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November 2009 Bank Interview Probationary Officer

I am giving a list of questions I coined for a candidate who is to appear for an interview shortly in a bank. These questions can be suitably changed for each one of you to suit ur qualification/city of residence etc. best wishes. If u have any questions please write to or


1) Welcome, take your seat. Make urself comfortable. From where are you coming?

2) Nice, u have come from Indore. What are the place u like very much in Indore.

3) Have u visited Mumbai earlier? If so, when? If not, what are you impressions about Mumbai and how do u compare this with Indore.?

4) U have studied B.E. E & I and also MBA. What is the specialisation u took in MBA and why?

5) Do u find any relevance between E & I and ur MBA degree.?

6) How do you MBA Finance knowledge will help u in ur working in our bank?

7) You are a Finance MBA. Then I think u must be knowing a lot about Banks. What are ur ideas about the functioning of banking system in our country?

8) How do u compare our banking system with other developed countries?

9) What is the exchange rate of rupee vs dollar now?

10) What is the role played by Mumbai in fiancé world of our country?

11) What do you know about Federal Bank.? Is there a branch of our Bank in Indore? If so have u visited it and what are ur impression about its working.

12) Supposing there is not branch of our branch in Indore and we want u to suggest a locality for opening a bank branch, which are will u suggest and why?

13) Have u seen the website of other banks and also our bank? How do you compare them? What are the good points of our bank website.

14) What is the political scenario in MAHARASHTRA now and what is the reason for this situation? How this problem will come to an end.?

15) Why do you want to work in a Bank and that too in our Bank?

16) Tell us about urself briefly.

17) Supposing u r selected how long will u take to join the Bank?

18) Supposing u are posted in Kerala or some other state in South India will u join immediately.?

19) Have u talked about our Bank to others and what are their impressions about our Bank?

20) Supposing u r not selected what will u do?

21) Tell us about ur family briefly.

22) What is the bank rate?

23) What are the important points of latest credit policy announced recently?

24) SLR was raised and what is its effect on economy.?

25) You are working as Manager in a branch and a staff member is not disciplined. How will u correct him?

26) Supposing u r posted as Governor of RBI what steps will u take immediately.

27) What is the interest rate in SB account and why it is less than time deposits?

28) What is our interest rate for a deposit of three years?

29) Who is an NRI?

30) Please tell us about the business position as u know about our Bank.

31) Hello ! please tell us some good points about ur college.

32) What are ur strengths?

33) Which newspaper do u read normally and what is the important news today/yesterday?

34) What is Debt Recovery Tribunal and in what way it is helping banks.

35) What do u know about Banking Ombudsman?

36) What is a partnership?

37) What is a private limited company and public limited company?

38) Supposing God appears before u now and gives u three boons. What are the things u will ask and why?

39) Tell us the happiest day u have had so far.

40) What are ur views about Hindi cinema? What is the movie u saw last and tell the story line briefly.

Best of luck !

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