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Indian Bank Interview questions

Hallo boys and girls !

I am happy to post the questions asked to two candidates in recent Indian Bank interview at chennai. One is B.Sc. Chemistry and M.Sc. IT student and another student is M.Com.
pl go through the questions and after attending interview pl send questions to or

best wishes

1st candidate

Respected sir,

I did my interview well by god's grace and your great help. thanks a lot sir, i will never forget your timely help to me. the interviewers were very friendly and allowed me to patiently express my thoughts. i had a very nice discussion with them. There were three interviewers and they asked questions about

1. my family background

2. how is IT used in Banking

3.Will u leave the job if u get a good IT offer

4.Tell about your hometown

5.Why is IT Down at present and explain the situation in USA

6. job security or high salary which is important

7.what is your dad

8. tell about your final semester project

9.where your did ur ug and pg

2nd candidate

hello sir
the first question they asked me is about my college i.e
1.why u did your B.Com in
i said my father is in bank of
baroda so he got transfer to surat that's why

2.why you would like to join in bank? whether its your own interest or father's compulsion?
i said i would like to serve people in large scale & its my own interest.

3.what are the main functions of bank?
i said accepting the deposit & lending funds

4.if a customer has deposited his money in your bank & you have given him interest at a low rate.he comes to you & shouts.what will be your reaction?
i said in any organisation wherever we work we need first i will listen quietly to whatever he says & then if there is any mistake on my part i will say sorry to him & will
take further steps to solve his problem.if he does not agree to it i will consult with the manager. lady asked me whether u know tamil since u have been in north for 7 years
i said i know then she asked me to say on thirukkural.

6.then about
3 to 4 question regarding my personal details.

7.they asked me whether you come from
surat to chennai by train.
i said yes, then they asked me what are all the station u come across.
i said some 4 to 5 stations that's all i remember.

8.assume that u have been given posting in some place near
salem or interior how u will manage?
i said i will be in hostel of take seperate house & stay

10.they asked me about crossed check.i dont remember that question properly.
i said to my father i will ask him & mail u sir

interview went on for 20minutes.

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