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Three mistakes committed in interview by freshers

Let us discuss three common mistakes to avoid so that you can avoid being eliminated in an effective way.(normally applicable for software companies interivews) Mistake 1 : Being Too Submissive Most youngsters start thinking the person interviewing as someone directly from skies landed to bless with a job. If you too think like this, you are making yourself uncomfortable as well propagating the mood to the person interviewing you. Yes, not too many people on interview panel like you to be too submissive by accepting whatever is being said to you and not speaking a word. Instead, they really want confident and smart people who can politely put forth the points without hurting anybody's sentiments. Mistake 2 : Inviting Sympathy This is one of the deadliest mistakes to make. When asked about reasons for poor grades in semesters, some tend to give reasons like I met with an accident, I was suffering from severe asthma etc. Though these reasons may be legitimate, believe, not too many people on interview panel are going to like these kinds of answers. Mistake 3 : Not Putting Forth Your Questions At The End Generally, at the end of any interview, you would be asked if you have any questions before leaving the room. Most youngsters get too submissive again and immediately say "No" giving an impression that they are ready to work for the lifetime without wages :). This is not the way to go about. Take your time, think about the doubts you would be getting regarding the opportunity, the roles you would be put in, the technology of work etc.

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