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Bank Interview - latest ideas

Hallo friends !

I am giving below a set of questions that were asked in a recent Bank Probationary Officer interview. A perusal of these would reveal that candidates should brush up their subject knowledge, be thorough with current affairs, factors relating to banking and also possess good communication skills.

I request readers to read not only this blog - but go through many other blogs on the same topic put up by me earlier. After perusal if you have any doubts please send email to U will get reply early.

P.O. Interview:
Candidate No.1
Q.1 Diff. b/w Asset management & Wealth Management ?
Q.2 Double Entry System in A/c’s
Q.3 What do you mean by Leveraging of a Firm ?
Q.4 What are Quantum Reserves for India & China ?
Q.5 What is GDP & GDR ?
Q.6 Where do you see yourself 10 yrs from now ?
Q.7 Difference b/w banking & Finance ?
Q.8 What comes in your mind when I say “Barbie” ?
Q.9 I think you are overqualified for the job ?
Q.10 What will you do if an investment firm gives you a package of 6 lakhs after joining ?
Candidate No.2
Questions Asked were :
  1. Why do you want to join Bank.
  2. What are the general and business headline today in news paper.
  3. Do you know the CTC of IOB for PO?
  4. What is PERT and CPM?
  5. About Sub prime crisis.
  6. Define Equity/ share ?
  7. Why plants dies; give a scientific answar?
  8. Why do you want to leave your current job and want to join Bank?
Candidate No.3
There were three members in my panel.They asked me some questions on banking which I am explaining one by one.
1. What are cheques & bankers cheques and also give the difference between them ?
2. What are NBFCs and how they work ?
3. What is Free Market economy , Recession, Depression and course of action to take an economy out of recession.
Next set of questions are very basic in nature like :-
1. ” Your strengths which makes you fit to be a Bank PO ” .
2. ” Your favorite color and why you like it ” ?
3. ” Name a person whose thoughts fill you with utter disgust and you want to put 10 slaps to him ” .
Candidate No.4
- Why from IT to banking?
- What is the diff between broadband and spectrum?
- Previous po exams qualified and appeared?
- Father’s profession?
- Your take on sibal’s policy of abolishing class 10 board exams?
- Savings bank rate?
- External links on the home page of iob?

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