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Bank interview - latest - November 2009

Friends !
I am posting a mail received from a candidate who has attended Indian bank clerks interview recently. This candidate has got engineering degree and is working in software company. He is desirous of a change in order to settle down properly.
pl see his mail. best wishes
Hi Sir,
I have attended my Indian Bank Interview.Thanks a lot for your valuable guidance and help.The datails of the interview are as follows:
There were three interviewers who were very friendly.Questions were asked regarding banking and also personal details.Subject and General Knowledge questions were not asked.
First Interviewer
1.Personal details regarding family and my native place
2.How I lost my job in IT company and a few questions regarding recession.
3.The bank accounts which I have and what transactions I used to do.The columns in a passbook.
4.What are the different kinds of loans.
Interviewer 2:
I hail from kerala but I am staying in Chennai for the past one year.So the second interviewer who is a lady asked me to speak in Tamil.I am not that fluent in speaking in Tamil but I managed with using English words in between.
1.Any of your relatives are working in bank
2.Questions regarding my name and initials and family
3.Recent news regarding RBI (increase in SLR).What si SLR
Interviewer 3.
1.Difference between ATM card and Debit card and credit card
2.Difference in the salaries in Bank and IT company
3.If I get a chance in an IT company will I go back or not
3.On my way to my previous company how many Indian banks are there?(I said there si one at teynampet)Why I noticed Indian bank alone.Why I didnt use Indian bank ATM for withdrawing money?
4.How I used to transfer money from one account to another.(NEFT)WHat is NEFT?
I said that I dont want to go back to the software field becoz there is no job security.I was laid off from my previous company and dont want any more bitter experiences from the private sector.
5.Why you still have your account in a foreign bank and not in a public sector bank?
The interview lasted for around half an hour had a great time.Finally they said that I have to promise them that if they give me the job I wont go off if I get a better job.
I am hopefully waiting for the reasults.Once again I thank you for all your help
Similarly kindly send the questions asked in your interview to samba.ssivan@g, or
I will be able to make use of them for suggesting future candidates.

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