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Bank Interviews -questions asked by a candidate and suggested answer

1 Why you want ot join the govt. sector OR this bank ??
I want to serve govt. sector because it gives me an opportunity to serve people on a large scale. It provides challenges and opportunities for growth in career, Dena Bank offers this.

2 How we can Improve the Banking Services, Incerase the customer ??
Sir, banking services can be improved by increasing the computerisation and making full use of internet, ATMs etc. For that we should take steps to educate people to use computers. Also security should be given top priority and customers should be educated about how to safeguard their accounts.

3 what are duty & resposibility of clerk ?
A bank clerk meets more customers than even Managers and officers. He is the ambassador of the Bank. Bank clerk has to feel important and render service in an exc ellent manner with smile. He should educate himself about Banking, Deposit rules and regualtions, about advances, about his seat and also computerisation. He should be willing to take up responsibilities. I am eager to learn more and improve myself.
4 Why you want to join Govt. sector not Pvt. sector ??more or less same as no.1 question.

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