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Probable questions in Indian Bank Clerks interview

Hallo !

Kindly go through many other blogs posted by me earlier. They also contain very useful points.

This candidate had done B.Sc. chemistry and M.Sc. IT. Suggested questions.

You can expect the following questions:

1) You studied chemistry in graduation but u have taken IT for PG. Why?

2) Why did u not study MSc chemistry

3) What is the difference in approach to be adopted in studying the two subjects.?

4) What do you know about Banks?

5) What are the main functions of Banks.

6) What are the ancillary functions of Banks

7) How do you think ur knowledge can be used in banks?

8) What is the role of clerks?

9) What are the recent changes that have come in banks?

10) In which bank do u have accounts and how do u rate their servie?

11) What do u know about Indian Bank and its achievements? (refer website)

12) What is the difference between indian commercial banks and foreign banks?

13) Please tell us about yourself?

14) How will you manage an angry customer at the counter?

15) What is ur native place and tell us a few points about it?

16) Which colleges did u study and tell the good points ?

17) Supposing u are selected in Indian Bank which branch will u choose to serve?

18) Are you married?

19) Tell us about ur family?

20) What are ur ambitions in life?

21) supposing u r not selected in this Bank what will u do?

22) Have u qualified for interview in any other bank/s?

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