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Thanks to the initiatives of a candidate from Asansol who talked to me two days back---I could conduct mock interviews for nearly 80+ candidates from different states.   That candidate posted in RRB interview whatsapp groups in Bengal, Maharashtra and a few others posted in telegram groups also. 

I am happy I could get an opportunity to guide many candidates and I have completed all the calls received, barrring a few where I could not reach online.

You can give my cell no.9941293048  also email id samba.ssivan@gmail.com for other candidates who want telephonic mock interviews can call me. 

Before that let them be ready for these questions:

1. About self introduction -- college, school, degree, subject,. family, native place, strengths, achievements, ambitions, expectations.

2.  RRBs  --- no. of RRBs in your state, functions, achievements, deposits, advances,--business position

3.  NABARAD   -- DETAILS -- superivisory functions , guidance to RRB, refinance --go though nabard.org

4.  Functions of RBI  --Bankers Bank, Bankers to Govt, note issuing authority, foreign exchange control, Supervisory function over commercial banks, inspection, grant of bank/branch licences, monetary regulation

5.  Commerical banks -- deposits, advances, types of customers, nomination, safe deposit lockers, vehicle loans, educational loans, DRI loans, |Agriculturl loans. etc.

6,  latest current affairs relating to the State

7.  Important people , places relating to your native place/state.

best wishes

Retd. Chief Manager
Indian Bank Salem Main
(now in Chennai)

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