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With an attempt to streamline Bank Recruitment in Public Sector Banks in India, , Indian Banks Association has launched a Common All India Entrance Test (CET) which will start from next year i.e. 2011. The exams will be mainly for clerical staff and entry-point officers (Probationary officers, Specialist Officers - Law Officers, EDP Officers , Tech. and Management Executives. The requirement of more work force in the banks, which has increased sharply for the past few years and going to follow the same trend in coming years, forced the PSBs to opt for such an action. It’s good news for those seeking to join Public sector banks as well as for the banks themselves because the new procedure would definitely reduce the time and make it easier. The current recruitment process in the Public Sector Banks takes almost a year to recruit the candidates. The recruitment process begins with the advertisement and then goes through examination, then interview and then finally recruitment. Apart from this so much of time before and after the examination results into mental tension to the candidates. Now, they can take a sigh of relief. 20 public sector banks have joined this…The SBI group has its own recruitment process and it will continue with it The recruitment process will be administered by the Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) on behalf of PSBs, once the candidate clears the common test. IBPS will declare the results of the exam and give a scorecard to the candidates which will be valid for up to one to one-and-a-half-years. Once the validity period of the scorecard expires, the candidate will have to reappear for the exam. Once a candidate passes the common entrance exam, all that he or she has to do is to respond to an individual bank's advertisement and appear for an interview. The recruitment process which now takes about a year to be completed will drop drastically by a third, reducing the mental tension candidates currently go through after an exam. Three-four such common entrance examinations are planned to be conducted every year and "this should begin in 2011," Ramakrishnan , Indian Banks Association's chief executive, informed reporters source: ALSO PLEASE READ MY BLOG DATED 27TH JULY 2011 ON COMMON WRITTEN EXAMINATION of IBPS. this will clarify doubts regarding test marks etc.


  1. hello sir
    i am velu from tnau,coimbatore. i have seen u @ chennai during the pre exam training for indian bank. your blogspot is standard open questionarrie log. it helps me a lot to know about the bank examquestions.
    thanks for giving more useful and my friend while speaking a topic arised on water scarcity. then my friend pointed out the linkage of waterbodies in tamil nadu. whats ur view on this topic. is there any possiblity of doing this by the goverment?

  2. Mr. Velu. thanks for your comments. Please visit my blog once in a week so that u can have new papers. Regarding linkage of waterbodies - Ganges and Cauvery to be linked. I think some efforts were there in that direction. I do not know what happened now. I don't think new tamil nadu government will attempt on this now at least for a year. they have to take care of many other issues.

  3. Hello Sir,
    With due respect and humble submission,I have the honour to inform you that I am Chinmay Kr. Choudhury from Assam. I, frequently visit your blog. Your blogspot is simply GREAT. It provides me the help in order to know various important informations about the bank exams,various important questions of almost all the sections etc. And hence, I thank you from core of my heart for this great help and would like to request you, kindly to provide more new informations & papers in near future.
    I would be ever grateful to you for this act of kindness.
    Thanking You.
    Chinmay Kumar Choudhury.

  4. Can someone help???
    i cant download my call letter for CWE-Po,sept-18
    I had successfully registered and received mail also.but now while downloading call letter itz showing invalid id.....

  5. chinmay choudhury:
    thanks for your comments. Please enter your email id in Follow by mail and you will get updates regularly.

  6. Tarun Kumar:

    Thanks for your compliments. If you want you can put your ads free in this blogspot.

  7. Snighdha:

    Please refer to FAQ in website. Please try late in the night. If you succeed please post again. best wishes

  8. hello sir,
    I am preparing for sbi clerk..
    gets various knowlege from this site
    & preparing papers from tis blog.


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