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Indian Bank Clerks Interview

Thanks to the opportunity given by Indian Bank Management, I conducted pre recruitment training program in Chennai for four batches. I wish many candidates should have come out succesful in the written test.

Results have been announced in the web. the link is

In case you have been selected please post a comment in this blog or write to Pl give details like ur name, ur qualification, experience if any, ur strengths, your aim in life etc. On receipt of this I will send a list of questions which u may find useful.

I suggest you may contact some of your relative/friend who is working in any Bank to find out how to face the interview.

You may also read my book: Group discussion and Interview costing Rs.50 published by Sakthi Publications, Chennai. These are available in Higginbothams, Anna Salai, Ravi Book House, Mylapore, and other leading book stalls throughout Tamil Nadu.

Best wishes to all the candidates.

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