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An interview in November 2009

Questions that were asked to a candidate who attended Federal Bank Interview in

November 2009

1. What are the sources from which an organisation can arrange funds for expansion?

2. What is gilt edge securities?

3. What is coupon rate?

4. What do you know about Federal Bank?

5. Why you want to join Federal Bank?

6. Difference between SBI,PNB and ICICI?

7. Net worth of Federal Bank?

8. Where do you see yourself after 2 years?

9. What do you think "what is the profile of a PO"?

For answering questions 4,5 and 7 pl. go through the website of the bank.

6. SBI is under SBI Act and it has 7 susbsidiary banks. PNB is a nationalised bank. Right now more than 51% capital is in the hands of government. ICICI is a private sector bank wherein govt. participation is less . (u have investments from LIC, GIC etc, besides the public.)

8.This question is asked to find out the confidence level of the candidate. This also tries to find out whether the candidate has got focus about his career.

Ï see myself working in Federal Bank as Assistant Branch Manager—having completed my JAIIB and CAIIB. I will be waiting for opportunities for posting as Branch Manager.”

9.A probationary officer has to learn the functioning of bank departments – deposits, advances and other administrative areas. Having learnt these he must be willing to take up responsibility as ABM. He must be able to guide his people in performing as a team to achieve the group’s targets. He must be positive and be able to rise up to the occasion in times of need and he must be able to lending an extended hand to the branch management.

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