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Success in bank interview recently -Karur Vysya Bank

I am posting a letter received from a candidate who has come out successful in Kaur Vysya Bank interview recently. This candidate pursued with me for doubts clarification after the campus training conducted in his college in pondy two years back . A perusal of this will be useful for those who are attending interviews in other banks.

I have not changed the contents sent by him.

Thank you very much.. Ya your guidance helped me a lot sir in facing the
written exams and the personal interview.
I was interviewed by Mr. Kuppuswamy the CEO and
MD of KVB bank.

The questions are very simple for me since i finished bca and there is
no previous work experience.

1. My dad is working in co-operative bank.. so he just asked me the
difference between the
co-op bank and their bank.
2. what is firefox?
3. What is virus and hw can we prevent virus in computers? virus expansion?
4. how a internet works... its network structure.
5. How a atm machine works.
6. what is pin no.
7. what are the computer languages you know?
8. do u have habit of reading newspaper... if yes means what newspaper
and tell its
last one week spl news about your computer field and your own interests.
9. What are the websites you refer often... what is google.. how it
actually works..
ajax technology means wat?

but basically they looking for good communication and no nervous from
the candidates sir..

There will be one silent interviewer.. he watching wat all the things
i doing and my expressions.

Interview went nearly 15mins only sir...

now they sent result and mentioned i will receive the regular
appointment letter in due course.

Im waiting for that sir..

This email was received today and I am happy in sharing with others for encouraging their success also. best wishes


  1. thanks to all whoever shared their interview question on kvb thank u thanks alot if any suggestions call at 9491704611 chandu i also cleared my exam in ap waiting for kvb interview

  2. thanks to everyone who ever shared their kvb interview experience thanks alot. i also cleared my kvb po written in ap conducted on 8-9-2012 if any suggetions call me at 9491704611 chandu

  3. hi friends i cleared karur vysya bank written exam is convocation of my btech necessary for the interview ,


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