject –like commerce, economics, mechanical engg, civil, ece, political science, English, Tamil(languge based), Chemistry, Chemical Engg  etc.


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